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Published April 22nd 2019

The Internet Reacts: Game of Thrones S8 Episode 2 in Social Data Charts

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, analyzed.

Episode 2 has hit our screens and the internet is, naturally, abuzz with conversation around the latest revelations.

In this blog, as we do with every episode, we’ll pick apart how people reacted online.

Quick spoiler alert

We’re going to reveal spikes in conversation and the top characters being mentioned. You’ll have to scroll across to see what causes mention spikes and the people generating the most conversation, but please be aware there are spoilers in there.

We like to call this blog post ‘spoiler optional’.

Top line stats

During the time the show was aired live:

  • The episode was mentioned 190,080 time on Twitter (for reference, the first episode garnered 344,000).
  • Looking at gender-categorized authors, 58% came from female authors compared to 42% male
  • The top-mentioned emoji in the conversation was the cry-laughing face 😂, followed by the sobbing face 😭

The top moments

This week saw all the biggest moments occur towards the end of the episode, compared to episode one in which they were far more spread out.

Scroll across to see what caused the biggest spikes in Twitter conversation.

The most talked about characters

As you can see, there was a clear winner this week for top-mentioned character, while in episode one the competition was far more fierce.

Scroll across to see who got the top spot.

Character emojis source: Twitter

Want more data?

We have plenty of Game of Thrones data at our fingertips.

Let us know what you’d like to see, and if you’ve got any feedback, questions or requests give us a shout at

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