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Brandwatch Analytics

Our coverage spans the globe and we support 44 different languages, with optimized sentiment and topic for most. You can also choose to collect all mentions regardless of language.

Unlike other tools, we give you full control of your search, granting you the power to carefully construct your Query to an unbelievably refined level. We have 23 Boolean operators – more than any other platform.

We gather and house data from the web ourselves using our own crawlers and data centres. Our renowned team of PhDs also helps develop the bespoke Natural Language Processing (NLP), spam and other technologies that set Brandwatch apart from the competition.

If you’d like us to take you back to a simpler time, before Pinterest was piqued or when MySpace was king, then our historical data will suit you perfectly; we can offer historical data back to June 2010. Our archive includes all our different sources, from news sites and blogs to forums and social networks.

If you need guaranteed full historical Twitter data, we also offer 30 days free for all clients on request, and also offer Enterprise clients access to full historical Twitter data back to 2006 with our Twitter Hindsight product.

Mentions come with a host of supplementary data, such as page-type, time-stamp, location, author and bucket-loads of other information that’ll provide you with everything you could ever want to know.

We use intelligent techniques to decipher exactly where in the world people are talking about your term, drilling down from the continent of origin all the way to street level.

Our advanced sentiment analysis means you can understand the tone of your data at a moment’s glance, automatically separating the swear words from the care words. You can also customize sentiment using automated Rules and manual mark up.

We provide you with a myriad of statistics to help you determine who’s important to your brand. Experiment with information on traffic, comments, views, followers, site credibility and even third-party influence collators to aid you in your hunt for influencers.

Data is brought to life with versatile charts that let you display your data in countless ways, adding that valuable visual aspect to your reporting. We also allow you to click through on any chart to see the mentions behind the numbers.

The app is built with customization in mind, so whether it’s a lick of paint for your white label or a reconstruction of the dashboard layout, Brandwatch is malleable enough for your needs. Use and customize default dashboards, including Channels dashboards for owned media analysis, or create your own from scratch.

You can filter, tag, chop, change, star, slice, skew and stab your data so that it sits in perfectly neat categories. Set your filters/search as you wish and perform bulk actions such as categorization, sentiment-change or deletion on thousands of mentions with just a couple of clicks.

Our sophisticated Topics component automatically determines key trends and themes about your query, which can be modified to display sentiment, categories and tags too.

We build our user-friendly interface with the latest web technology to make it slick, ultra responsive and light on your resources.

The vast range of metadata we attribute to each mention/source in your dataset gives you incredible power when it comes to segmenting and filtering. You can also perform fully fledged Boolean searches within your queries, allowing you to get infinitely granular.

You needn’t tackle every mention manually – Brandwatch can deal with them for you. Just specify your criteria for the mentions in question and set up whatever combination of categorization or assignment Rules you need. Then, leave the system to do the work for you.

You can set up your own customized Alerts so that we’ll send you an email whenever the data matches your criteria, as it comes or when it reaches certain thresholds. Or, you can set up Signals to be automatically alerted, in real-time, to any significant changes in your data. Plus, you can set up regular reports to be emailed you as often as you like. It’s your call.

You can get your data to take out, either directly through our API or through the in-app export options, which include image, CSV and Excel formats. You can also get updates on your data on a regular basis through easily-shareable PDF reports, emailed straight to you as often as you like.

It’s not all one-way traffic with Brandwatch. You’re also able to reply, post and share right from inside the app, keeping your web browser tab management under control.

Our workflow facilities make it easier to cycle through mentions and ensure each gets the attention it requires. Found a sales lead or a customer service issue? Assign it to the relevant member of staff so they can handle it, add notes if needed and check it off when resolved.

With unlimited users available at no additional cost, it’s only fair that we also offer simple ways for you to share your analysis work with others.

Our world-class development team updates the app at a ridiculous pace, adding features and updates every fortnight to make sure your experience is improved on a continuous basis.

A network of analysts is at hand to perform manual sentiment validation, categorization and data cleaning for you as an optional extra.

Free personal training complements a suite of other assets, from videos and FAQs to feature requests and an email support team, as well as plenty more in our Help Center.

