Mar 4th |

Research: Noting the Rising Role of Social Analytics in Healthcare

Among the 50 largest drug makers in the world, more than half still aren’t actively using social media to engage healthcare consumers or patients. Most of them primarily use social media as a broadcasting channel, and no more than 10 are on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Even with drug makers’ recent increases in digital spending, the pharmaceutical industry is repeatedly said to be a laggard in adoption of social media.

Drugmakers’ common excuse for remaining social media wallflowers is largely due to the regulatory uncertainty and the doubts on how to measure social ROI.


Mar 4th |

Watch: Charting What’s Hot at Mobile World Congress ‘15

In the heart of Barcelona, 85,000 attendees are finding out what’s next for mobile at Mobile World Congress 2015.

The biggest news is that ‘mobile’ doesn’t refer to phones and tablets anymore. Watches, glasses, goggles and more are being revealed on the show floor. Demos are wooing journalists, and they’re flocking to Twitter to talk about it.


Mar 3rd |

Taking Command: A Look Back at Social Media Week NYC

Social Media Week is one of the most anticipated events in the industry, and I have to admit – it is unlike any other event I’ve been to. The last day was certainly an emotion-filled one.

Sleep deprived bodies yearning for the horizontal bliss their beds would soon offer, saying goodbye to the friends you made (even if the crux of your relationship was their booth’s free water), pawning off excess swag to lighten your load, and recovering from the odd sensation of ‘becoming another person’ at the virtual reality booth.


Mar 2nd |

Study: How Talk of Measles Spread as Quickly as the Disease

In the year 2000, the measles virus was declared eradicated from the United States.

This meant that although U.S. residents remained at risk of transmission of measles brought into the country by travelers, the risk of continuous transmission within the U.S. was no longer present.

Thanks to a very high rate of vaccination of Americans against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) throughout the 1980s and 1990s, a disease that once infected an estimated 3 million Americans annually now had a median annual incidence of just 56 cases. (more…)

Feb 25th |

Marketing: How to Provide Great Customer Service Via Social

Today’s consumers are greatly empowered. Billions of consumers worldwide are tapping into vast amount of information on websites, blogs and social networks every day.

Savvy consumers can derive an informed perception of any product, business or idea online well before they commit to it. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they expect a swift response to their questions and issues online.


Feb 24th |

Marketing: Understanding the Social Media Intelligence Stack

As a growing number of organizations strive to become social businesses, they are increasingly relying upon social media intelligence to inform their decisions.

However, while many brands are applying social media intelligence to their operations, there still exists some considerable confusion around what exactly defines social media intelligence. (more…)

Feb 24th |

Study: The 90 Year-Old Designer Making Waves in Silicon Valley

April 2014. Palo Alto CA Tim Hay was covering Silicon Valley for the Wall Street Journal.

He noticed that IDEO, a respected international industrial design studio, was paying more attention to the design of products for aging consumers. Since the tech business is notoriously ageist, Hay smelled a story, and followed up at IDEO’s Palo Alto office. (That was where Apple’s first mouse was designed.)