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April 4th 2024

#172: What Cozy Games Tell Us About Community

The combination of post-pandemic uncertainty and a society craving connection has seen a growing consumer interest in “cozy games.” Interestingly, these relaxing, wholesome video games can te...

February 29th 2024

#171: The Taylor Swift Effect

Taylor Swift is probably the biggest celebrity on the planet right now. Her impressive reputation is growing rapidly thanks to her new music releases, dating life, and ongoing tour.  She’s causing ...

January 30th 2024

#170: The Rise of Social Media Search

Social media is evolving into a go-to search engine. The brands that are optimizing their content for search are thriving, so we need to tap into the opportunities created through social media sear...

January 4th 2024

#169: New Year, New Goals

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? We’ve analyzed the fascinating online conversations about resolutions to find out which goals are trending right now.  And if you think about it, Ne...

November 30th 2023

#168: The Christmas Creep

Is the holiday season coming earlier each year? Or is this just a myth? We dove into the social data to see how brands can optimize for the Christmas selling season and discovered the impact curren...

November 2nd 2023

#167: Ethical Dilemmas in AI’s Boom

Global adoption of artificial intelligence is on the rise, with a third of companies currently using AI. And with this surge in AI permeating the business world, questions are being raised about th...

October 5th 2023

#166: The Return of the Roman Empire

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? Well, if you’re a man, you probably think about it quite a lot. At least, that’s according to TikTok’s latest video trend.  But what exactly is this t...

August 30th 2023

#165: The House Buying Conversation

What can social media conversations tell us about current attitudes towards house buying? We analyzed over 30 million mentions on social media to find out. Let’s dive in.

August 3rd 2023

#164: The Barbenheimer Phenomenon

The double debut of films Barbie and Oppenheimer broke box office records across the globe this month. The juxtaposition of Barbie’s all-things-pink and Oppenheimer’s atomic bomb-based storyline is...

July 6th 2023

#163: Is AI Driving TV Show Popularity?

What makes a TV show shareable? We dove into the data and noticed an interesting pattern across today’s most talked about shows.  Spoiler: It’s all about AI. Let’s take a look.

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