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Published September 19th 2017

New Vizia Visualizations: Bringing Your Data to Life in More Ways Than Ever

Today we launch exciting new Vizia 2 updates. Read on to discover how they'll make real-time marketing and monitoring performance easier than ever.

At Brandwatch, we use Vizia in a variety of ways. If you sit in the engineering department, you’ll see how many new data sources have been added to the platform that day. If you sit with our sales teams you’ll see the leaderboard for that quarter.

In marketing, you’ll see our social performance, but also our marketing goals and website performance.

Finally, if you walk into one of our lobbies, you’ll see an inspiring display of the best of what Vizia has to offer (and a few people stopping to take it all in).

Long story short, Vizia plays a role in our business every minute of the day, so we know where the strengths lie and which weaknesses we need to work on.

That said, we’ve just added some new visualizations to the Vizia 2 platform which will empower the modern marketer to do more with data.

Real-time marketing made easy

As a modern marketer, you need to be able to make decisions and take confident actions with the information in front of you – in the moment, and in real-time.

We live in a world that never stops.

Customers move and change faster than brands can keep up, making the need for customer insights the reflect the current situation more important than ever. We want to know who our customers are, how they act, and how they feel about our brand.

We’ve been working hard to make sure that Vizia meets these needs, so you can focus on what’s important – getting the job done.

Real-Time Mention Volume

Real-time mention volume does what it says on the tin. Powerful charting allows you to break down your mention volume by minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.

A crisis breaks and you need to have an overview of the conversation and how it’s unfolding minute-by-minute – we have you covered.

Your campaign has been running for 3 weeks now, but you need to know if offline activities had an effect on social conversation. No problem with day-by-day charting.

Has that additional 30% in the social budget had an effect on conversation volume? We recommend breaking down the conversation by weeks for the past two quarters for instant insight.

Featured Content

Your brand is alive online.

So much so that it can be hard to keep up. But knowledge is power, right? We don’t just want you to have an idea of where your brand is appearing online, we want you to be confident, as well as everyone else in your company for that matter.

Featured Content gives you the most comprehensive overview of your mentions stream. Not just a showreel of mentions, but rich, dynamic and up to date context of your brand.

Gather insights to feed your content marketing strategy – think user-generated content. Bring social proof to the heart of your organization and show the importance of the voice of the customer.

The beauty of Featured Content is that it’s dynamic and robust enough to be able to meet the needs of your team and objectives.

Hourly Topics

If you’re in the middle of a market launch or even a dreaded brand crisis, knowing the main conversation topics for that day is useful but is it enough? We didn’t think so. That’s why we built the Hourly Topics Tile.

It allows you to look at the key topics in the morning, at lunch, before you go home…It gives you flexibility over your data and the power to identify issues and opportunities as they unfold.

Marketing performance visualized

Having an understanding of your brand activities and performance online is vital but being able to show the effect of those activities on your marketing and business objectives creates an environment for positive change and action.

We want you to achieve this with Vizia.

Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics is an essential tool in almost every marketing department.

It gives insight on activities and a crucial opportunity to identify areas for improvement. While Google Analytics was already integrated into Vizia, we realized more context was needed.

Now you can look at how you are performing in relation to your goals. You can get end-to-end perspective on your marketing activities leaving more time for what’s important – taking action.

Impactful and insightful data

Data has a place in every modern organization but successful businesses know that success can hinge on how you communicate the data.

With Vizia, we want to make sure that it’s almost impossible to ignore. Meaning more people take notice and take action.


We don’t have to tell you the importance of location-based data. You already know.

Having an understanding of where your customers are and in what volume is crucial for well-informed marketing strategies.

That’s why we have added improved flexibility to the Choropleth maps – toggle between pure volume and engagement rate to add even more perspective to your location-based tactics.

Topic Trends Tile

Understanding the main conversation drivers for your brand, competitors or market is essential if you want to make intelligent decisions for your business. What’s even better is when you can impart this knowledge onto others and watch it take flight.

Whether you want to inspire your team, impress clients during pitches or turn heads in the lobby, we promise you the Topics Trends Tile will get it done.

It’s the most impactful and engaging way of viewing the topics driving your brand.


These Tiles only add to the already extensive array of visualizations Vizia 2 has to offer.

It holds a central role in the organization through enabling action in real-time, driving growth by inspiring your team and others and raising the profile of the voice of the customer.

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