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Published March 28th 2017

Naomi Trickey: On The Brandwatch Values, and What They Mean

What's the point of values? Brandwatch Chief of People, Naomi Trickey, explains the Brandwatch approach to values, and shares them with the world.

Honestly, what’s the point of values?

Everyone has them, so do they actually differentiate us in any way? And if they don’t, again: what’s the point?

Brandwatch is a values- and people-led organisation. We knew what our values were because we lived them, so why did we need to write them down?

After some thought, it turns out that I think we do need values. And we do need to write them down. Here’s why.

One constant at Brandwatch is change. It’s in our DNA. Change has been felt in all sorts of ways. We have grown: new offices, more people, brilliant new product features, significant investment. And we will continue to change.

Processes, structures, and ways to ‘manage’ or ‘control’ change are one response to it. But we prefer a different approach. We don’t believe in process for the sake of it.

As a people-led organisation we’d rather a more human approach, and that’s where values come in. Values provide a template for shared endeavour for people: they are aspirational, they reflect human capabilities.

As more and more jobs are automated (and the power of AI is something we know about very well here, of course) what makes us human is what we will differentiate us as a company, alongside our products.

Our leadership team created this set of values, along with a group of stakeholders from across the company.

The Brandwatch Values


We think big, we innovate and we lead the market in everything we do. We continually raise the bar, act decisively, and are unafraid to take risks. We back ourselves to be successful.

  • We push fear aside and take big risks for big rewards
  • We make clear decisions and we act with confidence
  • We find and seize new opportunities and are able to suspend belief and think the impossible.
  • We challenge the status quo; making things bigger and better.


We expect excellence and we win. We hire and retain the best people and give them the opportunity to realise their full potential.

  • We build amazing products
  • We are passionate about everything we do
  • We have a hunger to exceed targets, and always look for better ways to do things
  • We bring the best of ourselves to every interaction. 


We are open and honest. We trust and respect our colleagues and act with integrity.

  • We follow the Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated
  • We are not afraid to have the difficult conversations
  • Our actions mirror our words
  • We do the right thing.


We take responsibility for our role and understand where we fit in the organisation. We deliver on our promises and trust others to do the same.  

  • We take responsibility for our tasks, and our deadlines
  • We don’t drop the quality bar
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We hold each other to account and don’t let unaccountable behaviour slide.


We know our customers, our colleagues and the market and continually learn from them. We work effectively towards common goals, collaborating across departments and sharing knowledge, ideas and success.

  • We make decisions based on a clear understanding of our customers’ needs
  • We love diversity (of people and thinking) and capitalise on the value it creates
  • We talk to each other – a lot, adapting our communication style and language to the situation and audience
  • We build strong networks of relationships across other teams and departments: get to know each other!

Making the values visible

We will continue to pay attention to how the values are lived, and experienced, and will change them if we think that they stop being inspiring or celebrating the way in which we work.

We are also wrapping them into the way we already work by including them as part of our interview and onboarding process, our performance reviews, and on Vizia screens around our offices.

When we set up our Slack channels here at Brandwatch we knew we had to have a Kudos channel – somewhere we could visibly thank our colleagues for going above and beyond.

Our Creative Director, Katja, has designed a handy ‘Brandwatch Values’ custom Slack emoji, so when we deliver kudos we can simply click and highlight how that person upholds the values.

We’re going to continue living these values, and we’d love to hear what you think. Tweet us at @Brandwatch, or leave a comment below.

Do you live these values, and want to be part of the Brandwatch story? Get in touch.

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