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Published March 5th 2018

Oscars 2018 Data Round-up: How ‘Get Out’ Took Over Social Media

The Brandwatch React team reveals how the internet reacted to the Oscars announcements with social media data. Grab your popcorn and have a read of the surprising findings.

It’s time for Brandwatch React’s annual review of Oscars social media data and, spoiler alert, ‘Get Out’ absolutely bossed it.

Last night the glitziest event of the year saw standout speeches, red carpet squealing and Meryl Streep updating her own meme.

As the stars were busy having a ball, the Brandwatch React team has worked around the clock to get the data out there for them to enjoy over coffee and hangover pizza this morning.

Without further ado, lets get to the data.

Oscars 2018 data: Top Line Stats

From 8pm EST to 11:50pm EST – the time that the 90th Oscars aired live – the awards show was mentioned more than 2.5 million times in public Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit posts.

This number is down from 2017’s mentions of 3.7 million during the 2017 Oscars (both 2018 and 2017 ran for nearly the same duration three hours and 50 minutes).

An explanation for the amount of mentions being greater in 2017 could be the blunder at the end of the show where Moonlight was mistakenly not given the Best Picture Oscar.

The top moments

Coming back to 2018, when we looked at minute-by-minute mentions of the Oscars, finding the night’s three most talked about moments.

  1. 10:37pm EST – Over 11,600 mentions in one minute – These mentions were the result of Jordan Peele winning his screenplay Oscar for ‘Get Out.’ We have so much to say about this, and you’ll find that below.
  2. 11:47pm EST – Over 10,800 mentions – These mentions were driven by ‘The Shape of Water’ winning Best Picture.
  3. 9:39pm EST – Over 10,200 mentions – These mentions were in reaction to Kobe Bryant winning an Oscar for ‘Dear Basketball.’

And the winner of the Biggest Picture on Social Media is: ‘Get Out’

‘Get Out’ was a real social phenomenon for this year’s Oscars.

Its nomination for Best Original Screenplay made this category the most discussed during the show on social.

To further prove the point, ‘Get Out’ was mentioned more than any of the other Best Picture nominated films – even the eventual winner.

‘Get Out’ had over 54,700 mentions during the Oscars. The second closest was ‘The Shape of Water’ with over 28,400 mentions, and ‘Dunkirk’ with more than 23,400 mentions.

Here are the top five most mentioned movies out of the Best Picture nominees.

The people

As we’ve seen above, the Oscars winners aren’t always the most mentioned – and that was proved again when we took a look at the people being mentioned.

In the Actress in a Leading Role category Meryl Streep registered more mentions than the winner Frances McDormand. Streep accrued over 34,700 mentions, and McDormand received only 21,300 mentions. This translated to 49% of all Best Actress nominee mentions going to Streep, with McDormand registering 30%.

It might be partly to do with this.

In the other major acting categories, the highest mention count tended to align with the winner.

The winning actors and actresses and their mention counts

Category Actor/Actress Mention count Were they most mentioned in category?
Best Actor Gary Oldman 18k Yes
Best Actress Frances McDormand 21k No
Best Supporting Actor Sam Rockwell 17k Yes
Best Supporting Actress Allison Janney 17k Yes

Frances McDormand’s speech was a huge part of her being the top mentioned of the winners listed above – many took to Twitter to quote what she said.

With special thanks to Senior PR Data Analyst Kellan Terry for his work on this data. And, of course, the Academy.

Are you a journalist looking to use our data? Email [email protected] for more information

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