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New Research: Using Social Data to Provide a Better Commute

Millions of commuters pile into Manhattan every day, nearly doubling the population of the city during the work week. That’s more than 1.5 million customers for the MTA on a daily basis, giving the MTA plenty of opportunities to impress or disappoint. At $2.75 a Metrocard swipe, expectations build up – so can the MTA […] Read more

Research By Rebecca Beregovich on January 30th 2018

The Marketer of 2018: Make Data-Backed Decisions and Find Research Answers Fast

As marketers, we’re increasingly expected to wear many hats. In today’s digital world, we need to be marketers, data analysts, and customer experience experts all rolled into one expectation-defying package. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring the challenges facing marketers in 2018, and what the marketer of 2018 will need to do. From […] Read more

Marketing By Rebecca Beregovich on November 7th 2017

Back To School Shopping: 5 Insights Retailers Need To Know

The days are getting shorter, the breeze slightly cooler and if you listen closely, you can hear the defeated sighs of students finally facing their summer homework. But before students hit the halls, they must shop to be prepared for all the classes and extracurriculars the school year holds in store. So as eager parents […] Read more