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Introducing Audience Benchmark Reports. Show How Well You Know Your Customers

With the largest influencer database of its kind, Audiences is the fastest way to discover the people that matter to you. Now you can understand who those people are and, more importantly, what makes them different. A successful social business knows how to speak directly to their customers. But how do you keep things personal […] Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on July 18th 2017

Find Your Logo In Any Image: Introducing Image Insights

You are missing thousands of images that contain your logo. 80% of the images online containing a brand’s logo don’t reference the brand name in the accompanying text. So without an image detection tool, you miss these images. That’s why we built Image Insights.  World-leading technology, independently benchmarked Recognize any logo in any setting 50% less spam […] Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on June 28th 2017

Ten Questions on Facebook Data

Where has my data blog series been? Well it’s been a busy time of year for us and it’s been really exciting announcing so much new data at “Now You Know 2017” (our user conference in Denver). I’ve had a few people poke me to ask where I went, so now that the dust has […] Read more

Product By Amy Collins on June 23rd 2017

Vizia 2: Announcing New Google Integrations, and Extra Social Visualizations

When we launched Vizia 2 in March – just two months ago – we shared a vision that goes beyond visualizing social data. Vizia 2 is the best platform for telling engaging stories from data across a large organization. And it’s not just us that believe Vizia 2 is changing the way data is being […] Read more

Product By Will McInnes on May 31st 2017

Speed to Insights: New Features and Products Making Your Life Easier

It’s 10am. “Sorry to do this to you, Carly, but we have a pitch for this big brand owner at 2pm. Can you pull something together?  Have a look on social media and see what you can find out.” As a junior account exec, this is a sentence Carly is depressingly familiar with.   Where […] Read more

Product By Mark Rogers on May 17th 2017

Know Your Followers: Harness the Power of Community With Brandwatch Audiences

Brandwatch Audiences now lets you discover and study the followers of any Twitter account. If you’ve spent time and money building a loyal online following you want to know who they are. And not just the broad demographics but the real individuals at the heart of your community and the content and trends they care […] Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on April 20th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: Blogs and Instagram Update

This week’s blog will focus on the data coverage news from the Brandwatch Data teams: I’ve got news to share on global blog coverage and an Instagram engineering update. Global blog feed has gone live   I’m happy to be able to share that we just turned on a new data source which is a global feed of blogs […] Read more

Product By Amy Collins on March 29th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: AsiaPac News Coverage and Data Partnerships Roadmap

As you know, this blog series is to increase transparency about the ongoing work we’re doing in the Data team within Brandwatch. It’s not meant to act as big, glossy marketing, more to be the word on the ground as we gear up for the main marketing reveal. We’re going to be sharing the news as […] Read more

Product By Amy Collins on March 16th 2017

Brandwatch, Now Faster Than Ever

When asked what his dream product would do, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak answered: “give me more time”. He didn’t want to live forever. Instead, he wanted to decrease the amount of time he spent doing non-critical tasks. You’re probably thinking ‘he’s a billionaire, of course, he wants time, it’s the only thing his money can’t […] Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on March 15th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: Video Q&A

This week, I sit down with the wonderful Phil Agnew, our Product Marketing Manager for Data to talk through a pile of common questions that we get asked about. Watch on to hear us talk about our new data product, Unlimited Historical Data, Instagram social data and our Data roadmap. If all that hasn’t sold you on giving […] Read more

Product By Amy Collins on March 6th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: Introducing Four New AsiaPac Data Feeds

In a recent blog post, I shared our plan to make Brandwatch the number one destination for social data covering the Asia Pacific region. In today’s blog, I’m going to update you on a data partnership deal that we recently signed and that our engineering team are in the process of integrating. Read more

Product By Amy Collins on March 2nd 2017

Can You Solve Tomorrow’s Problems With Historical Data?

For the first time, collecting a full history of (online) consumers’ conversations is now possible. As any marketer reading this will know, this data can provide huge value and ultimately help businesses make smarter decisions. That’s why we built Unlimited Historical Data. The feature provides instant historical insight on any topic from across the web over […] Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on Feburary 17th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: Seven Questions Answered About Brandwatch Instagram Data

In my last blog, I wrote about our big focus in Quarter 1 of 2017, AsiaPac data coverage. I didn’t talk about our other major stream of work: improvements to our in-house crawling technologies. Our Data Crawling team own all of our crawled sources such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums and news sites. I’m going […] Read more

Product By Amy Collins on Feburary 16th 2017

Campaign Tracking Tips and Tricks in Brandwatch Analytics

With the new Campaign Tracking Wizard, it’s never been simpler to keep track of your performance and boost the effectiveness of your ongoing campaigns. Planning the creative content for your social media campaign is likely to be the first thing you work on. But thinking about the results you want to achieve and how you’re […] Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on Feburary 16th 2017