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Published August 10th 2023

5 Social Media News Stories You Need to Read This Week

Quick bites of social media goodness for you to absorb and share with your network.

Last update: August 10th.

1. TikTok introduces text posts

Introducing a simpler publishing experience on TikTok: text posts. This new feature allows users to share text content on the video-first platform.

The idea is to “allow creators to share their stories, poems, recipes, and other written content on TikTok – giving creators another way to express themselves and making it even easier to create.”

Learn more about text posts.

2. Meta launches AudioCraft

Meta has released an audio AI tool that allows you to quickly and easily generate high-quality audio and music from text. Simply input some text explaining the audio you need, and AudioCraft can generate it in moments.

Meta are open-sourcing these AI models, “...giving researchers and practitioners access so they can train their own models with their own datasets for the first time, and help advance the field of AI-generated audio and music.”

Discover more about AudioCraft.

3. YouTube is taking Shorts to the next level

YouTube is releasing some brand new features to their Shorts video offering. These releases rival those offered by Instagram and TikTok, bringing Shorts to a whole new level.

Some of these features include:

  • Collab – which gives the ability to record a Short in a side-by-side format with other YouTube or Shorts videos.
  • New stickers – including an upcoming Q&A sticker to connect creators with their audience.
  • Go live – YouTube are testing a mobile-first vertical live experience.

Read more about these new features.

4. TikTok launches Subscriber-Only Videos

TikTok is opening up new ways for brands and creators to engage with their audiences. Introducing: Subscriber-Only Videos.

“Subscriber-Only Videos are exclusive videos that only subscribers can view. The new perk encourages interactions beyond the LIVE room, enabling subscribers to like, comment, and reply to one another, helping creators foster even more meaningful connections with their community.” ~ TikTok

Find out more about Subscriber-Only Videos.

5. YouTube shares tips on how to gain subscribers

YouTube has spoken to six creators – each with over 10 million subscribers – and asked them to share exclusive tips on growing your platform.

From Mexican Shorts-first creator Liza Baez to Susy Mouriz, who gained 10 millions subscribers in just two years, these creators explain how they found success on YouTube.

Perhaps there’s something there you can use to boost your brand’s social media strategy too. 

Discover how to grow your YouTube presence.

Last update: July 11th.

1. Meta launches Threads

Threads made its debut last Wednesday. In less than two days, Threads reached a staggering 70 million sign ups. It has now exceeded the milestone of 100 million members, making it the fastest app to garner such an impressive user base.

Learn more about Threads.

2. YouTube offers AI-generated quizzes to test your knowledge on subjects of interest

YouTube is testing a new quiz option in their mobile app. It aims to help users learn more about topics of interest and provide YouTube with insights on how people consumer videosThe quiz questions will be generated by AI based on the clips users have watched.

“If you’re a viewer in the experiment, you may see AI-generated quizzes start to pop up on your app homepage. The quizzes will test your understanding of a subject covered in a video you recently watched. If you choose to take a quiz, a link to the recently watched video will appear under it so you can easily navigate back to learn more about the topic at hand.” ~ YouTube

Get ready for an interactive learning experience in your YouTube app.

3. TikTok Launches Creative Challenge

TikTok is introducing a new initiative called Creative Challenge, strengthening the bond between creators and brands. This innovative program allows creators to showcase their talent and pitch their clips directly to brands, potentially paving the way for ad partnerships.


⭐️TikTok Creative Challenge⭐️ A new way for creators to collaborate with brands with full creative freedom! We're excited to continue recognizing and rewarding creators for their creativity through this new in-app feature.

♬ original sound - TikTok Newsroom
“TikTok Creative Challenge is a new in-app feature that allows creators to submit video ads to brand challenges and receive rewards based on video performance. Creators can browse through the list of challenges, read the challenge’s brief which displays the reward pool and details rules and requirements, and submit their video ad. The Creative Challenge gives creators full creative freedom over their ads, unlocking more opportunities for creators to collaborate with brands in a way that’s most authentic to them.”~ TikTok

It's a win-win situation for both creators and brands on TikTok.

4. Meta inspires with a new guide on how to create great Reels

Meta has released a comprehensive 7-page Reels Creative Mini-Manual that's packed with tips to enhance your Reels creativity and tap into important usage trends and behaviors. 

The manual focuses on helping creators master the language of Reels, described by Meta as a blend of entertainment, digestibility, and relatability. It delves into technical aspects and provides detailed analysis of this approach.

Get ready to level up your Reels game with the insights from this guide.

5. Reddit publishes new guide on holiday campaign planning

Reddit has recently released a helpful guide within their app for planning holiday campaigns. This guide offers valuable insights into key behavioral trends, product categories, and practical planning tips. It's an essential resource for marketers looking to optimize their holiday campaigns on Reddit.

If you are looking for more idea for your social media calendar for August, we've got you covered.

Last update: June 27th.

1. Snapchat reveals what they know about Gen Z's brand expectations

Snapchat's latest insights could be your golden ticket to connecting with Gen Z consumers in the upcoming holiday season. In collaboration with Omnicom Media Group, Snapchat has shared key findings on what Gen Z shoppers desire from brands, and how they respond to different marketing approaches. 

“Unlike the generations before them, these consumers are digital natives who are growing up in different times, including the pandemic disrupting major life events like graduations and first jobs. Gen Z requires an updated media and communication planning strategy that’s not only authentic, but relevant to the lives they live. Context matters for this generation, as well as how brands show up through messaging and media selection.” ~ Snapchat

2. YouTube unveils their ‘Culture and Trends’ report

YouTube's 2023 ‘Culture and Trends’ report was published, offering valuable insights into the latest shifts in audience interests and behaviors. These findings are based on user surveys from 14 countries, coupled with an analysis of key trends.

