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Published April 17th 2023

The 20 Most Followed Accounts on TikTok

Who has the most followers on TikTok? We checked out the data on one of the world's most popular apps to find out who has made it into the TikTok hall of fame.

As of January 2023, TikTok has 1.53 billion active global users – a massive jump representing a 53% increase since 2021 (1 billion).

In fact, TikTok is so huge that it surpassed YouTube – the number one video-sharing platform in the world - in average user time consumption in 2022.


All data was gathered on April 17 2023.

20. @kyliejenner – 52.8m followers

With close to 53m followers, Kylie Jenner starts the list of most followed TikTok accounts. But that’s not all. Not only does she place as the 20th most followed account on TikTok, Kylie is also in the top five of Instagram’s most followed accounts, with over 380m followers.

19. @ox_zung – 54.8m followers

Who would have thought that a student and soon-to-be sound engineer would go from 0 followers to 38.6m in just one year! Won Jeong, who is now clocking in close to 55m followers, is a 27-year-old South Korean full-time TikToker, whose large following scored him the 19th spot on our list, right before Kylie Jenner. Won Joeng frequently posts about hangouts with friends, day trips, and his love for fitness.

18. @lorengray – 54.4m followers

Loren Gray Beech is an American singer and social media personality with an impressive following – nearly 80 million followers across TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. That, however, didn’t help the TikToker secure a spot in the top five of most followed TikTok accounts.

17. @spencerx – 55.3m followers

American beat-boxer or “mouth music man,” as this TikTok star refers to himself on social, is best known for creating original tunes for social media platforms. Spencer Polanco Knight (the real name behind this account) reeled in 55.3m followers with his skills, placing him 17th on this list.


Beatbox 101 🗣🥾🐱

♬ original sound - Spencer X

16. @dixiedamelio – 57.2m followers

Dixie D’Amelio is an American singer and social media personality. She bags the 16th spot with over 57m followers.

15. @jasonderulo – 57.7m followers

Singer and social media personality Jason Derulo has dropped two spots since 2021, now placing 15th on this list.


Remember this moment on your 2nd birthday 😡😡 @jasonkingsfam

♬ original sound - Jason Derulo

14. @selenagomez – 58m followers

Selena Gomez is one of the most famous singers in the world, and this is reflected in her social media presence. She’s not only in the Top 20 of most followed accounts on TikTok but also on Instagram and Twitter.


Really excited for you to try my new @RareBeauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil. It’s not your traditional lip oil – it’s an innovative lip jelly that transforms into a lightweight oil giving your lips the perfect pinch of color and shine.  Available 3/30 at 12AM PT or shop it early only on the @Sephora app on 3/29 at 12AM PT.

♬ Dance Again - Selena Gomez

13. @bts_official_bighit – 59m followers

With 174 million followers across Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, the most famous K-pop band in the world no longer needs an introduction. But if you’d like, you can check out these 10 Mind-Blowing BTS Facts and Statistics.

12. @domelipa – 65.7m followers

Dominik Elizabeth Resendez Robledo is a TikTok star, YouTuber, and social media celebrity.

11. @therock – 70m followers

This man makes all the top most followed lists, no matter the platform! Not only does he place as the 11th most followed account on TikTok, but he also clocks in at sixth place on our list of Instagram’s most followed accounts.


Daddy can we give you a makeover? No baby, daddy has a zoom meeting in 10min. PLEASE it’ll be quick! Ok, but make it quick but only do my nails and make me look handsome. * zoom meeting canceled. * my two tornadoes point and laugh uncontrollably with no mercy judgement. * I spend an hour TRYING to scrub lipstick off my head and face - unbeknownst to me - this sh*t stains the skin 💄🤣 Hey they’ll be a time down the road when this stuff won’t matter to them anymore, so sign me up - daddy’s in: 🙋🏽‍♂️😂 #MaybeIDoNeedBlender? 🌪️ 🌪️

♬ original sound - The Rock

10. @cznburak – 70.5m followers

Burak Özdemir, known as CZN Burak, is a Turkish chef and restaurateur whose rapidly growing influence on TikTok has shot him to the tenth place on our list.

9. @tiktok – 71.6m followers

TikTok’s own account has amassed over 71m followers, placing them in the ninth spot on the list.

8. @willsmith – 73m followers

Will Smith grabs the eighth spot on this list with over 73m followers. He’s also the highest-ranking Hollywood actor on the list.

7. @kimberly.loaiza – 74.2m followers

This Mexican social media personality and singer has bagged herself the seventh spot with her funny videos.

6. @zachking – 75.3m followers

Magician Zach is an American YouTuber, TikToker, former Vine creator, filmmaker, and YouTube personality. He grabs the sixth spot with his videos, which blend magic and his family.


Backyard bowling w/ @jbelmo

♬ original sound - Zach King

5. @mrbeast – 80.8m followers

Jimmy Donaldson is an American YouTube personality and social media influencer. He’s known for his elaborate pranks and expensive giveaways.


Amy’s been getting to work without a car formonths, thanks to you we changed that :-)

♬ original sound - MrBeast

4. @addisonrae – 88.7m followers

As of March 29 2023, this American dancer and social media personality has accumulated more than 5.8 billion likes and 88.7 million followers on TikTok, ranking as the fourth most followed individual on the platform.

3. @bellapoarch – 92.8m followers

Since 2021, the TikTok star has moved up six spots, placing in the top three most followed accounts in 2023. Bella is a Filipino-born American singer and social media personality whose lip-sync videos went viral in August 2022.

2. @charlidamelio – 150.5m followers

Charli uploaded her first dance videos in 2019, at the age of 16, and by March 2020, was TikTok’s most followed account, smashing all previous records…until 2022.


new non-spicy @takisusa intense nacho taste test with gemma and riley! available in stores now #takis #takispartner

♬ original sound - Takis - Takis

1. @khaby.lame – 155.8m followers

Guinness World Records has a new record holder. With 155.8m followers as of March 29 2023, social media personality Khabane Lame has become the most followed individual on TikTok. 

Khabane Lame is known for his videos where he silently mocks overly complicated life hack videos posted by other users.


Bro, you could have spent that time sleeping. 🛌 #spleepingmask #learnfromkhaby

♬ original sound - Khabane lame

With thanks to Wikipedia for providing the list.

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