Single sign-on (SSO) gives you complete control over the authentication and authorization of users who access the Brandwatch Analytics platform.

As well as added security and control, SSO also has other benefits:

  • Enforce your own security measures, such as forced password reset.
  • Reduce time spent entering multiple login details.
  • Reduce password fatigue from multiple username and password combinations.

We offer two types of SSO: SAML and JWT.

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is a well established, industry standard XML- based SSO mechanism. It is generally considered one of the most tested and secure methods of SSO, and is especially suited to organizations who want to lock down other methods of access.

JWT (JSON Web Token) is a newer, open standard SSO mechanism backed by technology companies such as Google and Facebook. It’s an easy to setup SSO solution most suited to those wishing to use SSO for ease of use benefits (by removing the need for multiple sets of logins) and who aren’t already using SAML.


SSO is available to Brandwatch Enterprise customers for a monthly fee, plus a one-off set up fee.