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Published May 5th 2015

New: Our Location Capabilities Are Putting You On The Map

If you’ve ever spent time gazing at a map that fascinates you, you’ll be excited to hear about our new map-based product updates: Geotagged Mentions Map for Brandwatch Analytics, and beautiful new Globe and US State scenes in Brandwatch Vizia.

At Brandwatch we understand that social listening (reams and reams of data) requires context to turn it into social intelligence (things you can actually act on).

That’s why we offer the most flexible solution on the market. Our customers can collect, cut and view their data in context with minute-by-minute tracking, sentiment and influence analysis, custom rules and, now, detailed geographic data.

These are important updates, not just for the map-junkies out there, but for all users. To learn more, watch out for our blog series on how location is changing the way marketers use social.

Geotagged Maps in Brandwatch Analytics

This component in Analytics shows all your geotagged Twitter mentions as pins on a world map.

Get a global view or zoom right down to street level to see highly accurate locations for each individual Tweet. You can create as many of these maps as you like and once you’ve zoomed into the area you are interested in, that view will be saved on your dashboard.

You can export the data from any view you’ve created or download as an image.

The good bits:

  • Sentiment view – You can select a sentiment view that will display your mentions with color-coded pins showing each mention as either unknown (grey), positive (green) or negative (red).
  • Filters – As with most of the components in your dashboard, you can apply several filters to focus on the data you’re interested in. Filter by sentiment, impact, demographic, tags or categories and more.
  • Clickable mentions – All mentions can be viewed individually, showing contextual information about the mention and its author
  • Savable map views – Once you’ve found the area you want to analyze regularly, come back and check them without having to zoom and filter all over again.
  • ‘Spiderified’ Cluster View – Where several mentions have occurred in the same place – this view allows you to click on a cluster to display all the mentions in a ‘spider web’ style view.

What is Geotagging?

Tweets which are geotagged provide extremely accurate location data (with latitude and longitude coordinates) even down to a street level view. This allows you to see which countries, regions, towns or streets people are in when they talk about a brand or topic.

It could even allow you to pinpoint which part of a large building (such as an airport) they are in.

Geotagging is automatically turned off for all Twitter users – they must activate the feature on a device with GPS. This means that, at the moment, only a percentage of tweets will appear on your maps – the exact percentage will depend on your Query of course.

The key on your geotagged maps will show you how many Tweets you are looking at in the current view, how many there are all together and what percentage of your overall data is represented.

In the gif below we can see how quickly news of a fire in Holborn in April, close to our London office, spread on Twitter.


New Globe Scene in Brandwatch Vizia

Since the inception of Vizia, the Globe scene has been most used and visually appealing scene. It elicits a feeling of ‘wow, this feels like Minority Report.’

After lots of fantastic feedback, we’re ready with an updated version.


We’ve released a new Globe scene which contains more information than the first iteration of the Globe. It updates live as new Tweets roll in, pinpointing them on the Globe, showing the Tweet, author, and key metrics: Retweets, Replies, Impressions, Impact, Followers, Reach, and Kred score.

The Globe is available in two aesthetics: a geological view which shows terrain, and a flat view – a clean look that shows continent outlines.

US State Map Tile in Brandwatch Vizia

Via feedback from multiple US clients we prioritized building a US State Map Tile, which shows a heatmap of Tweets from a particular Query.

This is particularly powerful because you can uncover new trends within states, and do a deep dive within Brandwatch Analytics.


The data for both the Globe scene and US State Map Tile is pulled from Brandwatch Analytics Queries and is filterable by Sentiment, Categories, Tags, Author, Location, Twitter metrics, and Impact score.

They run off of location data in a hierarchy: Tweet geolocation is the most accurate and prioritized definition of location, then the Twitter profile-listed location.

With these new features now live, you can begin locating the people most relevant to you straight away. Not yet a customer, but want to try it for yourself? We can show you these features and much more with a free demo.

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