Diversity, Inclusion, and the Pro Hijab: Social Media Reflects Nike’s Social Conscience

Let’s talk about Nike. Yes, THE Nike. The brand that is so big and powerful that it will neither suffer from this post if it were critical, nor prosper from it if it were praise. However, if I had to … Read more

Research By Kellan Terry on March 16th 2017

5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Are Your Most Valuable Qualitative Research Asset

Unfortunately, many companies undervalue their sales professionals. Sales teams are conducting qualitative research all the time. Talking to them is perhaps the lowest cost qualitative research project you could possibly do. It’s also your best chance to achieve a strong sales … Read more

Research By Sean Campbell on March 9th 2017

FinTech, Blockchain, and How Financial Institutions Can Capitalize on Disruption

By now, we’ve all probably heard of the elusive “bitcoins” and other digital currencies that were meant to completely revolutionize our monetary transactions forever. Maybe, we’ve even also had someone close to us explain how the “blockchains” that underpin these currencies worked. … Read more

Research By Alex Jones on March 8th 2017

A Story of Tesla and Historical Data: Elevate Your Competitor Intelligence

In the last 15 years, 52% of the Fortune 500 have disappeared. The age of the consumer, democratization of information and speed of communication has allowed startups to move fast, disrupt markets and bring down colossal brands that ruled entire … Read more

Research By Phillip Agnew on February 14th 2017

Financial Services: Building Trust from Knowledge

Trust has never been so present, and so crucial, in our marketplace. When we purchase products, we trust that they’ll meet our expectations. When we order goods online, we trust they’ll be delivered or otherwise refunded. We deposit our entire … Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on January 24th 2017

New Research: The CPG Companies That are Leading The Pack

We use consumer packaged goods every day. CPG companies and products are everywhere, except on social media. Many CPG companies are still skeptical about the value of social media and sharing intelligent, customer-inspired content online. I mean, who will go … Read more

Research By Alex Jones on January 5th 2017

Coming up Against Adverse Events: Social Listening in the Pharmaceutical Industry

It’s interesting to monitor the transition from traditional marketing to social media marketing from a behavioristic perspective. Is social media not the way to get your daily news, communicate with loved ones and share your wittiest thoughts? Brands have been … Read more

Research By Tsvetta Kaleynska on December 8th 2016

Online Hate Speech: How Big is the Problem, and What Can be Done?

Technology connects and enables us in ways unimaginable a generation ago. One 2015 Deloitte study found that the average American checks his or her phone 46 times every day and reports in the UK range up to as many as 85 times … Read more

Research By Edward Crook on November 14th 2016

Gender in the Digital Age: Using Social Data to Challenge Misogyny and Toxic Masculinity

In Emma Watson’s HeForShe address to the UN back in 2014, she called for a drive towards gender equality reliant on both men and women. “We don’t often talk about men being imprisoned by gender stereotypes”, she explained, “but I can … Read more

Research By Edward Crook on October 18th 2016

Bumper Stickers & Social Data: How Trump and Clinton Supporters Measure Up

Bumper Stickers. They are the window to the driver’s soul, or at the very least to their opinions on mean people and why they brake. Read more

Research By Benjamin Schaefer on October 7th 2016

How to Confidently Generate Actionable Marketing Insight from Social Data

I was at an insights conference a few months ago to hold a round table on social media intelligence. Surrounded by professionals from the world of marketing intelligence, the one thing I took away from the event was ‘underwhelming’. Every … Read more

Research By Jillian Ney on October 5th 2016

The Social Outlook: The CPG industry needs to evolve

The state of the consumer packaged goods industry is in flux, and CPG companies are pressed to keep pace. According to a study by Deloitte, shoppers preferences have radically shifted towards the innovative, craft, and natural products, and brand-hopping when unsatisfied is … Read more

Research By Alex Jones on October 4th 2016

The Social Outlook: Insights in Context

Insights consumers have been hoodwinked. Time and again they’ve accepted insights without understanding the context behind them. It seems obvious but often isn’t: data without context isn’t that useful. Consider a golfer who sinks a hole in four strokes. If … Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on September 27th 2016

Egg Cream, Hoagie, Po Boy? Now You’re Speaking My Language

Ordering a “frappe” at any diner in New York City is a mistake that can only lead to two things. The waiter will either confirm that they are not Starbucks, and do not serve “frappuccinos,” or worse, they’ll suspect you’re … Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on September 14th 2016