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Top 5 Image Detection Tools For Brands and Agencies Marketing

By Phillip Agnew on July 6th 2017

Brands need image detection to work out where their customers, prospects, critics, and fans see them. Without these images, a brand is simply blind to the torrent of threats and opportunities directed at them each day.

Once you have these images you can undertake analysis, better understand your brand, know your customers inside-out and improve your marketing strategy.

If you are an image detection rookie, this list of the Top Image Detection Tools might come in handy. When looking for a tool, it’s a good idea to try a couple of them and choose the one that suits your needs best.

Let’s take a look at some of the best image detection tools.

Top 5 image detection tools

1) LogoGrab

Developed by ex-Google employees, LogoGrab realized that brands need to catch up with the ‘visual age’. They have built state of the art image detection technology that allows brands to find images that contain their own logo. The technology is powerful enough to find parts of a logo and even discover logo misuse.

Brandwatch and LogoGrab have partnered recently to develop a platform perfect for social, but their own proprietary technology is world-leading for image and video discovery.

2) IBM Image Detection

IBM’s image detection technology helps brands understand the contents of images. For example, it can recognize food, find human faces, approximate age, gender, and find similar images in a collection.

Sounds great right? Brands can also train the tech by creating bespoke detection to find a dress type in retail, identify spoiled fruit in inventory, and more.

The technology is undeniably powerful and offers solutions to a number of use cases.

IBM image detection

3) Clarifai

Clarifai is certainly one of the most powerful image detection APIs. Brands can add variations of their logo to train the tool. After a short set-up period, the user can start feeding the platform images and categorize the results based on the logos included.

Clarifai offers a free API which lets users plug in any image data they have to check out how powerful the tool is.

4) GumGum

GumGum, the folks who pioneered in-image advertising, have developed a new image detection tool to find photos on the web that are relevant to your brand. This technology can ingest and analyze social media data itself, meaning you don’t have to collect the data first.

Although the technology looks fantastic, the tool is still fairly new to the market and is yet to truly take off.

image detection gumgum

5) Brandwatch Image Insights

It wouldn’t be right to include a list of top image detection tools and not include the fantastic solution developed by our in-house engineering team.

Over the last 18 months, they’ve built a world-leading tool that’s optimized for brands and agencies. After independently benchmarking the technology, they found it to be:

  • 2x more accurate than the nearest competitor
  • 10x more coverage than the nearest competitor
  • The only tool which can track any brand logo

Put simply, choosing an image detection tool won’t be easy.

Even deciding your key criteria won’t be easy. Do you want more coverage or more accuracy? Do you want to feed it internal data or have it collect data itself? Do you want a free tool or a scalable enterprise solution?

Our suggestion is to try as many tools as possible before jumping into a decision. That said, the need to get image detection technology is pressing.

With 3.2 billion images shared each day, brands simply have to understand and quantify the volume of visual conversation around them and their competitors.

If you are interested in seeing what Brandwatch Image Insights can offer, the please get in touch by booking a demo.

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Phillip Agnew


Phillip is Product Marketing Manager here at Brandwatch, informing clients and others about our latest platform updates.

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