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Published June 11th 2018

The Most Influential Parenting Bloggers

Using Brandwatch Audiences we've dug up the most influential parenting bloggers on Twitter. Check out the list below.

From Mumsnet to the blogosphere, parents have taken to the internet to share tips, vent, and discuss all the strange things that happens when you let tiny humans into your home.

There are thousands upon thousands of parenting bloggers out there, so we thought we’d use Brandwatch Audiences to see which ones were the most influential on Twitter. First, here are some details on how it all works.


For this research we used Brandwatch Audiences to search for people that with parent blogger related terms in their bio, such as ‘mummy blogger’ or ‘mommy blogger’.

Then, Audiences ranked them by their influence score. This measures of how influential an account is. The tool counts genuine engagement, and so excludes bot activity, with followers, retweets, and replies all being taken into account.

In other words, if an account gets lots of real interactions they’ll have a good influencer score.

Now let’s see who made the most influential parenting bloggers list.

10. DIY Daddy – @NigeHiggins4

Influence score: 61
Followers: 9,135

Starting us off is Nigel, a dad of five. He started his blog for a couple of reasons. The first in the hopes his kids will read the blog when they grow up, and the second to offer up simple DIY advice. Nigel was a painter and decorator for 20 years, so he’s combined his DIY knowledge with his parenting experience.

9. Susan Mann – @susankmann

Influence score: 65
Followers: 14,127

Next we have Susan Mann, a mother of two from Glasgow. Have blogged for over eight years, it’s no surprise she’s made the list. An aspiring novelist, Susan talks about all areas of parenting from the day-to-day life of it all to health, travel and crafts. She even posts her own recipes too.

8. Jaime – @unpreparedmommy

Influence score: 65
Followers: 9,407

At number eight is Jaime. Admittedly often ‘baffled’ by parenting, Jaime offers up a ton of advice around being a parent, including budget tips, holiday planning advice, and suggestions for keeping your kids entertained. Uniquely, Jaime is a big Disney fan and has loads of content on the subject, plus loads of posts on Disney World with advice and hacks for visits.

7. Jenny Eaves – @MonkeyandMousey

Influence score: 66
Followers: 22,785

Now we have Jenny Eaves of the Monkey and Mouse blog. A mother of two boys, Jenny covers the usual range of parenting topics, including days out and travel. Her two children are also home-schooled, so she also writes on this subject, talking about the experience and what her kids have learned and created that month.

6. Lani Derrick – @LifeAnchored

Influence score: 67
Followers: 3,426

Despite having the lowest number of followers on the list, Lani Derrick comes in at number six. Clearly she’s doing something right on Twitter. Lani is a mother of one, and writes all about her life as a parent, along with great tips and advice on parenting, along with covering topics on the home and lifestyle. She also promotes some great causes too.

5. Jet Set Daddy – @jetsetdaddy

Influence score: 67
Followers: 5,999

Heading into the top five, we have Luiz, also known as Jet Set Daddy. Luiz has the enviable job of woking for an international food company meaning he gets to travel all over the world. The father of two kids, his blog looks at corporate travel, but also travelling with children. Plus there’s the usual parenting topics too.

4. Ari Adams – @LovePeaceMommy

Influence score: 69
Followers: 34,056

At number four, we have ‘cyber hippie’ Ari Adams. Mother of two daughters, Ari’s blog talks about all the usual issues the effect a family household, along with some marketing and blogging tips for people who want to start up their own blogs. She also has a strong green streak, regularly writing on healthy living and holistic health.

3. Trina – @mommyhoodLife

Influence score: 71
Followers: 21,110

Into the final three and we have Trina, mom of three. Trina covers the whole gambit with blogs on family life, parenting, lifestyle and home, travel, recipes, and even Disney. There’s also an extra focus on Florida where Trina and her family live.

2. Rick – @Rick_OntheRocks

Influence score: 75
Followers: 56,510

Would you look at that. A husband and wife taking the top spots. Rick is in second place, just losing out to his wife. Father of one and living in Florida (whats with Floridians being so good at this?), Rick writes about parenting along with music, technology, and ‘libations.’

1. Mommy Musings – @MommyMusings

Influence score: 75
Followers: 95,386

And at the top spot, along with the most followers by far, is Stefanie, mother of one. Her posts about travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and DIY, clearly resonates with her audience. We’re very happy to call her the most influential parent blogger on Twitter!

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