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Published October 10th 2017

We’ve Got Some Big News: BuzzSumo is Joining the Brandwatch Family

Brandwatch CEO Giles Palmer shares some exciting news; world-leading content marketing company BuzzSumo joins Brandwatch through a strategic acquisition.

One of the trends of the last few years has been the growth of content marketing as a core discipline in the marketing organisation. This has been driven in part by how much we use social networks to share stories with our friends and followers.

We’ve been tracking this trend and looking at the products that content marketers use.

As a result, I’ve gotten to know Steve Rayson and his company BuzzSumo, and I’ve been amazed at both the BuzzSumo product and their brand’s success.

So, it’s with great pleasure that I can tell you that Steve and his co-founders Henley and James have accepted our offer and agreed to join Brandwatch through a strategic acquisition.

An amazing product

If you have used BuzzSumo, you already know that it is a fantastic product. It gives you the ability to analyse content virality and the influence of sharers whilst being simple to use, fast, and covering an extraordinary amount of data.

It’s the best product on the market for content marketing analysis and planning, by far.

We will support the BuzzSumo team as they continue to build on their current success and add other related products.

Expect to see more of their amazing work over the coming years.

Exceptional people

The BuzzSumo team is understated.

They let their work do the talking. But as we got to know them, it became clear that they are exceptional.

Their humility coupled with their ambition are values we share and we’re very happy to welcome them into the Brandwatch family.

The BuzzSumo team will continue their amazing work while we empower them to achieve bigger things through continued tech development and support from Brandwatch’s global footprint.

What does this mean for Brandwatch?

Bringing in a high performing, high growth product that fulfils an increasingly important need can only be good for Brandwatch.

Our strength is in data analysis and we have found kindred spirits in BuzzSumo.

We will use some of their data around content performance in our flagship Analytics product and the BuzzSumo influencer data will also help us to improve Brandwatch Audiences.

It’s truly an exciting time as both Brandwatch and BuzzSumo embark together to strengthen the two respective brands through the smart cross-pollination of know-how and resources.

It is probably clear by now that we’re huge fans of BuzzSumo and we’re excited by its future prospects.

In particular, together we’re looking forward to doing more of what motivates us – developing and bringing to market amazing products that users love.

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