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Published June 29th 2017

Five Reasons Why Brands Need To Invest In a Logo Recognition Tool

In a world where consumers hold much of the power when it comes to brand representation online, logo recognition has never been more important.

You might have a great eye for branded content but, in a world where consumers have the capacity to control where an emblem appears, logo recognition goes well beyond the scope of popular trivia.

The context in which your brand is being mentioned is so important, and yet right now so many instances where a brand is featured in a social media post are totally missed by those who need to know about them.

That’s why Brandwatch developed Brandwatch Image Insights, but there’s more on that later. Here’s why brands need to invest in a good logo recognition tool.

1. Logo recognition to identify and monitor crises

Logo RecognitionPR crises involving one of your products or your brand are never going to come with a warning, but using Image Insights alongside Brandwatch Alerts and Signals is a great way to get the message before it’s too late.

Too many times in recent months have we seen brands responding way too late to incidents in ways that appear tone deaf to what’s being said online.

If your brand is involved in a negative mention and it begins to take off (whether your logo appears in a picture or the brand name is passively mentioned), with the right set up in place, you’ll be informed before the world is.

2. Logo recognition for brand protection

Whatever the reasoning, logos that shouldn’t be are often featured on promotional material on and offline. Whether it’s a new partner who hasn’t adhered to your design guidelines or a full on hijacking of your logo to promote another cause, logo recognition tools will pick up on unsolicited mentions early so they can be addressed.

Brandwatch Image Insights can track your current logo as well as campaign-specific versions and older versions to make sure you get a full picture. Just beware of facing the wrath of the design department if you sent out that tweet with the old logo on it.

3. Logo recognition for evaluating sponsorships

Logo Recognition

Up until now identifying the ROI on expensive sponsorships like those at sports events has been difficult (maybe impossible).

If no one is sharing those images, or if your logo is hard to see, is there any point in spending all that cash?

Using logo recognition you can find photographs of your logo that have been posted online and begin to quantify how successful each event is.

4. Logo recognition for customer services

3.2 billion images are shared online each day and within those mentions millions contain brand-related content with meaning attached.

There’s nothing worse than having problems with your brand that you just aren’t aware of. Logo recognition means you can access the praise and the criticism about your brand or products that don’t contain the keywords you’re already accustomed to search for.

If consumers are regularly posting pictures of your products with damaged packaging, perhaps it’s time to re-think the delivery logistics. Or perhaps a customer has posted an image of a promotional flyer that wasn’t honored in store with a short but angry caption – logo recognition means you could respond to them quickly to remedy the situation.

5. Logo recognition to find true brand associations

Consumer insight-hungry analysts are always looking to experience their products and customers in their “natural habitat“. Short of observing consumers in their homes, which brings with it its own forms of research bias problems, many of these insights are entirely inaccessible.

However, logo recognition provides a good way to learn about customers without disturbing them, and seeing how products are consumed and in what context. Is your ice cream brand being photographed more in break-up situations or at kid’s birthday parties? How are different groups using your products and in which setting or room? Logo recognition is an innovative part of the consumer insights toolkit.

Learn more about logo recognition

Brandwatch Image Insights was created with all of these challenges in mind. You can learn more by joining our upcoming Image Insights webinar.

If you are interested in seeing what Brandwatch Image Insights can offer, the please get in touch by booking a demo.

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