This year, YouTube's report sheds light on four major components that have made a difference in the digital world:

  • Fandom becoming more multilayered
  • Multiformat experiences
  • Increased access to casual and experiential tools
  • An explosion of AI-based technologies

YouTube, in collaboration with creator Airrack, also shared a 'guided tour' of the report, offering an alternate perspective for interpreting the data.

3. TikTok launches a dedicated hub for agency partners and SMBs

Attention agencies and SMBs: TikTok has launched a new educational hub, providing a consolidated resource of case studies, tools, and guides to optimize your in-app endeavors.

Named the Agency Hub, it primarily targets agency partners but also includes a lot of information on key TikTok marketing components. From understanding its ad targeting systems and accessing ad policy documents to offering explanations on shopping ads and brand safety, it's a comprehensive toolkit. 

4. Reddit and Brandwatch publish guide on how to mine Reddit for consumer recommendations

We (Brandwatch) have joined forces with Reddit to offer a fascinating look at how users can harness information about their consumers from Reddit. It's full of usage stats that might just recalibrate your understanding of Reddit's value, and its potential for promotional activities.

“What makes the platform unique is that people don’t need to engage with others on Reddit to be an active part of the Reddit community. Even those who are virtually silent on Reddit can influence others outside the platform as they share what they’ve found. And, according to a recent study, Reddit users are more likely to recommend brands and products they love across key verticals compared to users of other platforms.” ~ Brandwatch

You can dive into our full Reddit guide here.

5. Meta releases new tools for creators: Facebook Reels templates, Analytics, Ad tools

Meta has rolled out new features aimed at empowering creators to amplify the impact and reach of their content on Facebook. The updates include things like new Reels templates, enhanced Reels editing options, a daily checklist for building your social media presence, and new performance insights.

“To help inspire fresh content ideas, we’ve added an Inspiration Hub in the Professional Dashboard to gather popular reels, hashtags, topics and music. And the new Templates Hub in the Reels Composer displays popular, trending and quality templates that you can use to easily create reels.” ~ Meta

Find out more about the new Facebook features for creators here.

Last update: June 13th.

1. Instagram explains the Feed, Reels, and Stories algorithm 

Instagram has rolled out a comprehensive overview of Instagram's ranking algorithms when it comes to their Feed, Reels, and Stories. This invaluable resource aims to equip you with the knowledge to enhance your content's reach, and improve its performance. 

“Instagram doesn’t have a singular algorithm that oversees what people do and don’t see on the app. Each part of the app – Feed, Stories, Explore, Reels, Search and more – uses its own algorithm tailored to how people use it. People tend to look for their closest friends in Stories, use Explore to discover new content and creators and be entertained in Reels. We rank things differently in these different parts of the app, and have added features and controls like Close Friends, Favorites and Following so you can further customize your experience.” ~ Instagram

2. LinkedIn unravels a new B2B marketing report

Riding in with their B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, LinkedIn is turning on the spotlight to illuminate the bustling B2B marketing scene. Clocking in at a meaty 86 pages, this report isn't just a quick flip through. With over 1,900 marketing pros weighing in, it's a must-read for the B2B crowd. 

“The B2B Marketing Benchmark uncovers the trends and practices fueling this optimism: Marketing budgets on the rise worldwide; Excitement among B2B leaders about emerging technologies like Generative AI; Growth in adoption of creative and technical skills that will help marketers meet the demands of these emerging technologies and trends. What follows is a meticulously researched perspective on how B2B organizations can lead (and succeed) through uncertainty. We reveal key areas of opportunity, what B2B leaders need to do to thrive in a rapidly changing environment and how they should plan for the long term.” ~ LinkedIn

You can find the full LinkedIn B2B Marketing Benchmark report here.

3. TikTok launches new learning resources

Looking to refine your TikTok marketing strategies? TikTok is here to assist, announcing new enhancements to their TikTok Academy. This resource provides straightforward, free guides to help you leverage the various features of the platform effectively. 

Initially launched in October of the previous year with only two courses, TikTok Academy has since grown to 17 courses. The latest 5 additions are on: 

  • Celebrating Diverse Cultures on TikTok
  • Developing Always-Engaged Strategies
  • TikTok Fundamentals
  • Creative Codes
  • Lead Generation

You can find out more about the TikTok Academy here.

4. YouTube launches a new Shorts cross-promotion

Hoping to cast a wider net for your YouTube short videos? This could be your golden ticket – YouTube rolled out a fresh initiative, #ShortsFriends. It is a platform where Shorts creators can boost each other's visibility by sharing each other's content within the app. It's all about creators helping creators, in a world where every view counts.

“Our YouTube Shorts Creator Community is nothing without our wonderful network of creators. We are able to cultivate and connect creators much in part to working collaboratively with them to build the community together. Many of the rising stars in our Shorts Community come from referrals from fellow Shorts creators.” ~ YouTube

5. Meta shares new tips on maximizing your ad performance

Meta has shared a few fresh pointers on providing you with practical steps to improve your campaigns with the Performance 5 framework.

“When an advertiser starts an ad campaign on our platform, the campaign goes through a learning phase where our delivery system explores which audiences and placements are best for your ad. And as we continue to invest in AI to help advertisers see increased performance of their ads investment, account simplification becomes critical so that the recommendations our AI proposes continues to improve with a larger set of inputs.” ~ Meta

Here are the main 5 tips Meta suggest:

  1. Simplify your account
  2. Utilize automation tools
  3. Differentiate your creative
  4. Use the Conversions API
  5. Utilize Conversion Lift measurement

Find more on how to unlock Meta’s Performance 5 framework here.

