Visualizing Success: Boost the Impact of your Center of Excellence with Powerful Imagery Consumer Insights

By Dinah Alobeid on August 29th 2017

Visual imagery is riveting. We see it every day across our social channels and in our lives — pictures and videos, infographics and gifs. Visuals are the way to spark engagement, intrigue audiences and tug at heartstrings.

How can visuals help you in your consumer insights work to create a successful center of excellence?

In this final blog in our series with the inimitable Forrester analyst, Cinny Little, we’ll examine the role visuals play in setting up your own insights-delivery system for success.

Cinny, What role do visuals play in creating a successful COE?

“A social COE must engage in internal marketing activities that create visibility around the value you and your team are delivering. Prioritize visuals, since visual information is more powerful than any other type of sensory input for presenting data and information. For example, when we hear a piece of information, we remember 10% of it three days later; if we add a picture, we remember 65% of it, as John Medina states in his book, Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School (Pear Press, 2009).

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Which formats/design aesthetics work best for making insights more compelling and easier to engage with across various departments?

Your visuals, along with all other internal marketing activities your social COE undertakes, must engage intended audiences around information that matters to them, in a way that they will connect to.

To engage intended audiences, convey insights about social metrics’ impact on business or marketing outcomes that they care about — key performance indicators that brands or lines of business track already.

To connect to intended audiences, make sure that they will encounter your visuals in the course of their normal working day.

That can mean a physical common space such as a lobby or elevator, or a personal working space such as an office or executive’s conference room. That can also mean a digital place, as long as that is a place or application that your intended audience goes to often and you are not asking them to make any extra clicks. Another critical and impactful role visuals can play is driving your internal audience’s emotional connection to your customers. Be sure to go beyond charts and graphs, as important as they are, in your visuals.

Visuals can only have an impact if they are available in the right place and at the right time. It’s all well and good to have visuals in your regular presentations, but not if key stakeholders don’t attend.

Make sure to leverage the power of sight with impactful charts, maps and data visualized to tell your brand’s story.”

The complete Q&A with Forrester’s Cinny Little is available for you to peruse and use to develop a top-notch insights center of excellence. You’re ready.

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