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University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury achieves strategic goals with Brandwatch

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CASE STUDYUniversity of Canterbury

Before the University of Canterbury (UC) adopted Brandwatch Social Media Management, they used numerous tools to manage their social media presence. They couldn't find a piece of software that would allow them to do everything they needed, all in one place.

Now they use Brandwatch. As part of the university's wider digital transformation, Brandwatch has enabled the social media team to implement better processes, collaborate easier across the team, and monitor their online presence compared to competitors – all in one place.

"We already don't have enough time in the day to do our jobs, and Brandwatch just gives us a little bit more time. Because everything's in one place now, we have more time to be creative or go out and think of new strategies or campaigns. We have time to actually do the fun, creative side of our jobs," Tracy Anderson, social media editor at University of Canterbury told us.

"Because everything's in one place now, we have more time to be creative or go out and think of new strategies or campaigns."
— Tracy Anderson - Social Media Editor

Read on to discover how Brandwatch Social Media Management has changed the way the University of Canterbury approaches its social media management.

The challenge

The most significant pain point for the University of Canterbury was their lack of a consolidated software system for their social media management. They used multiple platforms and tool options to perform daily tasks, and the team struggled with using various interfaces for their duties. Additionally, drawing links between data when reporting on campaigns was challenging. Using different platforms made it difficult to find connections between metrics.

There was no god integration between platforms, so UC's team had to export data from each of their different systems and then piece it all together – which took a lot of time. This was a true challenge, as they were bound to the various limitations of each platform. For example, some platforms couldn't post Instagra Stories, and others couldn't tag users in posts.

The goal

The University of Canterbury wanted to streamline their workflows. The overarching goal was to unite teams from different areas of the university, to share content more easily.

UC were keen to consolidate their social media management into one place. They wanted to find a single platform which would help them manage multiple social media accounts, and that had the ability to add various employees as users. It was vital for them to be able to manage multiple pages in one software and create various posts for each platform's capabilities.

The University of Canterbury is big on sharing their research, which is an essential part of their overall strategy of showing off the university as a desirable place to study. From improving sentiment towards the university, to gaining a competitive advantage, sharing research is a core part of their process. Social media is the perfect outlet to share this type of content. US wanted to improve their share of voice on social, so they could reach more people with their research findings, and ultimately improve orientation numbers.

Additionally, full visibility of their project management was an important goal for UC. They wanted to ensure that posting, scheduling, monitoring, listening, and reporting were easy for all marketing personnel at the university.

The results

After implementing Brandwatch's Social Media Management solution, the University of Canterbury's social team is now running hassle-free. The team has saved time on their day-to-day tasks, giving them time to use Brandwatch's Social Media Management benchmark reporting to help drive strategic decisions.

Tracy Anderson explained: "Brandwatch has future-proofed us going forward. We know that we can build on our successes, add users and channels, and control access as the company unites more."

Brandwatch has helped to unite different teams in the organization who work on their own accounts. Now, the teams come together and share content, which has helped them to better collaborate creatively.

"Brandwatch has future-proofed us going forward."
— Tracy Anderson, Social Media Editor

Now, UC is able to demonstrate success to stakeholders, who enjoy seeing the positive outcomes of the social media efforts. Plus, the team at UC is able to see how they compare with other universities in the country when it comes to social media presence. They found that, despite being a smaller university, they often have the biggest share of voice.

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