Interview: Phil Simon on the Importance of Becoming a Visual Organization

In the latest in our series of blog interviews on data visualizations, we spoke to Phil Simon, author of “The Visual Organization” and six other texts. Since 1997, he has given over 300 talks, presentations, and workshops on topics such as Big Data, platforms, … Read more

Opinion By Ruxandra Mindruta on February 28th 2017

Leila Johnston: On Exploring Fictional Data in the Real World

I’ve been listening to The Archers for three minutes, and there’s already been a Chekhov’s Cow. It’s a show of hidden depths, that’s for sure, but I’m only now appreciating the important work the UK’s favourite agri-soap does, harvesting and bundling … Read more

Opinion By Leila Johnston on February 2nd 2017

Opinion: Ben Donkor on #NYKCONF, and the Skills Social Analysts of the Future Will Have

I’ve had this post in my head for a while now, and I think it’s time I got it out. In October I went to The Now You Know Conference in London – #NYKCONF. It was a great event, and I love events like … Read more

Opinion By Ben Donkor on January 19th 2017

Why Should Celebrities Be Using Social Listening?

Having worked across countless social listening projects, I have come across almost every brief you could imagine. What the elderly are saying about erectile dysfunction? What content is performing well with American Republicans? What’s the sentiment toward stand up desks … Read more

Opinion By Chris McCormick on January 17th 2017

Industry Opinion: Innovation Means Little Without Training

The move from cash-led to cash-less has, undoubtedly, fundamentally shifted how we pay for goods and services. The additional shift from PIN to PIN-less (via tap and pay) has further changed behavior in a very short space of time. However, … Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on January 4th 2017

Social Business Strategy: 2017 Will Be About The Experience

A quick background. Yes, I’ll admit that I’m one of those social media guys that will tell you “social media isn’t just about sales and marketing – but it impacts all parts of the business”. Not exactly what you want … Read more

Opinion By Joakim Nilsson on December 14th 2016

Industry Opinion: Your Customers are More Than a Line on a Booking Form

OK, just to be clear, it’s 2016 when I’m writing this okay – as in, a year which is pretty far down the line when it comes to ‘being connected’. “Lots of stuff is done online” perhaps undersells it slightly. … Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on December 1st 2016

Lego Decides to Stop Funding Hate: Will Other Brands Follow Suit?

Founded in August, the ‘Stop Funding Hate’ campaign was established to take on three giants of the UK media landscape, namely the Daily Mail, The Sun, and the Daily Express. Predominantly a Facebook group, it’s looking to put pressure on … Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on November 15th 2016

Industry Insider: The Price of Loyalty – Schemes Must Reward, Not Exploit

Just recently the Virgin team launched Virgin Red, a loyalty brand which will perhaps uniquely be a conduit for customers across a wide range of Virgin’s brands and services. Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on July 5th 2016

Commentary: A Human Approach to Connecting with Your Business Audience

It’s easy to separate a business from the people who work for it, to view a brand as an “it” rather than a living, breathing organism. Read more

Opinion By Lauren Perkins on May 18th 2016

Industry Opinion: Scale Shouldn’t Be a Barrier to Listening, and Acting, Properly

This might be the worst kept secret in Christendom, but I have a thing about customer service and brands treating us with respect when we deal with them. Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on April 26th 2016

Industry Opinion: Don’t Hide Your Dirty Laundry in T&Cs

Earlier this week I had the delight of selling my phone to one of those online outfits that recycles them – I’ve used such sites before and always had the full value of the quote given by the companies concerned. Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on April 6th 2016

Industry Opinion: As Twitter Turns 10, Here’s How I’d Monetize It

Monetization issues refuse to leave Twitter alone. Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on March 22nd 2016