Last update: May 31st.

1. Meta introduces AI Sandbox for advertisers

Meta is testing new AI built-in tools to improve the ad creative process for advertisers. Those tools are meant to help you build ad campaigns and perform A/B testing by providing you with text variation of your ad copy, background generation, and image outcropping.

“The AI Sandbox will act as our testing playground for early versions of new tools and features, including generative AI-powered ad tools. Our goal is to learn what works for advertisers and make these features easy to use in our ads tools. To start, we are building tools like text variation, background generation and image outcropping to do things like make an ad’s text more engaging or improve parts of its creative.”~ Meta

Learn more about the new Meta AI tools for advertisers here.

2. Pinterest combines their creation features in a single stream

Good news marketers! Pinterest are merging their content creation flows. Now, you have all creator features in the same place, which means that you can access features that were previously only available to certain Pin formats or user profiles. 

Handy, ain’t it? 

Before, when creating a Pin, you needed to add videos via Idea Pins, but with the new unified stream, you can mix and match features for videos and photos in the same spot.

“Pinterest users will now be able to access features that were previously only available to certain Pin formats or users with a business account, including links, post-publish editing, and flexible aspect ratios. All content creators will also be able to include expressive features like music, text overlay, and stickers to their Pins.” ~ Pinterest

Pinterest is also releasing enhanced metrics on Pins, including views and watch time, which will make marketers’ life easier to track and measure Pin performance.

You can learn more on how to utilize the new features in the Pinterest Help Center.

3. TikTok inspires marketers with tips for content creation

The third annual TikTok event was bliss for marketing managers and brought useful insights about content creation. If you weren’t able to follow it live, they’ve got you covered with a mini-site where you can find all the announcements from the event – the TikTok World Hub.

During the event, two interesting content guides were launched, which can help you improve your marketing strategy on TikTok:

4. Meta releases new guides for creators on Facebook

Meta introduced new guides and resources in its Professional Dashboard to help creators optimize their performance on Facebook. They are available to all users who have the “Professional Mode” switched on or have converted to the new Pages experience. 

“View 20+ topics that’ll help you succeed on Facebook, such as essential Reels tips, how to avoid engagement mistakes, how to monetize content and understanding distribution. You can also track your learning progress and earn badges as you learn new information along your creator journey.” ~ Meta

Read more tips on the new releases from Meta here.

5. Google shares their AI advancements

Google held their annual I/O event to announce their newest developments around Search, Google ads, visual creation elements, and more. Not surprisingly, AI was the focus of the conversations, together with the latest advancements of Google in implementing it.

“With new generative AI capabilities in Search, we’re now taking more of the work out of searching, so you’ll be able to understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights, and get things done more easily. Let’s take a question like ‘what’s better for a family with kids under 3 and a dog, bryce canyon or arches’. Normally, you might break this one question down into smaller ones, sort through the vast information available, and start to piece things together yourself. With generative AI, Search can do some of that heavy lifting for you.” ~Google

Find out more about the event and Google’s future here.

Last update: May 9th.

1. Meta advises creators on monetization

Meta launched a new Facebook video series to facilitate the connection between brands and creators for affiliate marketing. The videos reveal what opportunities Facebook can offer creators and discuss any myths or challenges around those. 

In the series, the social network gives creators the floor to share their success stories and give tips on optimizing and monetizing their efforts on Facebook.

To stay up-to-date with the Facebook video series, follow Facebook for Creators.

2. TikTok educates small businesses with tips about, well, TikTok

During National Small Business Week, TikTok launched a new workshop series to inspire SMBs on how to utilize the platform and make the best out of it for their businesses. 

Brands can enjoy the four-week TikTok TakeOff series with tips for businesses at every stage of their journey. The workshops will happen on Wednesdays throughout the month, starting May 10. You can sign up for the TikTok workshops here.

3. YouTube offer inspiration on video content trends

YouTube launched a new video series to inspire and educate brands on what type of content is trending on the platform and beyond.

“Today, we’re launching a new series where we surface trends that really pop, that our experts are seeing around the world on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next video, general YouTube knowledge, or opportunities to get ahead of rising trends, here are some key trends and insights to chew on.” ~ YouTube

For example, YouTube covers trends within virtual humans, narrative horror, majorette dancing, wash day routines, and nail art. You can find out more about the YouTube video series here.

4. Reddit tips brands on effective ad campaigns

Also celebrating National Small Business Week, Reddit published an insightful overview on how small businesses can create cost-effective ad campaigns. The social network guides brands on repurposing their social copy from other platforms on Reddit.

There are 6 main tips that Reddit wants you to know about:

  • Communicate your brand’s vision and value proposition 
  • Don't be too formal
  • Tweak copy to include humor or cultural references
  • Use Reddit like an actual Redditor with callouts to specific subreddits, users, or themes 
  • Experiment with longer headlines
  • Strike a balance of copy and creative to reinforce your message

Get more inspiration and knowledge on effective Reddit ad campaigns here.

5. LinkedIn celebrate their 20th birthday

LinkedIn is turning 20 this May, which makes it the oldest remaining social media platform. To mark the occasion, LinkedIn published an infographic with the milestones they’ve achieved through the years and how they evolved into the network for professional communications as we know them for today.

You can find more insights about LinkedIn’s 20 years of milestones here.

Last update: April 25th.

1. Instagram lets brands use 5 links in their profile bio

Instagram announced a long-desired new feature for brands. Now, you can add up to 5 links in your brand’s profile bio and thus drive more traffic to your website, e-commerce shop, or other hubs.

