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Published July 11th 2017

Amazon Prime Day: 10 Things People Want to Buy

The Brandwatch React team hunts through the "Intent to purchase" data on social media to find out what products could do well on Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day is upon us and thousands of people are discussing the deals online.

The Brandwatch React team jumped straight into the data to find out what people were talking about and what they intended to buy in the day of sales.

Amazon Prime Day: Like Black Friday, but without the fighting

Hype has been growing steadily over the last few days, but Amazon caused a significant spike in conversation on Monday when it announced that some deals would in fact be available early.

Overall, the conversation has been driven by more women than men.

Amazon Prime Day

Amongst key topics of conversation have been coupons, promotions and giveaways, but these often spammy offers don’t give much indication on what people might actually want to buy. We searched for “intent to purchase” strings to try to work out what people really want from Amazon Prime Day. 

1. Demi Lovato’s music

Demi Lovato’s #PrimeDay tweet gathered a huge amount of attention. If the 20,000 people who retweeted it remember to check the site, she could do great today.

2. Something, everything, things and shit

There are a lot of people who want to give Amazon their money. They just don’t always know what for.

One of the most common themes in the data was non-specific items – wanting to buy something, everything, or lots of things or lots of shit.

3. Tech

This might not be Cyber Monday (in fact, it is Tuesday), but tech is on the menu for many Amazon Prime shoppers today.

Whether it’s Apple products or video games, people are keen to get their hands on the latest tech at the cheapest of prices.

4. Amazon tech

Amazon are, predictably, pushing a lot of their own tech today with significant issues on the Amazon Echo.

5.  Work out gear

We spotted supplements and health books in the spotlight deals – Amazon are definitely on this.

6. Baby accessories

While a lot of the hype around Amazon Prime is focused on more trivial items, there’s definitely a hunger for home essentials.

7. Outdoors items

Amazon are definitely catering to the outdoorsy among us, plugging garden storage and lawnmowers. Shoppers are also looking for accessories for their summer vacation.

8. Novelty gifts

For people who like to buy their holiday presents months in advance, today is like Christmas morning.

9. Furniture

New homeowners in the office have already been heard enthusing about the homeware deals, from a pressure washer to this octagonal inflatable hot tub.

If you’re looking to deck out your new house, move fast.

10. Stranger items

While the above items were fairly predictable, these didn’t exactly fit into a category…

Not everyone’s ready to pay

Not all of the hype was about buying things, though.

We were interested to see Stop Funding Hate, a group that criticizes companies for advertising in certain publications, making a splash in the conversation.

A number of people were talking about Amazon advertising on Breitbart, and that they refused to get involved with Prime Day while it was happening.

The prominence of these topics is a good indicator of a growing group of people who are concerned with corporate social responsibility, although they weren’t dominating the conversation.

We also found a lot of people saying they were struggling to find the things they wanted in Amazon’s sales – something that’s fairly inevitable, but also something that people like to complain about.

Why track intent to purchase strings?

Looking at what people are thinking about buying (and when they’re thinking of buying them) offers companies an easy opportunity to jump in with some targeted ads with an irresistible deal, or to inform their wider strategy when it comes to sales.

It’s just one of many use cases a tool like Brandwatch Analytics can offer.

Are you a journalist looking to cover our data? Email us at for more information.

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