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The experts here at Brandwatch are endlessly gathering intelligence from around the social web and, using our powerful tool, have produced a plethora of industry-leading reports.

Most of the things we put together are for our clients, but sometimes we like to share a little bit of the love with you likeable folk. Our selection presents insights from across a wide variety of topics and industries.

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This report details the changes, challenges and opportunities facing the travel and hospitality industry, including:

  • How airlines can justify price premiums and boost brand reputation
  • What leading hotel and booking brands are doing to better understand and respond to user reviews
  • Which metrics marketers can use to measure their campaigns and ROI

We take a look at social media in the financial services world, examining:

  • The current challenges and opportunities within the financial sector with regard to social media
  • Five specific, practical ways financial brands can get ahead and advance their social media listening activities, with examples

We’ve compiled a report detailing exactly how both radio broadcasters and their audiences speak, engage and behave online, including:

  • What is it about radio that gets audiences talking?
  • Optimum times to engage with fans
  • The best techniques for using social media

Each year, we analyze how the world’s leading brands are using Twitter; for 2013, we analyzed 253 top brands from the US and UK to learn:

  • The type and frequency of activity brands engage in
  • Trends in Twitter usage among brands
  • The most popular tools brands use to tweet

We take five global retail brands and demonstrate the many ways a business can benefit from social media, beyond just marketing:

  • Kmart, Target, H&M, ASOS & Zappos analyzed
  • Six different use-cases illustrated
  • Multiple markets and languages covered

An example of how brands can evaluate the impact of their sponsorship deals via social media, focusing on the Barclays Premier League:

  • How visible were Barclays in Premier League buzz?
  • What global reach did they obtain?
  • What other value did the sponsorship add?

A study of the conversation and behaviour found on Twitter, analysing a large sample of randomly selected tweets to discover:

  • Top conversation topics on Twitter
  • How often brands are mentioned
  • Behavioural differences between genders

If you’re interested in, or work within, the fashion industry, this report will be invaluable. It will reveal:

  • Which of the big four fashion weeks generates the most buzz
  • Where online chat about fashion week takes place
  • Common trends and patterns in fashion week conversation

If you do any work for or with car brands, this report is a must-read. It will help you learn:

  • Where conversation about cars takes place online
  • What people talk about in relation to cars
  • How to increase visibility for brands

Good customer service on social media is quickly becoming an expectation from consumers. We analysed 40 leading brands to see how they are coping with this demand and found that:

  • There was an ongoing shift towards resolving complaints online
  • There was an increase in downbeat posts year-on-year
  • Some brands are inadequately prepared for online customer service

Now in its second year, Social Brands 100 again analysed social media engagement for hundreds of brands, ranking the top 100. Notable findings:

  • Innocent were the top brand, followed by Starbucks and giffgaff
  • The use of geolocation platforms by brands has decreased
  • YouTube appears to be a missed opportunity for brands in most sectors, other than technology

We analysed online conversation about McDonald’s and key competitors on UK and Republic of Ireland social media to analyse how effective McDonald’s community management is at increasing awareness, revealing:

  • McDonald’s was by far the most noticeable restaurant brand online, but also very prominent across all sectors
  • Twitter conversation about McDonald’s was posted more often in the evenings than rivals

A report identifying trends in online conversation about online fundraising service providers JustGiving, Virgin Money Giving and Bmycharity. Key findings include:

  • Sentiment across the three providers was equally upbeat
  • The proportion of JustGiving conversation from Twitter was double that of the sector average
  • The most mentioned JustGiving Charity was Cancer Research UK

A research report exploring online eReader conversation. Among many other findings, we also discovered:

  • Kindle was the clear market leader in terms of the volume of social media chat
  • Social media buzz was significantly affected by news stories
  • Cheaper eReaders were not generally considered better value for money

We analysed conversation surrounding Ford in relation to eco cars to explore how Ford compares to its competitors. Findings include:

  • Conversation about Ford and eco cars was common, with peaks driven by brand activities
  • Nearly a third of conversation about the Focus Electric was from those within the automotive industry

A closer look at how Brands are using Twitter in 2012, in particular focusing on the platforms they use to post tweets on.

  • Discover which tools they use to tweet
  • How often brands tweet each day
  • Trends in Twitter usage among brands