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Published January 18th 2017

Introducing Unlimited Historical Data: Instant Historical Insight

Brandwatch is today introducing the world's fastest historical analysis. Read how it helps Unilever reveal business-changing insights, and book your demo.

Introducing the world’s fastest historical analysis.

Unlimited Historical Data lets you instantly collect three years of historical data. Using a sample of Twitter data plus the full Brandwatch archive, you can uncover fast historical insight. It’s the world’s fastest and most comprehensive historical data.

  • Fast: automated backfills collect data in seconds
  • Unlimited: no caps on the amount of Queries or mentions you use
  • Economical: historical mentions will not count towards your subscription caps
  • Insightful: mentions include full Brandwatch metadata, such as demographics, key topics, sentiment and more.

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Historical context plays a fundamental role in shaping every aspect of our society.

Online, every tweet, post, article and comment is influenced by the circumstances in which it is written. Without fully understanding the historical context of a mention, social analysts will struggle to draw reliable meaning from their data.

In the absence of historical data, a number of assumptions must be made; these skew data, create bias and ultimately impair insight.

With Unlimited Historical Data, you can instantly collect three years of historical data on any topic.

This unprecedented access to historical context will provide a reliable compass to check the validity of your conclusions and ultimately help elevate your brand’s social intelligence.

How it works

Unlimited Historical Data collects historical mentions using a 10% sample of Twitter – extrapolated by 10 to determine full coverage – plus the full Brandwatch archive.


The 10% sample from Twitter uses systematic sampling to collect a statistically accurate sample that represents the full conversation.

The Brandwatch Archive contains data collected from 80 million sources over the last three years. This includes hundreds of billions of mentions from social networks – like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – forums, blogs, review sites and news sites.

This provides users with the fastest route to valuable and reliable historical insight.

What can you do?

  • Chart historical data over time
  • Click through to read individual mentions
  • Identify author data
  • View demographics
  • Display topic clouds
  • Breakdown by geography
  • Categorize by page type
  • Apply Rules, Tags, and Categories
  • Reveal sentiment
  • And much more.

Clients like Unilever already use historical data to reveal business-changing insights.

In the ice cream industry, sales rise in summer and drop in winter. This seasonality appears to impact all major competitors in the industry.   

It would be easy to assume this is the same for all types of ice cream. But this assumption doesn’t stay true for everyone.

Unilever put this to the test. They collected every mention from consumers who expressed a desire to purchase Ben & Jerry’s, going back over multiple years.

Plotting this data on a line graph didn’t show a clear peak in summer and drop in winter. Instead, it showed a line, with spikes in conversation, increasing each year. Clearly, the seasonality influencing the industry didn’t impact this brand.

But seasonality still existed.


Ben and Jerry’s took this historical data and compared it to weather data to see if specific weather types provoked a desire to purchase the brand.

Blending these two data sets revealed a surprising correlation.

Consistently, over previous years, rainy weather encouraged consumers to purchase tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. 

This data transformed the way the brand advertised its products online. Unilever increased the distribution of adverts when rain was forecast and subsequently increased the volume of purchases.

Find out more

Unlimited Historical Data adds extensive historical functionality to our world-leading platform.

If you’re a customer and want to see it for yourself, speak to your Brandwatch representative, or request a demo. 

Not a customer? Click below to find out how Brandwatch can work for you.

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