Instagram also shared new updates for Reels that can help brands tap into trends, boost their engagement, and create appealing content.

With the new Reel updates, you can:

  • Discover fresh and trending ideas for content
  • Improve your editing experience by bringing together video clips, audio, stickers, and text
  • Get a better understanding of your Reels’ performance with new insights on total and average watch time
  • Recognize fans and send gifts to creators

Read more about Instagram’s Reel updates here.

2. Twitter moves on with “Verification for Organizations”

Twitter’s Verification for Organizations program is now available worldwide. This is a replacement for the previous verification process for business users.

“Any organization that purchases a subscription to Verified Organizations will receive a gold checkmark and square avatar if they are a business or non-profit, or a grey checkmark and circular avatar if they are a governmental or multilateral organization. Learn more about profile labels on Twitter and what they mean.
In addition, organizations can choose to affiliate any individual or entity associated with them. An affiliated account receives verification (denoted by either a blue, gold, or grey checkmark) as well as an affiliate badge, a small image of their parent company's profile picture, displayed next to their checkmark. Clicking or pressing this badge takes a user directly to the affiliated organization, making it a great driver of followers from your whole network on Twitter.” ~ Twitter

You can read more about Twitter’s Verification for organizations here.

We will keep an eye out for more news on the topic and keep you updated.

3. TikTok teaches brands about creator collaborations

TikTok shared an 11-page guide for building effective influencer marketing campaigns based on research within the TikTok Creator Marketplace. The guide provides tips on how to find the right influencers for your brand and develop successful campaigns with them.


#duet with @Amaury Guichon Iconic chocolatier + IONIQ 6 = 🤯 #HyundaiPartner @hyundaiusa #IONIQ6 #ItsYourJourney

♬ MOMENTS IN LIFE - Turreekk
“We wanted to better understand how and why videos like this are so successful. So we analyzed more than 300 top-performing videos from the Creator Marketplace, TikTok's official platform for brand-partner collaborations, looking for patterns among the videos with the highest engagement rates. Then we validated our findings with first-party research to make sure they aligned with user sentiments. (Which they did.)” ~ TikTok

TikTok’s four main tips in the Making Creator Marketing Easy guide are:

  • Ditch the script
  • Find a natural hook
  • Be strategic with trends
  • Pick the right community

4. LinkedIn reveals viral spam detection 

LinkedIn published a new technical overview of its attempt to stop viral spam on the platform. Along the way, LinkedIn has hinted on insights about successful content on LinkedIn and how to align with the feed algorithm.

“As soon as a piece of content surfaces, the existing ML classifiers act based on the immediate features that can be computed, such as author and content related features. If it is found to be spam or policy-violating, then we either take an automatic action or send it for human review to decide on the action to be taken. For the content that is still present on the platform, we monitor the engagement signals, temporal signals, and spam related signals to detect the potential for viral spam during the content lifecycle on the platform.” ~ LinkedIn

You can find the full overview of LinkedIn’s spam combat here.

5. Meta inspires with marketing webinar series for SMBs

Meta released a new series of webinars with tips on how to improve your advertising performance on Meta’s platforms. 

The webinars are based on Meta’s “Performance 5” framework and provide knowledge for SMBs on how to drive better campaign results with more efficient use of budgets.

Last update: April 11th.

1. Twitter published their code – oh, and Twitter Inc. no longer exists

Exciting times at Twitter! On March 31st, they revealed their algorithm recommendation code on GitHub and promised further transparency around their algorithms. This brings exciting insights for brands on how their content ranks on the social network.

“On GitHub, you’ll find two new repositories (main repo, ml repo) containing the source code for many parts of Twitter, including our recommendations algorithm, which controls the Tweets you see on the For You timeline. For this release, we aimed for the highest possible degree of transparency, while excluding any code that would compromise user safety and privacy or the ability to protect our platform from bad actors, including undermining our efforts at combating child sexual exploitation and manipulation.” ~ Twitter

Another major change occurred to Twitter when on April 10, the company was merged into a new entity called X Corp.

“Twitter Inc. has been merged into X Corp. and no longer exists. X Corp. is a privately held corporation, incorporated in Nevada, and with its principal place of business in San Francisco, California.” ~ Twitter

You can read more on the Twitter merger here.

2. Instagram guides brands on DM usage

Instagram equipped brands with useful tips on how to use DMs to build personal relationships with customers and grow their business with Instagram messaging. On their new info page, Instagram shares what Instagram Direct is, practical tips on how and where to start their DM connection process, and case studies to get inspired by.

Learn more on how to maximize your Instagram presence via DMs here

3. LinkedIn is changing our feeds

LinkedIn revealed some product updates that will affect our feeds. Those changes and tweaks aim to engage LinkedIn users with topics they are more interested in.

The LinkedIn feed changes, in a nutshell, are:

1. Navigate your feed around what matters to you

2. Search, discover, and go deeper on topics you care most about – posts, newsletters, groups, events, and more

3. Unlock knowledge from the world’s professionals

4. Discover suggested posts to help you find interesting and relevant content

5. Control and give indications to what you like (or don’t like), so LinkedIn can continuously improve the user experience

You can read the full overview on the LinkedIn feed here.

4. TikTok advises brands to tap into communities

TikTok shared tips for brands on utilizing the power of communities on the social network. They believe that’s a great way to maximize your messaging and boost your brand awareness towards new audiences.

