Brands on Twitter: 2013

Each day, brands are discussed just about everywhere online — including, of course, on Twitter. And while some brands actively listen to these discussions, many miss out on crucial opportunities by treating Twitter as a one-way broadcast platform, ignoring the importance of engaging with customers.

At Brandwatch, we’re passionate about tracking how businesses are using social media to achieve great success. So, each year, we analyze how the world’s leading brands are using Twitter, from their level of engagement to the different platforms they perform it on, as well as comparing this to previous years. For 2013, we analyzed 253 top brands from the US and UK. The results are especially valuable for businesses looking to adapt and compare with the leading competition in the wider market.

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  • The type and frequency of activity brands engage in
  • Trends in Twitter usage among brands
  • The most popular tools brands use to tweet
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