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Published October 27th 2015

Vizia: Put Social in Context with Weather and Google Analytics Apps

Social intelligence no longer simply fits within the constraints of social media, or even marketing-specific roles.

It is the only robust, real-time pulse of your customers and the insights derived are priceless for a wide range of roles within organizations. It should be available in every office – and to every role – in the enterprise.


But all that social data needs to be easily understood.

And we know it’s more powerful when blended with other data, because understanding the context of the data is crucial to making great decisions.

We’re building a Vizia app framework to do exactly this. We’ll use it to build apps that equip you with the intelligence and confidence to make better decisions.

Today we’re announcing the first two apps built on the framework.

Introducing the Brandwatch Vizia Weather and Google Analytics Apps

Now you can better understand the context of your social data.

These new apps are built to provide context: where your social efforts make an impact and are impacted – both inside and outside your organization.

We’ve heard many stories of weather being visible within social data, such as changing buying trends (apparent while tracking intent to purchase queries) and exercise trends.

It’s obvious that weather changes people’s activities and moods: your brand can use the Vizia Weather App to put customer behavior in this context to find new marketable opportunities.

The Weather App shows the live weather wherever you’d like – you can automatically set your location using your browser’s location, or set and visualize multiple locations at once.

It sits in its own Tile, so you can understand your social brand in the context of weather at a glance.


Make better real-time decisions

We know smart marketers use social to drive potential customers to their brand’s website, and social is often the first opportunity to attract potential customers to your site.

Conversely, audiences are on brand websites finding relevant content and sharing it on social.

By tracking web traffic, we get a more holistic idea of customer behavior and we can make better real-time decisions.

That’s why we’re introducing the Brandwatch Google Analytics App.

Now you can understand the impact your social efforts have on web traffic. Just authenticate with Google Analytics, set your desired website, and start visualizing your live web traffic data.


Visualize Vizia in your time zone

Our Vizia users often work on global teams, discussing and collaborating with data across multiple time zones, and we’re improving Vizia to help do this.

Your Vizia screens should present data in your specific time zone, as you need to quickly understand where social trends happen.

We’re introducing Time Zone Support, to allow you to quickly see trends in your time zone.

It’s installation-specific and simple: set the time zone and all your Scenes and Tiles format accordingly.

Why Brandwatch Vizia?

Vizia is the physical manifestation of enterprise social intelligence. It answers important questions in real-time to equip decision makers with the intelligence to make better decisions, faster.

It does so with social data that’s cleaned, categorized, and presented instantly in a format that is digestible at a glance. And it does it all at scale in the world’s largest companies.

It’s the perfect platform to blend powerful social data with new data types. Vizia is how we’ll equip you with the intelligence and confidence to make better decisions.

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