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Published June 18th 2018

Football Data: What Are Fans Snacking On And Drinking During Games?

The Brandwatch React team take a look at the most popular booze and snacks that footie fans are consuming during the World Cup.

There’s no better way to celebrate the hard work and gruelling fitness regimes of the highest achieving football athletes in your country than to binge on booze and junk food. Well, that’s what the data suggests.

The Brandwatch React team is keen to cover all aspects of the 2018 World Cup, from match reports to consumer behaviour, and we’re getting the ball rolling by looking at the food and drink getting fans through the early stages of the tournament.

For this data, we used tweets in the English language between 7-18 June 2018.

Drinking from the victory cup

We started by looking at what alcoholic beverages fans were indulging in as they celebrated their country’s success or sought to drown their collective sorrows.

We found that beer, unsurprisingly was the most common alcoholic beverage in our search group. (Incorporated into this category are lager, stout, ale, etc).


Brandwatch image

More interesting is the other four of the top five. Wine was doing particularly well, while vodka (perhaps tied to the fact the tournament is being held in Russia) was very close behind.

Gin had more than double the mentions whiskey had, with lots of fans enjoying a G&T or two while watching the games.

When the football’s on, different drinking rules seem to apply.

Football food: Eating for 12

Christiano Ronaldo eats like a king.

And so do the people of social media during the World Cup, if pizza and burgers are things a king would eat.

The team assembled a list of popular snacks, both healthy and unhealthy, that people might be munching through while focusing on their television (or phone or tablet or projector screen).

Pizza was the top scorer.


Brandwatch image

Salad got an applaudable 610 mentions. We were surprised to see it go above 0.

We should note here that we are gathering data across countries in the English language, so US and UK uses of “chips” and “crisps” are used at face value here.

Chips and crisps: A UK/US translation guide

Word US UK
Crisps ? Potato chips
Chips Potato chips Fries
Fries Fries Skinny fries
Fries did not make it into the top 5 most mentioned food types

Hope that helps.

We’ll have more data around food and drink as the World Cup continues.

Want more football data?

You’re in the right place! The Brandwatch blog will be covering football data from all aspects, from match reports to consumer behaviour, throughout the World Cup.

Keep an eye on #BrandwatchFootball for updates to our data. We’ve also got a Fantasy Football team dreamed up using Twitter data around the most popular players. You can get involved here.

In the meantime, if you’re a journalist looking to write about our football data give us a shout at [email protected] for more details/requests.

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