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Published September 18th 2014

Track the Buzz with our Social Media Week Skyline Dataviz

Here at Brandwatch we get very excited about all things social, Social Media Week being no exception. We are celebrating the launch of SMW next week with...

Here at Brandwatch we get very excited about all things social, Social Media Week (SMW) being no exception. We are celebrating next week’s launch of the social spectacular with our very own global dataviz.

The Dataviz

This year SMW has events in 11 countries so rather than creating 11 different data visualizations we thought, why not track the top tweeters and hashtags for all of them on a single leaderboard! Hence, the global dataviz was born.


Each SMW city is depicted as its tallest building which are filled in bar graph style as the number of online mentions increase in that metropolis.

Clicking on a building reveals the top hashtags and tweeters for that city along with some interesting factoids about that building (because who doesn’t love a good fun fact).


These stats are updated in real-time so if you want to join the ranks of the leaders, tweet feverishly then check in on the hour to see your name on the big screen.

From leader to influencer

The leaderboard style of the dataviz ties in with our #myinfluencer theme at SMW London this year. Our interactive booth at the week-long event is the progeny of intense  collaboration between our marketing and design teams.

The booth features our dataviz on one screen and a leaderboard on another. The white booth invites passerbyers to treat it as a blank canvas on which they collectively create a heatmap of their influencers.

Booth visitors will be offered a choice of sticker on which they can write the name of their influencer (their mother, pet, favorite politician, personal psychic, etc) and stick it on our booth.


So stop by our booth at SMW London and tell us about your influencer. Participation has been rumored to elicit some sort of trophy/prize/token of appreciation…okay it’s sweeties.

Find Brandwatch at Social Media Week

  • If you’re in London, come check out our booth throughout the week! If you are around on Tuesday afternoon, check out our CMO Will McInnes’ talk on The Future of Social Intelligence
  • If you’re in Chicago, find us in the Digital Marketing Expo with Vizia on display
  • If you’re in Berlin, we are the official monitoring partner and you can listen to us speak at thisthis and this event. Keep an eye out for Marketing Manager Susanne who will be moderating some of the Digital Media Women events!
  • If you’re in any of the other 11 cities, tweet about SMW to interact with our dataviz and become one of our top tweeters.

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