Brighton, UK flag_uk
July 15th

UK Trade and Investment will be hosting an event which takes an in-depth look at the retail industry. Brandwatch’s Joel Windels will be speaking at the event on how brands can use different consumer insights to influence their marketing strategy.

London, UK flag_uk
July 17th

This full day event will bring together a whole host of brands to hear a selection of case studies from the best in digital marketing. Brandwatch will be presenting alongside Argos to demonstrate how SMM can benefit brands in their expansion.

New York City, USA flag_usa
July 23rd

In this one-hour webinar, Brandwatch VP of Client Services Adam Bambrough and guest Susan Etlinger of Altimeter Group will discuss how social data itself has evolved—giving rise to the age of social analytics and social business intelligence.

London, UK flag_uk
July 23rd

As a supporter of the Digital Sport Event Series, Brandwatch Sports Consultant Jamie Parsons will present at this event.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands-flag-for-events
September 10th-12th

A three-day Marcus Evans conference that identifies best practices for using predictive analytics at the multinational level. Brandwatch is a silver sponsor of the event and Director of Sales & Client Services Naomi Trickey will be speaking.

New York City, USA flag_usa
September 15th-16th

FC Business Intelligence is hosting a summit to discuss how to solve big data and customer analytics problems in the financial services industry. Brandwatch is a silver sponsor and Financial Services Director Graham Wall will be speaking.

Atlanta, USA flag_usa
September 16th-17th

Social Media Today will assemble 125 of the most impressive leaders of big-picture social and technology to speak about the rapidly changing way we work. Brandwatch is a sponsor and CMO Will McInnes will speak in chair on two panels on the data and security track at this event.

New York City, USA flag_usa
September 17th

BDI is hosting this summit which will demonstrate how leading food, beverage, and hospitality organizations are harnessing social media platforms to build their brand and engage their audiences. Brandwatch is a sponsor and North American Food and Beverage Lead Hannah Godfrey will be presenting and holding two round table discussions.

Atlanta, USA flag_usa
October 1st-3rd

A gathering of influential beverage companies takes place over three days in Atlanta where industry influencers discuss opportunities for beverage brands to integrate digital marketing in their strategies. Brandwatch will be sponsoring the event and hosting two round table discussions.

Minneapolis, USA flag_usa
October 15th-16th

AgCatalyst is is a conference where marketing and communication executives in North American agribusiness and food production learn from industry experts and peers how to solve challenges and create opportunity using digital social communications tools and strategies. Brandwatch is a gold sponsor, and North American Food and Beverage Lead Hannah Godfrey will be speaking.

Dublin, Ireland flag_ireland
November 4th-6th

Several representatives from Brandwatch will be attending The Summit in Dublin, one of the world’s largest international tech events.