“Embrace communities and their subcultures—that’s where true inspiration lives. 76% of users say they like it when brands are a part of special interest groups on TikTok.” ~ TikTok

TikTok recommends brands take on a 3-step approach:

  1. Find your communities
  2. Develop your content strategy
  3. Create content

The social network recommends using their Keyword Insights Tool to find your brand's relevant TikTok communities and then tailor your messages. 

You can find the full overview of how to utilize the power of TikTok communities here.

5. Meta gives tips on maximizing ad campaigns

Meta launched two new video series to help brands boost their ROI from Facebook and Instagram ads. The tips and guidance are based on the experiences of internal and external experts.

The first video series is called Performance talks where Meta and other marketing experts like True Classic’s Ben Yahalom, Pepper’s Jaclyn Fu and PMG’s Carly Carson talk about the latest trends and innovations in ad buying and digital marketing.

“In this series, we will hear from innovative businesses about their marketing priorities, the industry trends making an impact and the Meta tools they use to grow.” ~ Meta

The second video series is called Ask an Expert, which provides guidance on questions asked by the community on hot topics around Facebook and Instagram ads.

“Our new Ask An Expert series has the answers to these questions and more! In four episodes, our best-in-class in-house experts break down how to use Meta tools to help grow your business. To get started, find a question below, then watch the accompanying video to get an answer.” ~ Meta

Last update: March 28th.

1.Twitter announces changes in For You tab

Elon Musk shared that starting April 15, the only tweets displayed in the For You tab will be from Twitter Blue verified accounts

Voting in Twitter polls will also become an exclusive feature for Twitter Blue subscribers only. 

As announced earlier by Twitter, they are removing the legacy blue checkmarks starting from April 1 and focusing on the new Twitter Blue verification program.

2. Meta introduces new Meta Verified program in the US

It’s official! Meta announced its new Meta Verified program is now available for users in the US. They can subscribe for a blue checkmark on Facebook and Instagram for $11.99 monthly (Facebook only) on the web or $14.99 in-app. You need to sign up separately for each social network if you want to be verified.

The Meta Verified program gives you:

  • A blue checkmark on Facebook or Instagram
  • Proactive account protection from impersonation
  • Dedicated account support from Meta’s team
  • Exclusive stickers for Facebook and Instagram Stories and Facebook Reels
  • 100 Stars a month to allocate to other creators on Facebook

Find out more and become Meta Verified here.

3. TikTok enables branded AR campaigns

TikTok added a new element to its Effects House AR creation tool to help brands make more engaging campaigns. It gives marketers new possibilities to use AR effects in their content and create more immersive experiences on TikTok.

“Branded Effects are custom effects sponsored by brands. They can be highly customized with branded elements and include features like calls-to-action and custom audience targeting to fit a brand’s specific campaign needs. To kick off Branded Effects in Effect House, brands can begin working with top effect creators who are already creating enormously popular effects on TikTok’s effect creation platform, Effect House.” ~TikTok

We were so excited to sit down with @ls.studio.file and learn more about her amazing @daftpunk helmet effects. Listen to her story about getting to work with the band and how she brought this effect to life.

♬ original sound - Effect House

Find more on how to evolve your brand’s storytelling on TikTok with Branded Effects here.

4. Pinterest shares tips on effective Pin advertising

Pinterest published a guide with new Pin ad tips on how brands can attract, engage, and convert leads on the social network. It is based on feedback from over 120,000 Pinners and reveals that a multi-format approach across the different stages of the marketing funnel can be very effective on Pinterest.

"A full-funnel media strategy is the most effective way to keep your brand top of mind across the purchase journey. It lets you connect with customers not just when they’re in discovery mode, but also when they're ready to take action. When a customer sees ads on Pinterest from across the funnel—across awareness, consideration and conversion objectives—conversion rates are 3x higher.” ~ Pinterest

You can find more insights and tips in Pinterest’s Pin advertising guide.

5. LinkedIn starts new Podcast Academy

LinkedIn launched a new LinkedIn Podcast Academy. The academy is related to the LinkedIn Podcast Network, which is a collection of LinkedIn podcasts that was initiated last year.

“The LinkedIn Podcast Academy is a 6-month incubator pilot, which will connect emerging business podcasts with exclusive programming, coaching, tools and LinkedIn co-branding to expand and better reach their audience. This inaugural group of professional voices cover a wide range of topics in the professional arena: From leadership and entrepreneurship to human resources and technology.” ~ LinkedIn

Last update: March 14th.

1.TikTok wants to inspire copywriters

The social network added a tool that inspires marketers on how to finetune their ad copy. It’s in TikTok’s Creative Center under Keyword Insights and your copywriters can play with it to explore the keywords and phrases in TikTok ads that best fit your brand.

“Sometimes the biggest obstacle to making meaningful creative is finding the right words to use. Our new Keyword Insights tool helps you discover the top keywords that resonate with your audience and industry. Browse keywords that have appeared in real, successful ad campaigns. Then watch the ads themselves for ideas about how to incorporate those keywords into your script, ad text and overlays.” ~ TikTok

2. Twitter empowers marketers to do better video marketing

Twitter launched a new video marketing education course on how to make your ads unskippable on the social network. Eight videos, ~ 2 minutes each, and lots of inspiration. 

“Receiving a list of best practices is always helpful, but it can be tough to translate a list of do’s and don’ts into a high-performing video. Content can become watered down when every tip on the list is implemented in a single advertisement without proper care - losing its entertainment value and creative spark. That’s why this course was created for creatives, by creatives, and doesn’t just teach you what the best practices are, but how to use them to think about and approach your next piece of content.” ~ Twitter

If you feel like it’s time to up your game with Twitter, check out the courses here.

