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Published October 22nd 2014

5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Monitoring

Things move incredibly fast in the world of social media, so innovating and staying ahead of the curve is extremely important when it comes to enhancing your social media efforts.

To help you maximise the value of your social media monitoring achievements across your business, we’ll be talking through a selection of the most powerful features in a social listening tool and will demonstrate how you can use these clever approaches to return business-changing results.

Seeking to improve your social media monitoring efforts but not sure how to get the ball rolling?

Worry no more. In this post, we’ll be covering the five most effective ways of boosting your social media analytics. So, here we go:

 1/ Automatically turn mentions into actions


Monitoring the buzz related to your brand, products and services can definitely have a positive impact on your social presence.

Nevertheless, going a step further and managing them in a customised way by creating rules, categories and tags can definitely suit your business needs more specifically.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.24.03 AM

Auto-categorisation with rules enables brands to prioritise social media efforts to correspond with their most critical business goals.

 2/ Bulk up to take on big data challenges


Social listening allows businesses to monitor brand mentions across as many social media sites as possible.

However, the challenge remains making sense of large datasets and easily manage them.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.28.35 AM

Narrowing down your facts and figures, so that you’re looking at just a single sub-set of particularly interesting data (such as only negative mentions from Twitter, or blog posts with more than five comments) can help marketers glean extremely granular, relevant insights.

 3/ Benchmark campaigns across time for continuous improvement


Social media analytics enables users to track how their messages or grow (or shrink) in effectiveness over time.

Through campaign tracking with the Date Range Comparison component, you can quickly grasp the relative volume of a single query within multiple timeframes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.44.37 AM

Additionally, this feature allows you to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by answering questions such as: Are there seasonal changes to audience receptivity? Or, how did this year’s holiday campaign compare to the year-ago period? and so on.

 4/ Let the insights come to you


The features we’ve talked about so far are great when you know what you’re after (categories or alerts based on particular subjects you consider important).

However, sometimes, you don’t know what you’re going to find interesting until you’re shown it – and that’s where Brandwatch’s Topics component comes in.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.33.26 AM

It can help you discover various things you previously knew nothing about, such as: new product issues, new competitors, associations with other products, feedback or suggestions, and much more.

5/ Home in conversations worth joining


How can social media analytics help you keep track of high-profile discussions taking place online that could impact brand perception?

One of the first things that most Brandwatch customers do, is to begin listening to their industry keywords and set up alerts to spot and participate in “hot” discussions relevant to their brand.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.47.32 AM

The key to making this strategy work involves monitoring buzz for a period of time, developing a strong list of industry-keyword queries and routing alerts to the most knowledgeable subject matter experts who could provide the most value in discussions.

Social listening has evolved tremendously over the years to enable users to perform both basic and highly advanced SMM.

To find out more about boosting your online presence, you can download the full eBook here:

5 ways to boost your social media monitoring

Now you know.

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