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Published May 8th 2019

4 Huge Things We’re Announcing Today at NYK Chicago 2019

Stormy weather is forecast in Chicago this week, but the real thunder is happening at Brandwatch's flagship conference

There’s a buzz in the room today – hundreds of our customers, colleagues, and friends are gathered to hear what we’ve been working on, and there’s a lot to cover.

Whether you’re at the conference or watching anxiously from afar (hello!), here are the four things you need to know about that we’re announcing today.

1. Our integrated product is being demoed

We’re showing how our entirely new research powerhouse is bringing together the best technologies from both merged companies, with Brandwatch’s famously intuitive front-end liberating Crimson Hexagon’s widely-respected machine learning and best-in-market historical data archive.

And it’s got a name: Brandwatch Consumer Research.

2. We’ve got a killer plan

CEO Giles Palmer and CPO Bex Carson are unveiling a new product strategy that integrates the company’s assets into a unified consumer intelligence suite.

As a reminder, these are:

  • Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon, who are combining market leading social intelligence platforms
  • Buzzsumo, the leader in content marketing intelligence
  • Vizia, our innovative data visualization and reporting platform
  • Our latest acquisition Qriously, which has led innovation in mobile surveys

“Nobody else has this combination of technologies and can give customers this kind of depth and breadth of insights into their marketing questions and challenges,” says our CEO Giles Palmer.

We’ve got 30 years of combined tech investment behind us, and a strong vision of what the future looks like.

“Market research is a $40bn business and its future is combining different data types, faster, more intelligently. Our intelligence suite is giving customers a 360-degree picture by doing exactly this.”

– Giles Palmer, Brandwatch CEO

3. Qriously CEO Chris Kahler is giving a live demo

Speaking of Qriously, Chris Kahler is inspiring our clients with a live demo that gives an insight into the power of real-time surveys.

Seeing the technology in action is truly epic, and there’s plenty more to come on how it’ll be integrated into Brandwatch’s ecosystem.

Due to high demand, we’re prioritizing existing Brandwatch clients for early access. If you’d like to find out more, let your Customer Success Manager know.

4. We are one

Our new and growing family of people, products, and services are coming together.

We’re entering a whole new phase, and it couldn’t be more exciting.

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