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Published May 21st 2019

The Internet Reacts: Game of Thrones S8 Episode 6 (The Finale) in Social Data Charts

The Iron Throne, in numbers.

Game of Thrones is over.

We are in mourning.

But, through the tears, we have gathered the data for the last episode ever.

Here we go.

Quick spoiler alert

We’re going to reveal spikes in conversation and the top characters being mentioned. You’ll have to scroll across to see what causes mention spikes, but please be aware there are spoilers in there.

Our advice? If you’ve not watched the episode yet, come back and read this later.

Top line stats

During the time the show was aired live:

  • The show was mentioned 420,950 times on Twitter
  • Looking at gender-categorized authors, 56% came from female authors compared to 44% male
  • #ForTheThrone was mentioned 60,340 times on Twitter
  • Sadness was definitely the most dominant emotion present in the Twitter conversation

Episode 6 was the top tweeted episode of the whole of Season 8, followed by episode 3 (The Long Night).

The biggest moments

The biggest spikes in conversation occurred towards the end of the show, as fans mourned the end of Game of Thrones forever.

That said, there are definitely some big moments (our favorite was canine-related, and it seems that was reflected on social too).

The top mentioned characters

If you’ve watched the episode, you may be surprised to know who ends up as the top-mentioned character this episode – and by a fair few tweets, too.

Scroll across to find out who it is.

Want more data?

You can find all our coverage of Game of Thrones Season 8 right here.

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