Every Enterprise client is assigned their own personal account manager, who will be at your beck and call in times of need. All clients also get access to our friendly and helpful support team via email, and to our wealth of online help resources.

We crawl data from over 80 million sources (and growing) in 44 languages. We collect and store our own data, meaning we’re always in control and can add sources on demand. We’re also a Twitter Official Partner and have full Twitter coverage, plus the ability to track any public Twitter account or Facebook page without the need for admin rights. Find out more about our coverage here.

However, quantity isn’t always everything; we know that that data is useless if it’s irrelevant. That’s why we focus on having industry-leading spam and duplicate detection, so you’re sure to get clean, accurate, quality data.

As a Twitter Official Partner, Brandwatch has full Twitter coverage, in real time. We also offer full historical Twitter data back to 2006 at an additional cost, should you need it.

With our Channels feature, you can track any public Facebook page or Twitter account without the need for admin rights, giving you key metrics and in-depth insights into authors, fans and content with easy side-by-side competitor comparison. Find out more here.

Our Twitter Insights feature analyzes the Twitter chatter about your brand, including the most shared links, influencers, hashtags and emoticons being used in relation to your brand, allowing you to develop a greater understanding of your Twitter community. Find out more here.

In the Brandwatch platform you can choose who to share your Dashboards with, be it a whole team or individual users. Plus, you can download your Dashboards as templates so that you can share them with others outside of your own projects.

We are always looking to partner with technologies and companies that complement our services. We currently have strategic partnerships and integrations with CEM solutions provider Clarabridge and social media management platform Spredfast. The app also includes data from Kred and mozRank.

Our advanced Demographic Insights features allow you to analyze the account type, gender, profession, interests and location of those talking about your brand and competitors on Twitter, meaning a deeper understanding of your target market and a clearer picture of who you’re engaging with. Find out more here.

We understand the importance of security. That’s why we offer the option of SSO (single sign-on) for our Enterprise clients who would like an extra level of security and control over authenticated users.

We offer the option between two SSO (single sign-on) mechanisms, SAML and JWT – please visit for more information.


Automated Reports are scheduled snapshots of your data delivered straight to your inbox, making it quick and easy to get regular updates on your data and share it with others – even those without a login. They’re super simple to set up, saving you valuable time and taking the hard work out of regular reporting.

With our geotagged maps component you can see all your Twitter data that is tagged with geographic coordinates pinned on a map. Zoom from a global view right down to street level.

Filter your maps too focus on the most important data and select sentiment view to see color-coded pins. Save the exact view you want in any dashboard and simply click to export the data you’re looking at or to download a screenshot.

Brandwatch Vizia

Build your perfect setup with a range of customizable visualizations, fully branded with your logo and desired theme. Custom and bespoke visualizations are also available if you need additional personalization.

Set up as many or as few screens as you wish, allowing for multiple multi-screen setups across the globe that can be controlled remotely – individually or as a group.

Your displays can be controlled from any device, from wherever you are, including from smartphones and tablets. You can modify and change selected Scenes and Displays anytime, from anywhere, as well as send messages to individual or multiple screens, giving you the flexibility and power to make sure your teams can see exactly what they need, when they need it.


You can setup Vizia in one central location or even in multiple locations, showing the same or different data according to your needs. You can even access it on the move on your smartphone or tablet so you can always stay up to date.

Brandwatch Vizia has the flexibility to allow you to decide which Scenes you want displayed where, with complete control over what each display shows and which data it pulls in.

With our URL and Video scenes, you can incorporate outside data sets or media into your setup in order to conduct comparative activity and to give context to your data. For example, you might want to stream in a news feed or display your latest video content, or even build your own visualizations to display.


Forget boring static charts. Brandwatch Vizia displays are animated and can also automatically or manually transition between Scenes (different visualizations) as shifts in the data drive focus to key areas or use cases.

Brandwatch Vizia allows you to send messages to single or multiple displays instantly to communicate with individual or multiple teams globally. These messages can appear as ‘tickers’ or as pop ups and can be turned off manually or after a specific duration.