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If you know us well or if you’ve been poking around our website for a bit, then you’ll have worked out that Brandwatch is a never-ending factory of free and fabulous resources to understand our tool, improve your business and to help get the most out of social media in general.
Honestly been blown away today by a) how easy I can get quality reports to my clients & b) how good it looks!"

A short digest of the meaning behind the documentation, along with some practical advice on how to ensure your institution is compliant. Designed to complement our in-depth financial services report.

In order to surface useful and accurate social insights and analysis about your brand, or competitors, you need to be capturing good quality and relevant data. In this in-depth guide, we give you lots of tips for creating better Queries.

A comprehensive white paper studying the conversation and behaviour found on Twitter, analysing a large sample of randomly selected tweets to gain unprecedented insight on the broader Twitter landscape.

We’re often questioned on our approach to sentiment analysis, so this document details the techniques we employ to perform automated and manual sentiment analysis in a manner that’s simple to digest.

Our friends at DragonSearch wrote this very comprehensive whitepaper about Boolean search operators in social media monitoring tools. Click on the icon to download the PDF from the DragonSearch site.

Here we aim to outline a process and showcase some of the ways in which social media monitoring can be used, to produce meaningful reports that lead to insight and knowledge about a brand or topic.

We’ve highlighted a few of the basic metrics and data outputs that you can get using Brandwatch. While only the tip of the iceberg, this illustrates the kind of analysis available with our tool. 

An introduction to using social media for business success, featuring tips on how to make your entire enterprise social, the import of determining social media goals and how to engage and respond to add value.

An overview of the types of research you can undertake with social media monitoring, including three areas that you may consider analyzing: your competitors, your consumers and your industry trends.

There’s a giant opportunity for businesses to perform their customer service activities online, allowing companies to form relationships with their consumers. This guide puts you on the right track to maximize this.

Read how understanding the balance between traditional marketing ‘push’ messages and engaging in more mundane and unbiased conversation is essential to social media success.

This document covers some great techniques on researching your market and using conversation to convert prospects; how monitoring tools can discover and generate new leads for your business.

We believe that customer opinion is more significant than ever in determining brand perceptions, meaning that we must first understand what those opinions really are before we can act. This guide shows you how to find out.

WebLiquid compared Google Alerts to Brandwatch in terms of its effectiveness as a social media monitoring tool, finding that Brandwatch was leagues ahead in pretty much every way.