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Published September 19th 2014

Introducing Analyst+ User Permission: Keep Your Queries Safe

Analyst+ is available so users can create, edit and share Dashboards without the fear of them modifying Queries and Rules.

Rarely are social media strategies carried out by a single individual. Brandwatch Analytics is built for collaboration, and that’s why we offer unlimited user logins at no additional charge.

Given Brandwatch provides customers with the power to add unlimited users, we know just how vital it is for customers to organize users and protect social data.

User permissions are available to control what users can and cannot do with the social data to balance the access to powerful insights with risk.

To date there are four user types which enable varying levels of capabilities:

  • Admin
  • Regular
  • Analyst
  • View Only

Our users asked for a user type which gives Analysts more abilities to manipulate data, and we’ve delivered.

Starting today, Analyst+ is available so users can create, edit and share Dashboards without the fear of them modifying Queries and Rules.


Analyst+ users can:

  • View Queries, but not create, edit, or delete them.
  • View Rules, but not create, edit, or delete them.
  • Create, edit, and share Dashboards.
  • View Dashboards shared with them, but not modify them.

With the introduction of Analyst+ we anticipate there will be new ways our users use Brandwatch Analytics. To get you started here are some ways we recommend using each role:


This is the most popular user type, especially for skilled data geeks.

A Regular user has full access to create and configure all Queries, Rules and Dashboards.

Regular is great for users who know their way around a query, like full time researchers and small teams who need to do it all.


This is for the responsible power user. They can do it all: create, edit and delete user roles, keep the account in good working order, create, edit and see all Queries, Rules and Dashboards.

We recommend designating one Admin per team, preferably someone who uses the tool every day and frequently connects with the other users.

If Regular were a car mechanic, the Admin would manage the shop.


Since we deal with tons of mentions, sometimes big help is needed to analyze the data and engage with customers.

Analyst is ideal for freelancers who markup data and community managers who want to engage with their audience without the fear of changing others’ Queries, Rules, or Dashboards. They can view all Dashboards, tag, share, and reply to mentions.


Analysts are naturally curious and they undoubtedly will want to manipulate Dashboards once they are familiar with the tool, however they may not be ready to write Queries.

Promote them to Analyst+ so they can manipulate data in Dashboards without fear of them writing Queries that max out your mentions limit or ludicrous Rules.

Analyst+ supplies all the tools they need for data manipulation without the risk of internet-destroying Queries.


View Only

What about those bosses or clients who would like to see your great quarterly results but don’t know how to modify dashboards?

Worry not, there’s View Only for them- you can share your beautiful results without them getting confused.

With 25% more user permissions now available, you can set your users’ roles any way you like.

Now you know.

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