3. Facebook brings Messenger back into the main app

Facebook reached a milestone: 2 billion daily active users and counting. Let’s hear from them on future plans which revolve around artificial intelligence, messaging, creators, and monetization.

“Over the last nearly 20 years, people have come to Facebook for lots of things, including to see what’s going on with their friends, family and groups where meaningful connection happens. There has been a shift the last couple years with people coming to Facebook more to be entertained, discover something new or see what’s going on in the world. These new reasons are why we are investing in AI-powered discovery.” ~ Facebook

We’re all excited to experience all new AI opportunities Facebook plans to offer on relevant content whatever the format as well as creators that can be interesting to brands.

Read more here.

4. LinkedIn introduces collaborative articles

LinkedIn launched Collaborative Articles powered by AI, which will match your brand with a user with specific expertise and input to join the conversation.

“These articles begin as AI-powered conversation starters, developed with our editorial team. Then, using LinkedIn’s Skills Graph, we match each article with relevant member experts who can contribute their lessons, anecdotes, and advice based on their professional experience. And, that’s when the real magic happens: when professionals share real-life, specific advice by contributing their perspectives to the work questions we’re all facing every day. Because starting a conversation is harder than joining one, these collaborative articles make it easier for professionals to come together and add and improve ideas - which is how shared knowledge is created.” ~ Daniel Roth, LinkedIn

Are you ready to try this new LinkedIn magic? Learn more here.

5. Reddit may delight marketers with a new option for video lovers

Reddit is looking into joining the video marketing scene on social media with a new Watch feed in the app. It’d let users enjoy a never-ending stream of video posts.

“As we head into our 18th year, a lot has changed, but our core ethos hasn’t: Reddit remains the de facto space for online communities. In line with this, in 2023, the product and design improvements you’ll see from us will simplify and streamline how people discover, join, and contribute (post, vote, comment) to communities and bring new ways to engage in conversations and content.” ~ Reddit

Last update: February 28th.

1. Meta tests paid verification program

Meta launched a test of a paid verification program ‘Meta verified’ on Facebook and Instagram. It is a subscription-based offering for brands to get special authentication via a badge on the social networks. This program is said to build trust for brands among their audiences and provides more support from Meta.

The program seems like Meta’s answer to Twitter’s verification scheme. Meta is testing it out in New Zealand and Australia for starters.

If you want to learn more on how to get your brand verified on Instagram (the good old fashioned way) check out our blog.

2. Snapchat integrates ChatGPT

At their 2023 Investor Day, Snapchat surprised us with the news that they launched a new chatbot element for Snapchat+ subscribers called ‘My AI.’ It will integrate ChatGPT elements in the platform and offer AI-generated responses to queries.

Grab the popcorn and let’s see where this will take brands on their social media journeys.

3. TikTok adds data to Insights tools and Creative center

TikTok added 70,000 new insights to its TikTok Insights tools, which is an interactive app to help brands understand specific consumer trends and shifts. If you want to know more about TikTok’s Insight tools read more here.

TikTok also added insights to its Creative Center to highlight how popular specific products are in the app based on ad performance like impressions, view-through rate, comments, likes.

4. LinkedIn improves ad targeting and shares B2C tips

LinkedIn added new targeting options for their ads, enabling brands to reach the right audience based on their interests and maximize their LinkedIn ad spend.

“With 90K+ Product Pages, 6.1MM Service Pages, and interactions on Linkedin Pages increasing 48% year over year, we know brands and members are turning to LinkedIn to showcase their products and services, igniting interest and engaging with buying committees.” ~ LinkedIn 

LinkedIn also published a study in partnership with Nielsen that empowers B2C brands on how to improve their ad approaches and advises them to focus on aspiration, innovation and loyalty. Read more about LinkedIn’s study here.

5. Instagram introduces Broadcast Channels feature

Instagram is about to launch a new feature, ‘Instagram Broadcast Channels.’ It’s a so-called one-to-many messaging tool for creators that lets you directly engage with your followers at scale.

"Creators can use broadcast channels as a casual, quick way to keep followers up-to-date. They can use text, photo, video and voice notes to share their latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments and even create polls to crowdsource fan feedback. Only creators can send messages, while followers can react to content and vote in polls." ~ Instagram

Last update: February 14th.

1. Social data behind the Super Bowl revealed

It’s that time of year when marketers grab the popcorn to watch what their fellow marketers have been working on for the Super Bowl ads, not to mention how they are received in social media conversations online. 

“The brands that ran ads during Super Bowl LVII were collectively mentioned nearly 312,000 times during the game. That equates to 1,300 mentions of all the Super Bowl advertising brands per minute on Twitter during the game.” ~ Sandra Busch, Director of Editorial & Content, Brandwatch.

Are you ready for an in-depth recap of how brands and celebrities performed on social media during the Super Bowl this year? Check out our Super Bowl LVII in Numbers.

2. LinkedIn shares tips on B2B marketing KPIs

LinkedIn published an insightful guide on The 10 Most Common B2B Marketing KPIs and How to Use Them. It helps marketers identify the right KPIs and ways to measure and analyze them, thus improving their digital marketing strategy.

“The beauty of B2B marketing KPIs, when you're using the right ones, is that they provide a simple, focused way to gauge and course-correct campaign performance. But tracking the wrong KPIs can keep you from fixing problems and building upon successes in your campaign.” ~ Alexandra Rynne, Content Strategy Lead, LinkedIn 

You can find the LinkedIn B2B marketing KPIs guide here.

