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Published August 27th 2020

Brandwatch’s Summer of Data: TV Data, LinkedIn, and More

This summer, Brandwatch is adding access to TV data through our new partnership with Kinetiq and bringing you more online data from the biggest social networks and from across the globe.

Data has always been the foundation of any consumer intelligence platform.

With a library of over 1.4 trillion posts dating back to 2010, Brandwatch has the world’s largest archive of consumer opinion. Half a billion new posts are added every day and now Brandwatch customers have access to even more.

This summer, we’re adding new data sources and making improvements to how you can collect and analyze that data.

Kinetiq TV data

Today we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Kinetiq, the pioneer of real-time TV intelligence for brands.

Bringing Kinetiq’s data from over 2,600 TV stations across more than 85 countries into Brandwatch means our users have access to a seamless view of digital and TV data. Discover, organize, and distribute cross-channel insights in a single platform.

With this new data you can monitor the level of TV exposure your brand is receiving and differentiate between:

  • Paid spots and earned mentions
  • Markets your brand appeared in: local, national, or global
  • When and where your brand was ‘heard’ (listening for people mentioning the brand by tracking closed captioning)

This data can then be analyzed using all of Brandwatch’s industry-leading machine learning technology, opening up a whole host of new opportunities.

Read more about what you can do with Kinetiq TV data in Brandwatch.

Kinetiq data is available now as a premium data package. Request a demo today to see it in action.

LinkedIn channels

With over 690 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. Engagement on the platform increased by 50% last year, so it’s no surprise that 97% of B2B marketers use it in their content marketing efforts.

With Brandwatch, you can now monitor the performance of all your LinkedIn company pages in one place and optimize your content strategy to build a stronger, more impactful presence in the global professional community.

Measure the success of your owned and paid content to better understand what drives the most engagement, and how and when to share content to reach the largest audience. Build a more valuable audience by analyzing and monitoring your following over time. And study responses to identify the top employee advocates and industry influencers that can spark new conversations and opportunities.

As of today, LinkedIn data is available to all Brandwatch customers in open beta.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook recently updated its terms to clarify how companies like Brandwatch can collect data for customers. Specifically, they have stressed that data collected for each customer must be maintained separately by us.

The good news for Brandwatch users is that this is exactly how we originally built our connections to the new Facebook Graph API when it was released a couple of years ago. So, unlike other data providers, there will be no necessary changes or loss of data for our users and we can continue to focus on improvements that help them make the most of their Facebook and Instagram data.

This month we added:

  • Bulk uploading of non-owned Instagram business accounts: Boost coverage by tracking the posts of the top influencers, news outlets, brands, and organizations in your industry
  • Improved user experience, including alerts in the query builder to let you know when you need to set up channels and hashtags to get better coverage

And coming soon we’re adding:

  • More improvements to user experience: Authenticate and start tracking Facebook and Instagram accounts quicker and easier
  • Hashtag autocomplete: Search for and find the right hashtags to track more easily
  • More historic data: 400 days of historic data for owned Instagram accounts as well as both owned and non-owned Facebook pages
  • Bulk uploading of non-owned Facebook pages

Disqus: Article and blog comments

Brandwatch searches now collect all comments from Disqus.

Disqus is a public comment sharing platform used by hundreds of thousands of sites including news sites such as Bloomberg, Mercury News, and the Boston Herald, plus forums, blogs, and review sites such as Den of Geek, Rotten Tomatoes, PC Gamer, Bleacher Nation, and, of course, this blog!

Disqus data will be automatically added to results when your query matches text in a comment. To query or filter for Disqus data you can use the pubType: operator and any combination of the four types of data that come from Disqus, including comments on blogs, news sites, forums, or review sites:


Tracking comments under articles and blogs adds a new layer of consumer insight to your brand monitoring.

  • See how people are responding to articles or blogs about your brand to get the consumer opinion on the news
  • See when people bring up your products or competitors’ products on forums or review sites
  • Detect spam/unlicensed selling
  • Analyze comments on your own site

All Disqus data is available now for all Brandwatch users.

Discuz!: Chinese forums

Not to be confused with Disqus, Discuz! is the most popular forum software in China. It powers forums on tens of thousands of sites from fan sites to review sites to community message boards.

It provides another vast resource for tracking consumer opinion in the APAC region, adding to Brandwatch’s existing coverage of Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ, and many more sites in Asia.

Full coverage of public data from sites using Discuz! will be available to all Brandwatch users in September.

Location Data

In addition to all these new data sources, we’ve also been improving our location data and how you analyze location in Brandwatch.

Geofence queries

For posts with geolocation data, you can now search or filter within a specific area that you define using the latitude: and longitude: operators. This opens up a whole host of new possibilities such as:

  • Comparing consumer conversations at different store locations, transport hubs, or malls
  • Tracking live reactions to events
  • Or even discovering where your brand logo appears at famous landmarks

Learn more in our blog post exploring how the social conversation at famous locations looks before, during, and after lockdowns in response to COVID-19.

Per capita maps

We have added a new ‘per capita’ map view to Brandwatch Vizia (and something similar is coming very soon to Brandwatch Consumer Research) which allows you to see where your brand or topic has been talked about the most, normalized according to the population of each region. This is extremely useful for answering questions that will inform important business decisions such as:

  • Which audience did our campaign resonate best with?
  • Where should we launch our new product first?
  • Which markets do we need to grow brand awareness in?

Learn more about how to discover hidden insights in the new ‘per capita’ maps in our blog post.

Better location tagging

Not all  “locations” that social media users provide in their bios can be easily placed. They are often informal, playful, or ironic (e.g. “Red Sox Nation” or “The Big Apple”). We have developed machine learning algorithms that learn to interpret those casual references and accurately link them to their true geographic meanings, providing you with more comprehensive data for your location analysis.

That’s not all

Stay tuned for even more data updates in 2020.

Wherever your brand is being talked about online, Brandwatch has you covered. Book a meeting with one of our experts to see the platform in action.

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