Apr 1st |
Inside Brandwatch

Inside Brandwatch: Behind the Scenes at the Signals Launch Party

Last week we launched our latest feature, Signals.

We were rather excited about it, and with good reason – built on our powerful social data platform and powered by the most sophisticated intelligence around, Signals alerts you to emerging crises and trends as soon as they start.

They essentially do all the hard work for you – analyzing your data in real time to automatically alert you via email when there have been significant changes, such as an increase in volume, a trending story or an influencer getting involved in the conversation. This means that you can act upon opportunities or jump straight on issues when they arise and get ahead of the pack.  (more…)

Mar 31st |

Marketing: Save Time, Money and Resource on Market Research

Market research is used to manage the risk associated with offering up new products or services, but if you’ve ever had to undertake some form of it – think surveys, focus groups, interviews – you’ll recognize the difficulties and limitations.

You want to know what the public think of a potential new product. You want to know whether people like your competitors’ products or services more than yours. (more…)

Mar 30th |

Marketing: Using Crisis Management To Your Advantage

Every organization is likely to encounter reputational issues with differing degrees of seriousness in the world of social media, but the key to efficient crisis communications is remembering that information is power.

Brands that are able to recover from a crisis with their reputations most intact are the ones who are most prepared for the very worst.

Regardless of your business sector or the size of your organizations, we hope this article will help you get a better understanding of reputation management, how to prepare for unwanted crises and how to respond when things go wrong!

Shall we start? (more…)

Mar 26th |

Study: ‘The Kanye Effect’ is Making Board Games Sexy Again

You’ll probably be surprised to learn how Kanye West spends his evenings.

Some spend their evenings engaging in most valiant sports. Others take a less athletic route, crawling bars to discover the euphoria of an alcohol induced frenzy. More slovenly, some people will recline into the sofa, watching whatever episodic drama has been recommended to them most recently.

Kanye West and I? We play board games. Not together, of course. I don’t know him personally. (more…)

Mar 24th |
Data Labs

Data Labs: Mapping out the UK’s Political Network

With the election less than two months away, Twitter is full of election coverage and political debate.

Mentions of the major parties have increased to over 50,000 Tweets per day, as referenced in Matt’s earlier blog post.

But who is weighing in on the debate, what issues do they care about, and is it a unified conversation or a battle on several fronts?

If we take a deeper look at the interactions among commentators, we can find the distinct communities that make up the political Twittersphere.


Mar 23rd |

Marketing: 8 Ways Social Listening Can Benefit Your Content Marketing

We are big believers in the benefits of content marketing at Brandwatch. Since the very beginning we’ve worked hard to create content that offers value to our audience.

 Today, our content marketing suite includes blog posts, industry reports, how to guides, videos, webinars, data visualizations, and attending and hosting global events (yep, events count as content marketing too). (more…)