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Published October 5th 2016

#MadeByGoogle: Everything You Should Know About The Event in Social Data Charts

The Brandwatch React team monitored live reaction to Google's #MadeByGoogle event in which new smartphones, a VR headset and Google Assistant were revealed.

On Tuesday Google made a flurry of huge hardware announcements from new smartphones to a VR headset.

The Brandwatch React team were on the case, capturing live reaction to each of the announcements.

You can skip to a specific announcement here or read an overview of the event below the official live stream.

#MadebyGoogle Overview

Despite there being a comparative lack of hype compared to, say, Apple Events, there were still over 280k mentions of the event on Twitter throughout the day.

They peaked at around 60k per hour as the event went on.


Looking at the mention volumes of the key announcements, the Pixel smartphones were (expectedly) bringing in the most buzz. Behind it was the Daydream View, Google’s first VR headset.

Less hard-hitting announcements (that still generated thousands of mentions each) were the Google Home speaker (a rival to Amazon’s Echo), a Google Wifi router, Google Assistant (which will be available on the Pixel smartphones) and an updated Chromecast – the Chromecast Ultra.


The Pixel smartphones were at the centre of Twitter’s attention, but it was interesting to see how rival products like the Amazon Echo and companies like Apple were also big topics of conversation.


There’s no doubt that there’s stiff competition when it comes to many of the announcements so it’ll be interesting to see how Google’s offerings fit in.

Jump to a product

Google Pixel (and Pixel XL)

Google Daydream View (VR headset)

Google Home

Google Assistant

Google Wifi

Chromecast Ultra

Google Pixel

The biggest announcement has to be the Pixel, a smartphone available in regular and XL. It was the topic of the most shared tweet surrounding the event and took up over 60% of the main product announcement chatter.

You can read Google’s blog about the new phone, in which it boldly claims the product has “The best smartphone camera. Ever.” There were around 6k mentions of the Pixel’s camera in the overall conversation.

The range of colours available (Quite black, very sliver and really blue) could be a subtle dig at Apple’s mocked shades of black.

Daydream View

Google’s comfy-looking virtual reality headset, the “Daydream View” was on show yesterday and journalists scrabbled to get their hands on it.

Sentiment surrounding the Daydream View was fairly low compared to the other big announcements with sentiment-categorized mentions sitting at around 65% positive.

Google Home

Google Home is a connected speaker, compared a lot to Amazon’s Echo. Google Assistant is built in – check out The Verge’s first look at it here:

Of the top three mentioned products announced, Google Home had the best positive to negative ratio of tweets.


Whether these positive tweets will turn into mass-market success remains to be seen.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google’s answer to Siri or Cortana and it looks pretty snazzy. It’s built into the Pixel smartphone and Google Home and incorporates all kinds of technology that helps it understand your voice and needs.

Mashable have gone as far as to call it the new dawn of Google hardware. Let the battle of robotic-voiced personal assistants commence.

Google Wifi

Google Wifi is a subtle router designed to improve coverage throughout the home through modular, customizable networking.

The modular element was a major part of the conversation surrounding the product on Twitter. Tech Crunch describes it as “a new piece of hardware that wants to make it even easier to bathe your whole home in wonderful, soothing connectedness.”

Chromecast Ultra

Google’s new Chromecast can stream 4k video, and that’s one of the main things that resonated online with “4K chromecast” one of the top mentioned phrases.

While it was one of the lowest mentioned products from the event, we still found 9k mentions of it in the overall conversation.

What did you think of Google’s big showcase?

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