Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

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Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

A practical guide to levelling up how consumer insights are used across your organization

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Published March 20th 2014

Pitching Brandwatch Glassware: The Wearable Technology Show

Have you ever forgotten your smartphone and felt utterly lost until you were reunited after an arduous day of disconnect?

Being out of the social loop is difficult and in a world where we are constantly on the go, having your gadgets at your fingertips has become essential.

Wearable technologies are being championed as the future of social and the perfect solution for this annoying eventuality.

Apps built into watches, glasses and bracelets are now available to buy and with the constant advancement, they are becoming increasingly agile and adaptable.

Google Glass is at the forefront of this revolution and wherever you find innovative advancements you will find us!

This is certainly true of, Alena, one of Brandwatch’s creative developers who recently pitched Brandwatch for Google Glass at the Wearable Technologies Show.

Brandwatch (BW) glassware received respectable admiration from the judges and was commended for it’s innovative format.
Google glass woman

The concept of Brandwatch Glassware

As a company whose main focus is on businesses, Alena wanted to give the power of search to a broader audience base.

The concept of BW Glassware is to allow anyone who uses Google Glass to access social data stats through our new Brandwatch API.

And if wearable technologies mimic the success of mobile technologies, they could become widely available to all in a very short time frame.

The BW glassware prototype will use the built in features of image and speech recognition to analyse products and signs.

Capturing this information the user can then choose to send it back to us and its pre-built queries can garner recent social stats to be returned to the glasses in an easily readable format.

The simplicity of the product will make it very easy to use.

Let’s imagine we want to buy some delicious fruit juice but don’t know which one to choose.

Tropicana pics 2

You can ask Brandwatch Glassware to search a brand or simply gaze over the product to activate the search.

The prototype would then display some key data stats which could help you decide whether this product is right for you.

By retrieving data the application will show you sentiment, demographics, recent mentions, review scores and trends surrounding the product.

Most of the features are already available in Brandwatch Analytics and will be easily transferable and recognisable to Brandwatch users.

Alena believes this could be used in other social situations such as events or landmark locations.

Different from simply Googling the product on your smartphone, BW glassware easily filters vast amount of insights to help you make an informed decision, segmenting your data on the go.

Alena will be creating her prototype of the product for her Master’s thesis and we look forward to seeing our technology grow and evolve in this advancing space.

We would love to hear your ideas of how to use Brandwatch in the future!

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