3. Pinterest launches refreshed Pinterest Academy

After showing steady increases in Q4 in both users and revenue, the social network revealed its revamped e-learning academy, where marketers can discover ideas and improve their knowledge on how to build a winning Pinterest strategy in an entertaining way. The Pinterest Academy covers everything you need to know on how to run successful and engaging campaigns on the social network.

“Whether you’re new to Pinterest ads or looking to boost your expertise, Pinterest Academy has it covered. From basics like ‘Why Pinterest?’ to modules like “Measurement solutions,” you’ll find instructions and tips for every step of the campaign process. Your target audience comes to Pinterest with intent to get something done. With Pinterest Academy, you’ll learn how to reach people at the right time with the right ad.” ~ Pinterest

4. Google introduces the AI wizard, Bard

In response to Chat GPT, Google launched the conversational AI service Bard that answers questions from across the web. After Microsoft shared that they are looking into integrating ChatGPT into Bing, it’s interesting to see how Google will respond to the AI challenge.

“Bard seeks to combine the breadth of the world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of our large language models. It draws on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality responses. Bard can be an outlet for creativity, and a launchpad for curiosity, helping you to explain new discoveries from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to a 9-year-old, or learn more about the best strikers in football right now, and then get drills to build your skills.” ~ Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet

5. Instagram advises on ad planning

Instagram is on a quest to inspire marketers in their advertising strategy with simple yet foundational tips. From planning to analyzing, the Instagram team is trying to guide you with insights on advertising.

For more inspiration check these tips on the best time to post on Instagram.

Last update: January 31st.

1. Twitter and TikTok both share their 2023 marketing calendars

The two social networks published 2023 Marketing Calendars to help marketers around the world mark the important holidays and events of the year and create great content around those.

You can find Twitter’s 2023 Marketing Calendar here.

“We’re moving more quickly than ever, and we’re still the place people turn to see and talk about what’s happening. A great example is the recent FIFA Men’s World Cup. We saw a whopping 147B impressions of event-related content on the platform, up nearly +30% from 2018. We also generated 7.1B views on World Cup video1, with everything from memes to nail-biter outcomes to history being made.” ~ Twitter

And you can discover TikTok’s 2023 Marketing Calendar here, filled with key celebrations and events happening within each quarter. The planner also offers some tips on how to use the holidays to strengthen your content strategy on TikTok.

2. Instagram is focusing on still photos (again)

Instagram is bringing back balance to our feeds. After video and Reels kind of took over in 2022, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri noted in one of his Stories that this year photos will be getting more love and attention. The goal is to strike the right balance for Instagram users.

“I think we were overfocused on video in 2022 and pushed ranking too far, and basically showed too many videos and not enough photos. We’ve since balanced, so things like how often someone likes photos versus videos, and how often someone comments on photos versus videos, are roughly equal, which is a good sign that things are balanced.” ~ Adam Mosseri, Instagram

3. Pinterest tips brands on each stage of the purchase funnel

The social network shared insights and tips and tricks on how a brand to become a super star at pin marketing on each step of the customer journey. From awareness through consideration and conversion - each step reveals a marketing opportunity for brands on Pinterest.

“A full-funnel media strategy is most effective for maximizing results on Pinterest. The proof? When a customer sees ads across the funnel—awareness, consideration and conversion—conversion rates are 3x higher than when ads are seen for just one objective.” ~ Pinterest

4. LinkedIn wants you to know how profitable it is to market on – you guessed it – LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft shared that the social network showed great performance on quarter-on-quarter level. And the team behind it is trying to equip marketeers with insights on how to boost their engagement and ad performance.

“At LinkedIn, we’re excited to keep playing a role in your growth. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions surpassed $5 billion in revenue for the first time in July of 2022, and eMarketer projects that by 2024, LinkedIn will capture nearly 50% of all display ad spending and 25% of all digital ad spending.” ~ Alexandra Rynne, Content Strategy Lead at LinkedIn

You can find more insights and LinkedIn’s infographic here.

5. Meta launches new certification for businesses

Meta now offers a new Meta Certified Company program for businesses. It will help mainly digital marketing agencies showcase their marketing expertise on Facebook and Instagram.

“A Meta Certified Company is a company or organization that is recognized for their advanced expertise on the Meta Platform. For the first time, we’re offering Certification at the Organizational level, awarded to companies who achieve a threshold of individual Meta Blueprint certifications in specific focus areas.” ~ Meta

You can find out more about the LinkedIn certification program here.

Last update: January 17th.

1. Twitter introduces new timeline

Twitter rolled out its new swipeable timeline option, which enables users to switch between the main algorithm-based feed and a chronological one. 

The social network also shared plans on updated bookmarks UI, which you can find here.

2. Meta shuts down its Creator Studio

Meta is about to shut down its Creator Studio and move it to the Business Suite platform instead. The latter contains various management tools and features like analytics, messaging, and advertising.

3. YouTube updates its analytics 

YouTube introduced new analytics and display options with a focus on Shorts. Among the novelties will be data on subscriber growth, new subscriber recognition options, Shorts thumbnails, insights on content type, etc.

Shorts is a short video format (up to 60 seconds) introduced by YouTube, where you can share trends, ideas, casual daily life stories, and more.

4. Instagram gets a UI update

Instagram will introduce a couple of changes in February in their app layout and navigation. The main tweak is that the Shop tab will be removed from the main navigation menu, and the shortcut for creating content will again be placed in the center.

“You’ll still be able to set up and run your shop on Instagram as we continue to invest in shopping experiences that provide the most value for people and businesses across feed, stories, reels, ads and more.” ~ Instagram

5. Twitter launches Verification for Organizations

Twitter invited businesses to sign up for ‘Verification for Organizations,’ which will soon replace the current verification process for business users. You can apply now and get on the waitlist by adding your business’s Twitter handle and contact details.

