Which Brands Do Car Enthusiasts Care About Most?

The internet has seen vast forums open up for hobbyists and fans from all kinds of fields, from veganism to bronies. Realizing that the list of our more obscure analyses of niche groups was beginning to outweigh the more common ones, we decided we’d take a look at car enthusiasts. Mainly because that’s a normal […] Read more

Research By Gemma Joyce on May 18th 2018

Eurovision 2018 Data: Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know

It’s not often that I volunteer to work Saturday night, but I couldn’t resist bringing the Eurovision 2018 data to the people. The data they deserve. We’ve been live tweeting all evening with the stats as the competition went on, and in this post we have a full run-down of the biggest data points. The […] Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on May 12th 2018

How Fortnite is Bossing Reaching Mainstream Audiences With High Profile Collaborations

Do you remember the happiness you felt as a child on a sandy beach, the tide three miles from the shore? Your ice cream has sand on it, your shoes have sand in them, your clothes are covered in sand, the sum of all your earthly possessions are drowning in waves of sand. But you […] Read more

The World’s Most Popular Logos

Apparently, we see over 3,000 different advertisements every single day. Brands spend millions of dollars to appear everywhere we look, whether it’s on buildings, TV screens, concert arenas, or shop windows. But which brand appears the most? The most popular logos in the world Using Brandwatch we collected over 250 million images shared on Twitter and […] Read more

Marketing By Phillip Agnew on May 8th 2018

Color Analysis: A Twitter Data Rainbow, and The Rise of “Rose Gold” as a Thing

Ever since they were invented in the 1950s, humans have been going nuts for the colors of the rainbow. Color TV, color photography, colorful clothes and colored hair. Gone are the sepia tones of old, now only referenced in plandid Insta shots, and in are vibrant colors anew. What would Netflix be like in black […] Read more

Merci Arsène: Social Data on the Tears, the Joy, and the Hypocrisy

The announcement from Arsenal’s official website that long-serving manager Arsène Wenger had decided to depart from Arsenal at the end of the season became one of the hottest topics on the internet overnight. There was a huge amount of content being posted with regards to Arsène leaving, the rumours about the candidate that was poised […] Read more

6 Issues Traditional Banks Need to Get on Top of Before the Disruptors Move In

Disruption is, of course, an overused term, but there’s no getting away from it regardless of what industry you’re in. The world is moving quickly and the slow moving behemoths that once dominated particular fields have suddenly found themselves competing with far more dynamic entities. The financial industry is no different. While enormous banks that […] Read more

Research By Gemma Joyce on April 18th 2018

Do Restaurant Chains Need Social Media? Yes, and Here’s Why.

Today I woke up to the shock news that JD Wetherspoon, owners of the UK’s much-loved budget pub/restaurant chain Wetherspoons (“spoons”) is quitting social media. Here’s the post (although it doesn’t exist anymore – the company didn’t hang about on fulfilling its promise of quitting social). Quoted by the BBC, Chairman Tim Martin said: “We […] Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on April 16th 2018

Sugar Tax: The Social Data Around the Raging Debate

As of April 2018, the UK has joined a small group of countries who have introduced a “sugar tax”, specifically on soft drinks. Manufacturers are now required to pay a levy on the high sugar drinks they produce, with many brands cutting back on the sugar they include in their drinks ahead of the tax […] Read more

Research By Gemma Joyce on April 10th 2018

Social Data Showdown: The Kardashian/Jenners on Twitter

Yesterday I had a particularly bad day. I think it’s got something to do with Mercury being in retrograde, or the moon or something. But anyway, I got home and rage-ate four frankfurters and two babybel cheeses and cried because my cat wasn’t talking to me. But then! Then I knew how to get out […] Read more

Plastic Data: Consumers Are Becoming More Interested in Plastic Waste

Plastic has been on our screens a lot recently, whether it’s in the news or in our social feeds. Plastic rushing through rivers. Plastic killing whales. Plastic wrecking sites of natural beauty. The damage packaging and plastic bottles can do is illustrated with horrible visuals, and images are powerful in bringing about change. Last week […] Read more

Research By Gemma Joyce on April 5th 2018

Who Bit Beyoncé? Analyzing a Global Witch Hunt

Every now and again something happens that brings everyone together. It’s usually a question that no one can really answer for sure. That dress – was it white or blue? April the giraffe – when would she give birth? Falcon Heavy – would it end in applause or a fireball? This week a whole controversy […] Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on March 28th 2018

Revealed: The Internet’s Favorite Dogs

I love dogs. How can you not love a being that is consistently happy despite eating the same meal every single day? A creature that devotes their whole life to you, even when your strongest scent is ‘last night’s party’? My favourite thing about dogs is that even if you’re not a dog lover, they will […] Read more