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Published May 16th 2023

5 Reasons Why Brands Love Instagram Stories

There’s no getting around Instagram Stories.

Used strategically, Stories can help you build better brand awareness, forge deeper connections with your audience, drive traffic to your site, and even increase sales by tagging products directly in the Story. 

Grossly outdated Statista data (from 2019) suggests that there are 500 million daily Instagram Stories users. Meanwhile, the net advertising revenue of Instagram Stories has more than quadrupled since 2019, leaving no doubt that Instagram Stories is a hugely impactful marketing channel for brands. 

With Meta finally rolling out the official API for publishing Stories, we have been able to develop the feature in Brandwatch, that will allow our customers to seamlessly publish Stories alongside other social media content from within the Brandwatch platform. But more on that later…

First, let’s get into why Stories are so impactful for marketers. 

Here are 5 reasons why brands are (rightfully) head-over-heels in love with Instagram Stories.

#1: More people will see your content

Instagram Stories appear prominently at the top of users' feeds with irresistible allure. It's like having a VIP pass to grab your followers' attention every time they unlock the app, giving your content the exposure it deserves. 

With this prime real estate, brands can conquer their audience's attention and secure a prime spot in their followers' minds. 

But wait, there's more! 

Instagram lets you save and neatly organize your Stories into Highlights, which proudly take the spotlight on your profile. 

By curating these Highlights, you effortlessly boost your visibility and put the spotlight on the most vital aspects of your brand – useful for newcomers and loyal followers alike.

#2: They make authenticity a little easier

Remember when Instagram emerged as the realm of meticulously curated, filter-filled snapshots? While that's perfect for showcasing products, it doesn't quite capture the essence of a brand's true personality or create that close-knit bond with the audience. 

Enter Stories, the game-changer that made brands more relatable, more...human. It's the ultimate backstage pass where you can share behind-the-scenes moments and everyday experiences. 

By peeling back the curtain, brands become real, earning trust and forging a profound connection with their audience. 

But here's the kicker: Stories come with an expiration date of 24 hours, adding a dash of urgency and exclusivity. It's like a secret club where followers feel an even deeper connection to the brand, knowing they're part of something special and fleeting.

#3: They’ve got irresistible interactive features

Instagram Stories come armed with an arsenal of captivating features that are guaranteed to improve your brand’s engagement rates. Say hello to polls, questions, countdowns, and stickers – the ultimate tools for summoning user interaction. 

Whether you're seeking opinions, sparking curiosity, or creating a sense of anticipation, these interactive gems will have your followers eagerly tapping and swiping their way into your brand's world. 

But that's not all. 

By cleverly leveraging hashtags and location tags, you unveil a whole new dimension of discoverability.

#4: They’re great for driving traffic and prompting conversions

Instagram Stories also offer a powerful feature that's a top priority for brands: outbound links. By leveraging the swipe-up feature (available to accounts with 10,000 or more followers), you can seamlessly guide users to external destinations like blog posts, e-commerce platforms, and product pages. 

This strategic move amplifies your visibility and fuels the flow of traffic, leading users right to your desired destination. 

And let's not forget the irresistible allure of exclusive offers and promotions. With Stories expiring after 24 hours, they create a sense of urgency that compels users to dig deeper and discover more right then and there.

#5: Stories amplify your storytelling capabilities

Finally, Instagram Stories empower brands to weave captivating narratives in a visually immersive format. 

Through features like text overlays, stickers, GIFs, and music, you can craft engaging and dynamic stories that resonate deeply with your audience. 

What's more, with Stories lasting only 15 seconds, brands often string together a series of Stories, creating a longer storytelling experience. If done right, this keeps users hooked, eagerly following the narrative thread to uncover the full story.

Publish Your Instagram Stories via Brandwatch

From publishing posts to measuring performance, Brandwatch is a platform for all things social. A space to maintain and grow a social presence across channels by posting your most engaging social content – and as we’ve firmly established above: what’s more engaging than Stories? 

Enabling social media managers to seamlessly publish Stories alongside other Instagram content has been the Achilles’ heel of every single social media management platform for years.

But not anymore.

Now, every social media manager using Brandwatch Social Media Management can easily schedule and publish Instagram Stories from within the platform…and of course do all the other amazing things you can do with Stories using a tool like ours.

Need a reminder? Here is why you should already be using Brandwatch:

  1. Efficient scheduling: Use Brandwatch to schedule your Instagram Stories at specific times, ensuring they go live when they will have the most impact.  
  2. Streamlined collaboration: Collaborate with your team, share content, and gather feedback before publishing. Brandwatch allows you to leave notes on drafted Stories and send content for approval if needed. 
  3. Time-saving productivity: Manage Stories alongside content for other social media networks from a single interface to save time and increase effectiveness.
  4. Reply to comments: Brandwatch helps you manage reactions and messages from users, allowing you to handle high engagement and DMs in a timely manner using automation features, response templates, and collaboration workflows. 
  5. Data-driven insights: Analyze the performance of your Instagram Stories, benchmark them against other formats, and gain valuable insights using easy-to-read dashboards that you can also share directly with your team and other stakeholders.

Want to see what all of this looks like in the tool itself? Schedule a demo today.

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