Users and permissions

We believe that social data has the power to optimize your operations organization-wide.

With unlimited users available at no additional cost, everyone in your team can get value from social data.

User permissions

User permissions are used to control what users can and cannot do, helping you manage the balance of power given to different team members and departments.

This can be easily customized to suit the structure and desires of any organization.

There are five user types which enable varying levels of capabilities:

  • Admin
  • Regular
  • Analyst
  • Analyst+
  • View Only


This is for the responsible power user. They can do it all: create, edit and delete user roles, keep the account in good working order, create, edit and see all Queries, Rules and Dashboards.

Admin users also have the ability to ‘lock’ specific Queries, allowing other users the freedom to create and edit their own Queries and Dashboards (depending on their user role) without the risk of valuable or ‘core’ Queries being edited, moved or deleted.

Brands and agencies typically employ one Admin per team, usually someone who uses the platform every day and frequently connects with the other users.


A Regular user has full access to create and configure all Queries, Rules and Dashboards. Regular is great for users who know their way around a Query, like researchers and small teams who need to perform most of the functions available in Brandwatch Analytics.

Unlike Admin users, they are unable to conduct usage reports or manage other user accounts.


The Analyst+ user level is available for those who need to undertake some analysis in the platform, but aren’t considered suitable for significant control of data allowances in the account.

This means that Analyst+ users are unable to edit Queries, Channels, Projects and Rules, but can otherwise get on with the analysis and reporting in Brandwatch Analytics, such as the creating and sharing of Dashboards.


Analyst is ideal for freelancers who markup data and community managers who want to engage with their audience without the fear of changing the client’s Queries, Rules, or Dashboards. They can view all Dashboards, tag, share, and reply to mentions.

View only

This type of user has very restricted access. They are unable to create or edit anything in Brandwatch Analytics, including Rules, Queries and Dashboards. This role is designed for effective sharing of results with third parties, senior management or very junior staff, meaning insights can be distributed without the risks that can sometimes come with powerful access to a platform like Brandwatch Analytics.

All Brandwatch Analytics users can also be managed using Single Sign-On (SSO).