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Published April 10th 2024

20 Social Media Holidays to Celebrate This May

Delve into our exciting lineup of unofficial holidays this May

Mental Health Awareness Month #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

It's time to spark important conversations about mental well-being. Get your brand involved by sharing helpful resources, offering a supportive ear, and spreading positivity. Breaking down barriers together and uplifting each other is the only way to make progress.

May 1. May Day #MayDay

May Day ushers in the springtime in many parts of the world, making it the perfect opportunity to embrace the warmer weather and nature as it awakens on social media. It’s traditionally celebrated with dancing, singing, feasting, and exchanging small gifts like flowers among friends.

May 1. International Workers Day #IntWorkersDay

International Workers Day, also known as Labour Day, invites us to carve out time to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts of our teams, partners, and colleagues on social media and beyond.

May 2. World Password Day #WorldPasswordDay

Are you still using your birthday or pet’s name as a password? Let’s rethink our approach to online security and the importance of protecting our private information. Join the conversation on social media and inspire your audience to strengthen their online security practices. Just, you know, don’t share your passwords.

May 4. Star Wars Day #StarWarsDay & #Maythe4thBeWithYou

Every true Star Wars fan has this day marked on their calendar already. Don't let your brand miss out on the festivities happening across social media as fans around the world come together to honor their favorite movie saga. 2024 also marks the 25th year anniversary of “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”, which will be re-released in cinemas on May 4.

May 5. Cinco de Mayo #CincoDeMayo

Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla 1862, evolving into a celebration of Mexican-American culture over the years. There are plenty of playful ways to get involved.

May 5. World Laughter Day #LaughterDay #WorldLaughterDay

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. Established in the late 80s, the annual event is observed worldwide on the first Sunday of May. It was created by Dr. Kataria, a family doctor in India, to encourage the strengthening of interpersonal relationships on a smaller scale and the positive manifestation of world peace on a larger scale.

May 6. No Diet Day #NoDietDay

Celebrate indulgence and body positivity on No Diet Day by connecting with your foodie audience on social media and encouraging them to enjoy guilt-free treats throughout the day.

May 9. Europe Day #EuropeDay

This day symbolizes the quest for peace and unity in Europe, echoing the continent's journey towards integration and cooperation. Established in 1950 to commemorate the proposal of the Schuman Declaration, this event laid the groundwork for the European Coal and Steel Community. This holiday might not be for every brand, but focusing on your European audience, if you have one, is a great starting point to boost engagement on this occasion.

May 9. Lost Sock Memorial Day #LostSockMemorialDay

Although we may never really find out where lost socks go, at least we have a day of fun and humor to acknowledge those rogue socks that end up mysteriously disappearing.

May 12. International Nurses Day #InternationalNursesDay

From their compassionate gestures and reassuring smiles to making sure our recovery journey goes as smoothly as possible, we’re all incredibly grateful for the tireless dedication and unwavering courage of nurses across the globe. 

May 12. Mother’s Day #MothersDay

Beyond daily appreciation, Mother’s Day is a great time to shower mothers around the world with love and gratitude, both online and offline. It is celebrated on different dates, mainly between March and May — so make sure you check when your target audience observes it.

May 15. International Day of Families #FamilyDay

Seize the chance to champion the vital role families play in our communities by putting out heartwarming and meaningful content on social media that showcase all the many things that make family units truly special.

May 17. National Bike to Work Day #BTWD

Promote sustainable commuting and an active lifestyle on National Bike to Work Day by encouraging your audience to ditch their cars and cycle to work. Don’t forget to showcase your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility across in the process.

May 17. International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia #IDAHOT

Gear up for a memorable celebration of the LGBTQ+ community this International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. There’s no better day to show your brand’s unwavering support and solidarity.

May 18. International Museum Day #InternationalMuseumDay

International Museum Day invites us into a world of wonder and exploration, where we can truly appreciate the invaluable contributions of museums worldwide, paying tribute to art, science, and heritage.

@british_airways Sshh 🤫 did you know we have a secret museum in our head office? ✈️🤌 #InternationalMuseumDay #BritishAirways #ThingsThatJustMakeSense #Fyp ♬ original sound - Ellen DeGeneres

May 25. National Wine Day #NationalWineDay

Whether you’re organizing a special event or simply sharing a toast on social media, make sure to highlight that there's enough wine to go around.

May 27. Memorial Day #MemorialDay #MDW 

Memorial Day is about taking a moment to pay homage to the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the US Armed Forces, honoring their bravery and dedication with respectful and heartfelt posts.

May 27. Sunscreen Day #NationalSunscreenDay

A great way to raise awareness about sun safety this National Sunscreen Day is by sharing a crucial tip that is often overlooked: always apply sunscreen during the day, even if the clouds are out or you plan on being indoors all day. It also needs to be reapplied every two hours, especially after swimming or working up a sweat because UV rays are extremely potent.

May 28. Hamburger Day #NationalHamburgerDay

Hamburger Day falls on May 28 every year and celebrates one of America’s favorite foods. Although the iconic hamburger originates in Hamburg, Germany, it marks a special date on the US calendar. This should be an easy one for burger restaurants globally.

That’s a wrap  

It’s time to start seriously integrating social media holidays into your content strategy for inspiration and optimum engagement.

If you're on the lookout for more ways to spice up your brand’s social media content, check out our Social Media Holiday Calendar 2024.

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