Amy Collins on Data: AsiaPac News Coverage and Data Partnerships Roadmap

As you know, this blog series is to increase transparency about the ongoing work we’re doing in the Data team within Brandwatch. It’s not meant to act as big, glossy marketing, more to be the word on the ground as … Read more

Product By Amy Collins on March 16th 2017

Brandwatch, Now Faster Than Ever

When asked what his dream product would do, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak answered: “give me more time”. He didn’t want to live forever. Instead, he wanted to decrease the amount of time he spent doing non-critical tasks. You’re probably thinking … Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on March 15th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: Video Q&A

This week, I sit down with the wonderful Phil Agnew, our Product Marketing Manager for Data to talk through a pile of common questions that we get asked about. Watch on to hear us talk about our new data product, Unlimited Historical Data, … Read more

Product By Amy Collins on March 6th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: Introducing Four New AsiaPac Data Feeds

In a recent blog post, I shared our plan to make Brandwatch the number one destination for social data covering the Asia Pacific region. In today’s blog, I’m going to update you on a data partnership deal that we recently … Read more

Product By Amy Collins on March 2nd 2017

Can You Solve Tomorrow’s Problems With Historical Data?

For the first time, collecting a full history of (online) consumers’ conversations is now possible. As any marketer reading this will know, this data can provide huge value and ultimately help businesses make smarter decisions. That’s why we built Unlimited Historical … Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on February 17th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: Seven Questions Answered About Brandwatch Instagram Data

In my last blog, I wrote about our big focus in Quarter 1 of 2017, AsiaPac data coverage. I didn’t talk about our other major stream of work: improvements to our in-house crawling technologies. Our Data Crawling team own all … Read more

Product By Amy Collins on February 16th 2017

Campaign Tracking Tips and Tricks in Brandwatch Analytics

With the new Campaign Tracking Wizard, it’s never been simpler to keep track of your performance and boost the effectiveness of your ongoing campaigns. Planning the creative content for your social media campaign is likely to be the first thing … Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on February 16th 2017

Using Historical Data: Create Disruptive Products

For the modern company, fast product development is required to meet consumer needs and keep up with agile competitors. However, uncovering the product features customers desperately want can be a slow and painstaking process. Let’s say you work for a male … Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on February 9th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: Focus on AsiaPac

In my first data blog, I shared the major themes for 2017 in terms of data. In this post, I wanted to talk about our major investment theme for Quarter 1 of 2017: Coverage for the Asia Pacific region. We … Read more

Product By Amy Collins on February 8th 2017

Introducing the Dashboard Wizard: Making Social Analytics 10 Times Faster

The Dashboard Wizard is a brand new interface that makes setting up reports in Analytics up to 10 times faster, opening up the best that Brandwatch has to offer to more users than ever. As anyone who works with big … Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on February 7th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: An Inside Look at What’s Coming in 2017

My role at Brandwatch is Vice President of Data – I’m responsible for owning all things data from a product and strategy perspective. I help drive our data investment decisions and partnerships along with facilitating many of our ideas on … Read more

Product By Amy Collins on February 3rd 2017

Brandwatch Tips: Using Social Listening to Track Your Coverage

In the PR team, we rely on our Brandwatch platform to find brand mentions and track coverage in the press as well as blogs, forums and social networks, on a daily basis. Evaluating our brand’s performance in the media is … Read more

Product By Ruxandra Mindruta on January 31st 2017

You Asked, We Listened – New Features by Popular Demand

Brandwatch users collect over 60 million mentions a day. Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on July 6th 2016

Brandwatch & Conversocial: Delivering Complete Social Customer Care

It’s no secret that social customer care is a vital component of customer service for any brand, in any industry. Read more

Product By Venu Konda on April 4th 2016