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Published February 3rd 2020

The Brand Bowl: The Best Commercials of Super Bowl LIV

Is it just me or were the commercials for this year's Super Bowl incredible? I laughed. I cried. And now I'm going to recap them for you.

I’m going to be honest with you. I only watch the Super Bowl to critique the commercials.

So incase you missed any or you were watching outside of the US, we’ve ranked them by the most mentioned on social and why.

Using Brandwatch Consumer Research we analyzed social data to find out which brands were the most mentioned during the 54th Super Bowl, from 6:30pm to 10:15pm (EST.)

The best ad goes to… Google!

Across all the advertising brands we tracked, there were more than 920,000 mentions from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram!

But Google scooped the best commercial when they presented the biggest TV audience in the US with its most emotional advert yet. With over 121,000 mentions on social, people were really taken with ‘Loretta.’

And for good reason… it’s a real tear jerker.

The company had the largest reaction to any commercial by far this year. The two minutes after Google’s ad aired (7:53 and 7:54pm EST) each accumulated more than 10,000 mentions of the tech giant.

The most mentioned Super Bowl ads on social

Brand Mention Volume
Google 121,000
Donald Trump 58,500
Micheal Bloomberg 49,000
Amazon 39,000
Facebook 30,000
Pepsi 28,000
Doritos 25000
Olay 18000
Avocados 16000
Walmart 15000
From 6:30pm to 10:15pm all the advertising brands were mentioned more than 921,000 times on public social media.

The biggest reactions

Now we’ve all had a cry at ‘Loretta’ and recognized Google’s incredible advertising power, as well as the most talked about commercials, we should explore the commercials that got the conversation instantly started.

TurboTax bagged over 2,700 mentions at 7:41pm EST, with the most catchy and annoying song since Baby Shark. Doritos roped in Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot, for a cool ranch stand off with more than 2,600 mentions at 8:46pm.

And Snickers had over 1,400 mentions at 7:14pm for their joke on the modern world.

Jeep bagged over 1,200 mentions at 9:39pm, by honoring the second ever Groundhog Day to be held on the same date at the Super Bowl.

The most positive conversation belonged… to avocados?

The Super Bowl is a time to put aside our differences and enjoy the game – and the commercials.

This year Avocados from Mexico had the most positive conversation, with 95.94% of all sentiment-categorized mentions being positive. Take that, boomers! We all love avocados.

Reese’s registered 95.31% of all sentiment-categorized mentions as positive, and Bud Light had 94.29% positive mentions.

Mentions became controversial

With every election year comes politically-charged election campaign Super Bowl commercials, and this year was no different! But what happened on social probably wasn’t the plan.

Our data analyst discovered that Trump and Micheal Bloomberg’s commercials had worked against each other. Trump’s supporters negatively propelled Bloomberg into the top-four most mentioned Twitter handles. Leaving Trump at the bottom of the rankings.

Usually Trump is in the top of the top 10 most-mentioned Twitter handles – you can see for yourself with our rundown of the most followed – but he slipped down in mentions this year which is a talking point.

Most mentioned Twitter accounts during Super Bowl LIV


Shakira and J-lo – this year’s wild half time performers – were at the top of this list, and for good reason!

While brands leading the social conversation were Pepsi, Google, Avocados from Mexico and Doritos.

Super Bowl commercials bring us all together

No matter what you thought of the adverts this year (let’s face it, incredible) or the half time show (again, let’s face it, incredible. Who even are Maroon 5 and Spongebob?)

We all have something in common, and that’s watching the the most watched event in US television.

Let us know what you thought of this years commercials, @BW_React.

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