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Published October 17th 2017

Introducing Quick Search: Social Listening Becomes Search-Bar Simple

Quick Search lets you analyze social data in an instant using a simple search bar. Click here to learn more about this unique social listening product.

We watch our customers.

We look at how they use Brandwatch, how they accomplish their goals, and we regularly look for ways to improve this workflow. Doing so helped us discover something.

99% of the information we collect on the web is done so using a search bar.

In fact, you just can’t search the web without a search bar. 

So, why should you analyze the web without a search bar? 

That’s why we built Quick Search:

  • Analyze all your social data using a simple search bar
  • Process millions of conversations in seconds
  • No need for categories, tags or rules, just search
  • Available for free to all Brandwatch customers today

How it works (in 43 seconds)


6 reasons why you’ll love Quick Search


1. Breakdown share of voice


Adidas dominates Nike in total share of voice. However using Quick Search we can analyze that at a product by product basis.

Let’s Quick Search for ‘shoes’ and see how the share of voice changes.

When we look for online chatter that also includes the word ‘shoes’, Nike takes more share of voice with 54% of the conversation.


2. Discover consumer preferences


Looking at total sentiment behind McDonald’s and KFC’s conversation reveals something interesting, KFC conversation is slightly more positive.

But, using Quick Search we can really understand this sentiment (neutral excluded). Is KFC still more popular when “fries”, “burgers” or “chicken” is mentioned?

No. When the conversation references specific products, McDonald’s comes out with better sentiment.


3. Find your audience


Does the total gender breakdown of Starbucks conversation change when focusing on specific drinks? Let’s find out.


Latte, Mocha, Macchiato = higher female conversation.

Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano = higher male conversation.


4. Measure trends


Google is talked about a lot more online than Amazon (as shown by this 5% sample), but does that hold true for their voice activation products?

Nope, Amazon’s Alexa wins.


5. Monitor issues


It’s 4:51 pm on a Friday.

A new email pops up from your boss “Are people still talking about the strike? I need to know today”.

Manually, this would take hours, but with Quick Search it takes seconds.

6. Apply any of these examples to your brand, your product, and your market.


Quick Search works with any data set.

Whether it’s a large B2C brand like Apple, or B2B giant in finance, Quick Search will work for you. 

Key benefits

Here’s what makes Quick Search unique:

  • Speed – Break down millions of conversations, in milliseconds.
  • Simplicity – No categories, tags or rules. Just search.
  • Dig Deeper – Use Quick Search to test your hunch then build a rule or an alert.
  • Full Boolean Functionality – If you want, add boolean operators to further refine your search.
  • Your Data – Quick Search operates within your existing dataset, meaning you’ll always get relevant results.


Quick Search is available to use today.

If you’re already a Brandwatch user, login and try it out. 

If you’re not a client, but want to use it, click the button below to arrange a demo.

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