May 5th |

New: Our Location Capabilities Are Putting You On The Map

If you’ve ever spent time gazing at a map that fascinates you, you’ll be excited to hear about our new map-based product updates: Geotagged Mentions Map for Brandwatch Analytics, and beautiful new Globe and US State scenes in Brandwatch Vizia.

At Brandwatch we understand that social listening (reams and reams of data) requires context to turn it into social intelligence (things you can actually act on). (more…)

May 1st |

Research: How to Gain Product Feedback in Hours, Not Weeks

Every business knows that customer feedback is valuable. It allows us to learn whether a product has met a customer’s expectation and how we can improve our products.

Traditionally, there are two ways we can gather product feedback. We can ask our customers by conducting focus groups or sending out surveys, or we can wait for the customer to come us to through feedback forms on websites and customer support channels. (more…)

Apr 24th |
743-Queries header

4 Brandwatch Query disasters (and why they’ll never happen to you)

The first time you write a really ingenious Brandwatch Query can make you feel like a bit of a wizard. Isolating the exact data you need from the billions and billions of conversations going on out there on the social web – it’s a kind of magic!

But when playing with magic – or our 22 unique operators – you need to be careful not to blow things up. Luckily, Brandwatch Analytics lets you test each Query before any damage is done (or you run out of mentions for the month).

This month, we’re adding several new updates to the Query builder to help you write even better, more accurate Queries and avoid these kinds of disaster scenarios*.


Apr 22nd |
Brandwatch Eco-Influencers

Insights: The Top 100 Eco-Influencers

Earth Day started 45 years ago, an embryonic stage in the development of the personal computer, an age that would have required ample doses of LSD to imagine the ubiquity of today’s internet chirping with tweets. It was also about the same time that the human species became conscious, at least in isolated cases, of our power to influence the fate of nature.

While the story of technology has been one that increasingly disconnected us from nature, the global brain taking shape on the neural networks of social media offers a prospect to bring us back in sync with the natural rhythms of the planet.


Apr 22nd |

Marketing: 4 Ways to Showcase Your Brand Using The Internet of Things

If you haven’t heard, the Internet of Things is the future of marketing and it is time for businesses to start preparing for the future.

The Internet of Things is the connectivity of previously unconnected or “dark” objects. Research from eMarketer predicts that the amount of connected objects will increase more than 5 times from the amount that exist today by 2020.

Estimates suggest there are currently close to 5 billion connected objects; if the prediction is correct, that means 25 billion connected objects in the next five years. (more…)

Apr 21st |
Brandwatch Untagged Coversations

Marketing: Uncovering Untagged Mentions

For any social media intelligence stack, data lies at the foundation and dictates the capabilities and credibility of any insight extracted.

It seems painfully obvious that the quality of the data would determine the success of all ensuing efforts, but too often do community managers, social media researchers and marketers miss a significant portion of the conversation. That may be the result of poor web crawlers, incomplete data providers, a social intelligence platform with weak data management capabilities or a query that does not capture the relevant chatter.