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May 20th 2022

#119: Never Giving Up On Rickrolls

Online culture has produced endless quirks and memes. It can be easy to brush them off as inane, but it’s impossible to deny that they often have huge cultural influence on the world we live in. Wi...

May 12th 2022

#118: Coffee Culture

It’s hard to imagine the world functioning without coffee. From an espresso to start the working day to a cream-covered latte as you catch up with friends, coffee is embedded into our lives and cul...

May 6th 2022

#117: Board Games Are Booming

According to our research, you might be spending more time playing board games this year than you expected. We’ve got a list of the games you’ll likely end up playing too. Let’s g...

April 29th 2022

#116: Emojis Ad Infinitum

Welcome to today’s bulletin where we’re looking at the many calls for new emojis, and the types of emojis people want. Let’s get to it.

April 22nd 2022

#115: Doomsday Discussions

A quick content note, we’re looking at an at times dark topic today, so if that’s something you’d like to avoid, now’s your time to click away. For those staying, we’re digging into the data behind...

April 8th 2022

#114: There’s No /r/Place Like Reddit

The idea of unleashing the internet onto a blank canvas may sound like a recipe for disaster, but what’s the truth? The Place experiment aims to find out, and in the process reveals a lot abo...

April 1st 2022

#113: The Inescapability of TikTok

Even if you’ve never downloaded the app, you’ve probably seen a TikTok video by now. They’re often shared on other platforms, with plenty going viral too. Today we’re lookin...

March 25th 2022

#112: The Coming E-Bike Age

If you’ve noticed people zipping past you on a bicycle at a speed you thought only attainable by an Olympian, what you may have seen is an electric bicycle. Based on today’s bulletin data, that sig...

March 16th 2022

#111: Have NFTs Fallen From Favor?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, seem to have come out of nowhere over the last couple of years–despite the technology existing since 2014. But is their time in the sun already over? We’ve tried to fi...

March 10th 2022

#110: How Our Nightmares Have Changed

Today we’re looking at how sleep issues, and how what’s haunting our dreams has changed over the last year. Let’s get to it.

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