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Published July 16th 2019

Qriously Launches Beta Survey Design Tool

Qriously CEO and Co-Founder Chris Kahler discusses continued innovation for market research in the digital era

I’m really excited to announce that we’ve just launched version one of our survey design tool.

We’ve spent the last three years developing, refining and testing our real-time market research sampling methodology, which we call Ocean Sampling, with some pretty crazy results. 

Now we’ve taken the first step to building an interface that will grant anyone access to the largest respondent pool in the world.

Although it was tempting to start this journey by building the product first, it was critical that the methodology be developed first before the product on top of it. This is because we believe that the core problem in current market research offerings isn’t product interfaces, but the data itself and the means by which it’s obtained. Incentivised online panels have systemic problems, and no shiny product that plugs into the same old supply source is going to fix that.

In addition, our Ocean Sampling methodology opens up new types of research and new functionalities that traditional survey design tools don’t accommodate.

This is what it looks like. Location is front and centre to drive home the notion that these are real people answering surveys, not professional panelists trying to earn a buck.

Current market research offerings promise to solve many high-consequence business problems, but many of those promises have been left unfulfilled. One of the reasons we were so eager to join the Brandwatch family was because we shared the same vision that ultimately market research should be measured by the depth of understanding of what customers think – not adherence to a particular methodology.

That’s a problem as multifaceted as the mind itself, and a multifaceted data strategy is the solution we’re placing our bets on. Combining unprompted social data with prompted survey data into a single product will resurrect faith in market research’s original promise.

It’s early days, but we’d love to get your feedback you so get in touch if you’d like early access.

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