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Online Trends

Published March 13th 2024

Beyond Binge-Watching: What’s Trending in the Media and Entertainment Industry?

How has consumer behavior changed lately? From streaming to music to gaming, we’ve identified the latest consumer trends.

People love media and entertainment. It helps us understand the world around us better, makes our daily lives more enjoyable, and provides opportunities to connect and spend time with others.

So, what consumer trends are emerging in the media and entertainment industry? In our latest Media and Entertainment report, we used Brandwatch Consumer Research to analyze the global online consumer conversations around streaming, movies, music, and gaming to see how consumer behavior has changed.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends in the media and entertainment industry that influence consumer behavior.

1. Streaming services might be losing their key differentiator

The days of ad-free streaming are over. What was once the key differentiator from traditional TV is gone…unless consumers are willing to pay more to avoid ads. For consumers, this doesn't feel like progress; it feels like a step backwards.

The issue of ads has become one of the main topics of consumer conversation about streaming services. People have a lot to say – and most of it isn’t positive. 

Consumers are frustrated with having to switch to higher-priced subscription models to avoid advertisements. They also complain about the quality of streaming ads, from having to watch the same ads over and over again to ads running at different volumes than the show they were watching.

The dissatisfaction consumers are voicing online highlights the challenges streaming platforms face in striking a balance between making money and maintaining a good user experience.

2. Movie theaters are back thanks to Barbie

The last couple of years weren’t easy for the movie industry and while box office numbers aren’t yet back to pre-pandemic levels, one movie stood out in 2023: Barbie. The hype around the Barbie movie got consumers excited about going to the movies again.

The Barbie movie was, by far, the number one topic in online conversations about movies, and when it was released, it caused the highest peak in mentions – even higher than the peak of online conversations at the 2023 Academy Awards earlier in the year. 

It was the year of Barbie, which brought consumers of all ages to the movies to have a good time – many of them dressed top-to-toe in pink.

3. Consumers are turning the concert experience into full-fledged vacations

Consumers are going to concerts again, but their behavior has changed. They are more price-conscious because of higher ticket prices, and they are more selective about which live events they attend. When they invest in a concert ticket, they expect an exceptional experience.

Increasingly, consumers are treating concerts as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, taking it a step further by turning the concert experience into a full-fledged vacation. If their favorite artist is not playing in town, they are willing to travel to different locations to not miss out on the musical experience.

Discover (many) more consumer trends in our Media and Entertainment report

Consider this blog post a teaser for the trends you’ll read about in our new Media and Entertainment report. The report is packed with consumer insights that can help inform your marketing strategies, including:

  • What consumers love and hate about going to the movies.
  • Consumers’ concerns about the rise of AI in the music industry.
  • Why cozy games are growing in popularity.
  • Inspirational social media efforts from some of the biggest media and entertainment brands.
  • And much, much more. 

You can read the Media and Entertainment report here.

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