Last update: January 3rd.

1. Instagram reveals its 2023 priorities

Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri shared the key focus points of the social network, which are to:

  • Inspire people to be creative
  • Help people discover things they love
  • Spark connections between people

After reaching the 2 billion users milestone in 2023, this is what the Instagram team will focus on for brands and communities.

2. TikTok launches What’s Next Report 2023

TikTok published its third annual trend forecast to help brands shape their marketing strategies and meet consumers’ needs in 2023.

"2022 was the year people realized they didn't have to live their lives as they always have done - with different points of view and ideas transcending cultures on TikTok. Next year we're going to see more of this - as our communities get more confident and inspire positive change together. Against the backdrop of the increasing cost of living and its associated challenges, our What's Next report indicates people will be seeking new ways to achieve success, happiness and wellbeing - and TikTok will be a tool to help them find it." ~ Sofia Hernandez, Global Head of Business Marketing for TikTok

The three major trend forces on TikTok in 2023 are expected to be:

  • Actionable entertainment
  • Making space for joy
  • Community-built ideals

You can find the full global 'What's Next' report here.

3. Snapchat publishes a new Gen Z consumers study

Snapchat created a new study in partnership with Omnicom Media Group on how brand messaging on social media affects Gen Z’s purchase decisions.

“Context matters for this generation and how brands show up – through messaging and media selection. If brands nail these two concepts, they’re already winning. Don’t worry, it’s not a complete redrawing of the plan, but rather a meaningful adjustment in your planning process that will help you move the needle among Gen Z.” ~ Snapchat

The key study finding is that Gen Z consumers tend to stay loyal to brands that speak about social issues and social change.

You can read more insights from Snapchat’s study here.

4. Reddit creates new Reddit for Business website

Reddit launched a new Reddit for Business website to guide brands in their marketing efforts. The resourceful website helps marketers with tips, inspiration, and case studies on how to develop and adjust their advertising strategy on Reddit to meet their audience’s needs.

“90% of users trust Reddit to learn about new products and brands. For context, that’s higher than Google, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. The communities’ trust turns into action. Redditors tend to be more informed consumers, more valuable buyers, and they go hard for their favorite brands. They’re also more likely to recommend the products they love - which never hurts.” ~ Reddit

You can find the new Reddit for Business website here.

5. LinkedIn introduces big ideas for 2023

Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer, set the tone for 2023 by sharing five important product updates we can look forward to from LinkedIn:

  • #BigIdeas2023 – predictions for the year ahead
  • Connecting professionals in an accessible way
  • Exploring new career opportunities with personalized job collections
  • A new way to do business purchases
  • Scheduling future posts and getting insights about their performance

Last update: December 16th.

It’s that time of year when we look back at what’s happened in the social media marketing arena and prepare for what’s next in 2023. 

Here are some must-read reports and trends every social media manager should be aware of.

1. TikTok’s #YearOnTikTok report

TikTok published an overview of the app’s 2022 top clips, creators, and trends. The report equips social media managers with inspiration and insights about the best-performing content during the past year in various niches and categories.

"We’re honored to celebrate our global community who shaped this year's trends, shared new ideas, learned from one another, and turned their passions into careers and livelihoods throughout 2022. It's been truly inspiring to see over a billion people around the world show their creativity and come together to experience joy and find a sense of belonging on TikTok," said Vanessa Pappas, Chief Operating Officer, TikTok

You can find the full Year on TikTok report here.

2. Google’s “Year in Search” overview

Google released their Year in Search mini-site full to the brim with 2022’s key interests and trends among the community. It allows marketers to explore the year’s top search terms by topics and consider those for their future strategies.

“Wordle” was the top trending search globally, as guessing five-letter words every day became a way of life. On Assistant, one of the top asks on mobile this year was to “tell me a fun fact.” We saw pop culture continue to leave its mark as we searched for “how to become a fighter pilot” thanks to “Top Gun: Maverick,” and how to learn new languages, specifically Minion, High Valyrian and Klingon. Most of us also couldn’t seem to get songs from hit TV shows out of our head, with Ali Sethi’s "Pasoori" becoming the top global Hum to Search song.” ~ Google

3. YouTube’s “2022’s top trending videos & creators in the US”

YouTube shared their listing of top trending videos and creators of the past year to inspire brands and celebrate the community’s take on 2022.

“In 2022, you paid tribute to the loss of a legend, led a top creator to new subscriber heights and set a face revealrecord1. You also vibed out to a Puerto Rican superstar and drove a new class of short-form comedians to widespread success.” ~ YouTube

You can find the YouTube listings here.

4. Instagram’s “The 2023 Instagram trend report”

Instagram revealed their trend predictions for next year, highlighting anticipated key shifts among Gen Z users in 2023. The 22-page report explores insights in five trend areas:

  • Recycle, Reuse, Reconstruct 
  • Taking Action 
  • Climate and Expressive Beauty 
  • Alt Takes On The Metaverse 
  • The Financial Renaissance
“From the financial renaissance to increased political participation, we’ve brought together the key issues and leading creators that will drive and shape culture in the new year. While this edition of the Trend Report covers topics like fashion, beauty, web3, dating, and more, at the heart of it all is community and connection.” ~ Instagram

5. Brandwatch’s 2023 Digital Marketing Trends 

We put together an unskippable report to help marketers navigate the digital marketing scene in 2023. It reveals next year’s biggest digital marketing trends, backed up with examples from real brands and tips on making the most of 2023.

You can — and definitely should — read the 2023 Digital Trends Report here.

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