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Brandwatch | Listen

Understand your consumers with leading social listening technology

Find meaning in the billions of conversations happening online.

Find order in chaos

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Know what the world is talking about right now

To power your decision making, you need to know what people are saying about your brand, products, and competitors at all times. Listen lets you discover those trends in real-time so that you can react faster.

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Get to know your customers better than you ever have

Monitor mentions to understand what makes your customers tick and what content resonates with them. Analyze sentiment and brand perception without having to sift through large datasets manually.

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Become crisis ready and prepared to bounce back

Get alerted to unusual trends in your data. Your team is automatically pinged about negative comments so they can act swiftly as crises emerge.

Detect peaks in volume

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Set your customer service team up for success

Link Listen with Engage to customize your feed. Analyze, monitor, and act based on what you hear not only on social but also via forums, review sites, and beyond.

View all the most relevant messages and conversations

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All the features

Unlimited search queries

Search as many times as you want for as many things as you want.

Boolean operators

Specify your searches by leveraging 48 different boolean operators.

Historical data

With a year's worth of historical data, you can reliably spot new opportunities.

Millions of data points

You get access to insights from across 100 million online sources.

Multiple languages

Understand the conversation across different languages.

Sentiment analysis

Determines whether conversations are positive, negative, or neutral.

AI smart alerts

The AI assistant automatically detects spikes and drops in mentions.

Explore mentions

Go from a general view to exploring specific posts at the click of a mouse.

Social inbox integration

Integrates smoothly with Engage for easy access to mentions.

“A great addition to the tool and allows us to combine our content, engagement, and listening activities in one place, saving time and making it easier to deliver insights.”

Duncan Rumney, Manager, Insights & Promotions, PR & Social Media, Toyota

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