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Published December 15th 2017

More Tabs, Please #5: Internet Protests, Neon Lights, and a Christmas Truce

It's number five now and we've got the fight for net neutrality on Reddit, war-time truces, and cooking food straight from your favorite TV shows and films.

It’s the fifth More Tabs, Please and the last one of the year, too. You’re all probably going on holiday soon, so use this to get through the last few days. Grab a pint-sized snowball and a cigarillo, lay on a sofa, and start reading.

This week’s album is a Christmas one, and it’s by The Man Himself, Andy Williams. It’s entitled Christmas Album, because when you’re Andy Williams you don’t waste time with imaginative album titles.

The fight for a fair internet continues

Net neutrality, the idea that internet service providers have to charge all people the same amount for all data, is under attack. Particulalry in the US.

Unsurprisingly the internet and its millions of users have spoken out. And many have taken to Reddit to have their voices heard.

“An Analysis of Net Neutrality Activism on Reddit” by Reddit staff themselves, delves into the data behind this huge display of online protest and action.

Humans create another thing to make us look stupid

White chess pieces on a chess board

We talked about robo-therapists last week. So now we’re onto robo-chess players.

The future is here – AlphaZero learns chess” is an in-depth look at how an AI was taught how to play chess and quickly surpassed the abilities of the world’s best chess engines.

This is a really interesting piece that shows the possibilities of AI in the future, and just how powerful it’s getting today.

“The silence ended early in the afternoon and the killing started again.”

The First World War lacks a lot of positive moments. But there’s one that stands out amongst the few: the Christmas Truce.

I remember hearing this story as a kid, retold by my Dad, and picturing the warring soldiers having a kickabout just like me and my mates.

Remembering the 1914 First World War Christmas truce‘ looks at the event in detail, rubbishing suggestions it was a myth. An important read for this time of year.

Hire this Person: Sonnye Lim

Another week, another artist. And this time you should hire Sonnye Lim. Based in New York, Lim is an incredibly talented illustrator and animator.

Lim’s work shows a range of styles, from the realistic to the cartoon. This is seen in both her illustrations and animation work.

She also does a lot of cat-based work which is a big plus from me. I’m a sucker for her animation style, too.

If you’re looking for an illustrator animator, you can find Lim’s portfolio here, and she’s also on Vimeo, Twitter and Tumblr.


Do dogs deserve better food than you?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of these things called ‘dogs’, but they’re pretty great. Google them now. Watch a few videos.

When you’re done you’ll realise just how pure and innocent dogs are. Clearly they deserve the very best. That should include their food too.

We love our dogs. Should we cook for them?” takes a look at how far owners should go when it comes to their mutt’s munch.

Burning up like neon lights

As time goes by certain technology falls away as it’s improved upon and replaced. But some hold on, hanging around to become every day anachronisms.

Neon lights are one of those. Over a hundred years old, we still see them on our streets, throwing out that unique glow you can’t really replicate with anything else.

Neon city” looks at the neon light industry of Austin, Texas, the people who make them, and plenty of great photos of the displays themselves.

The king is back

Black and white portrait of Elvis Presley smiling

It’s been 40 years since Elvis died and still he looms large over today’s popular culture.

The ins and outs of his life, from the start to the restart to the end of his career fascinates many people. Just what was it that made him so successful?

Inside Elvis Presley’s Legendary 1968 Comeback Special” is exactly that. It gives a fascinating glimpse into Presley’s life as he attempts to return to the spotlight.


Taken from the Timeline

Going for a nice Christmas themed one this time. Here we’ve got an ongoing GIF Twitter thread, which essentially is an advent calendar of gifts. That means you’ve still got a ton more to go.

Watch and Listen: Binging with Babish

Have you ever watched a TV show or film and salivated over some dish they create on it? Something you just don’t know how to recreate. Like the prison sauce from Goodfellas or Homer Simpson’s moon waffles?

Enter Babish and his YouTube channel Binging with Babish. It’s full of videos showing you how to recreate dishes only seen in pop culture. On top of that, there are some normal recipes, and a super helpful basics series he’s just started too.

To introduce to his work, here’s his video on the foods of Seinfeld (including the soup, of course):

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