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Published August 8th 2014

Taste Doesn’t Matter: Tracking the Habits of Healthy Eaters

A trend is a phenomenon that grabs the interest of consumers and creates a whirlwind of excitement for brands.

Being at the forefront of a trend will see brands being able to capture market share and dominate an industry which is inevitably going to become saturated.

But how do brands position themselves to take advantage of these openings? How can they become so bloody trendy?

By listening to consumers of course!


Fulfilling Customer Needs


Consumers are an extremely vocal bunch and love to voice their ponderings on social media platforms.

Let’s take healthy eating, for example.

Arguably a market that sees a great deal of discussion it can be hard to carve new trends or create competitive products.

However, by looking at conversations on healthy eating intentions brands can see the movement of emotions emanating from the consumers.

This chart shows that only 1% of consumers consider taste as an important motive of healthy eating.


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.33.57 AM

Instead, a greater drive is the concept of gaining an ideal body by focusing on ones body image.

Interestingly, many consumers discussed how hard it is to eat healthily when confronted with all the different temptations out there.

This indicates a direction that marketers could take when promoting a new food product. Avoiding temptations with a product which is healthy and tasty, #thedream!

By associating a product with a motive created by the customer, brands can capitalize on their interests fulfilling a want that already exists.



By analyzing consumer conversations brands can garner other interesting consumer habits.

Just a snapshot of daily online activity can reveal a lot to brands about when to push their products.

Take this snapshot of tweets by consumers discussing their healthy eating plans.

You can see that people mainly tweet their intentions of eating healthy around 3pm and 9pm.  However, health food grocers mostly tweet from around 11am till 12pm.


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.33.43 AM

The discrepancy between the tweets sent by consumers wanting to be healthy and health food brands providing these solutions indicates that they are not in sync with their audience.

Social media gives brands great insight into better comprehending consumer interests and behaviors.

It is essential that once consumer motives are understood they are then followed up with an effective strategy which best targets their audience.

Our latest report on Food and Beverage offers a host of interesting use cases demonstrating the power of social and how brands can go beyond the basics for customer success.

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