Fidget Spinners: Have They Reached Peak Popularity? (Or, When Will This Madness End?)

Fidget spinners are taking over the world. From classrooms to offices, the spinning toys (that spin, and only spin), are wielded by children and grown-ups alike. In fact, according to @SliceIntel, they now account for 17% of daily toy sale … Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on May 26th 2017

Which Day is Leg Day? Social Insights On Gym Goers’ Online Habits

Regular full body workouts aren’t the common fitness advice of the internet. If you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle and punch your way through a forest, the internet will return a matrix of complex workout regimes. Many of these … Read more

Will the Return of Twin Peaks Appeal to an Impatient Generation? The Data Tells

Black coffee and cherry pie may appear to be two unrelated foodstuffs to many, myself included up until this weekend. But for fans of the television classic Twin Peaks, they denote the favorite pick-me-ups of Special Agent Dale Cooper who was … Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on May 23rd 2017

Unpicking the Audience for Alien: Covenant

The Alien series is back and, as per usual, it’s scary af. Released in the US on the 19th May, Alien: Covenant is the sixth installment of the overall Alien series (it’s a sequel to 2012’s Prometheus but takes place … Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on May 18th 2017

Is Avril Lavigne Dead? A Social Data Investigation Into The Popular Theory

Why does the internet have to go and make things complicated? Today, once again, the theory surrounding the death of Avril Lavigne, and replacement by a lady named Melissa, has resurfaced. And, once again, we fell down the rabbit hole. Why … Read more

A Shambles of Our Time: Learnings From The Fyre Festival, in Five Lord of the Flies Quotes

If you’ve been on social media in the last few days, the Fyre Festival probably doesn’t need an introduction. In case you need a recap, the event was organized by rapper Ja Rule and his business partner Billy McFarland, and was billed … Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on May 3rd 2017

Social Outrage: Redheads Are Fighting For a Long-Awaited Ginger Emoji

March 22nd 2017 heralded a highlight in modern day calendars; the news that new emojis were coming. The online community went wild in reaction to the proposed emoji update released by Unicode, which will be realized on iOS this summer. … Read more

Topic Analysis By Fran Weddle on April 19th 2017

Lessons in Crisis Management From the United Incident

Early on Monday morning last week (April 10), I had my first exposure to the now infamous United Airlines PR crisis which went on to become one of the biggest news stories of 2017 to date. In case you need … Read more

Trending By Kristian Bannister on April 18th 2017

What Can We Learn From 500k People Saying They Want A Vacation?

There’s nothing like a sunny getaway. Escaping the work, the noise, the never-ending stream of appreciative tweets… Maybe that’s just me. Some say that we’re spending less time on vacation, but surely that’s not stopping us dreaming about getting away. … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on April 12th 2017

United Airlines Mentions Exceed 1.5 Million in a Day As Passenger Dragged From Plane

United Airlines has seen a largely negative reaction on social media after footage surrounding a man being dragged from one of its planes went viral on Monday. Mentions soared United was recently embroiled in a storm of negative tweets after … Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on April 11th 2017

Data Reveals the Extent of the Backlash to the Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad

Twitter turned on the creators of the now infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad this week. The ad, which has now been pulled, featured Jenner joining a protest and has been widely criticized. The Brandwatch React team examined how social media reacted … Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on April 7th 2017

When Will April The Giraffe Give Birth?

The internet has made stars of many animals – Grumpy Cat, the IKEA coat monkey, Harambe… And now we have a new distinguished mammal, renowned for prompting the question on every person’s lips for the last month: When will April … Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on April 4th 2017

When Do People Want Pizza? Social Data Has The Answers

Pizza is the best thing in the world. It is in constant demand. But when is it in most demand? But when do people want pizza most? The Brandwatch React team loves to ask the big questions, and this Friday we … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on March 31st 2017