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Published March 17th 2021

5 Audience Insights We Discovered in Minutes Using Ready to Use Social Panels

Ready to Use Social Panels help users get to the audience insights that matter to them quicker than ever before

Last year, Brandwatch acknowledged the increase in demand for research solutions that would help brands understand their consumers more quickly and at scale. 

Traditional market research methods like surveys and focus groups can be expensive, slow, and labor intensive. When researchers are under pressure to deliver insights quickly, the results these methods produce just can’t keep up. A complementary solution was needed, and that’s why we built Social Panels.

Social Panels is an audience research feature that helps brands find groups of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people based on specific criteria, enabling researchers to analyze their conversations both broadly and on specific topics in real time. We’re now delighted to announce that we have expanded this feature by offering users Ready to Use Social Panels that are built by the experts at Brandwatch.

This means that there’s no need for users to find panelists and create Social Panels from scratch. The most frequently requested Panels are ready and waiting in the platform, so analysts can get to the audience insights that matter to them quicker than ever before.

5 insights we discovered in minutes using Ready to Use Social Panels

Methodology: All data was collected using Ready to Use Social Panels in March 2021.

1. What topics are trending with millennials?

It’s important for brands marketing to specific age groups to understand the topics and trends that are important to them. Using Explore in Brandwatch Consumer Research, we can quickly take a glance at the trending and fading topics amongst millennials right now. Marketers can delve into the Ready to Use Social Panels that are relevant to their brand, and then check the pulse of conversations or trends as and when they need quick insights.

2. How do different audiences talk about your brand?

When creating messaging or communications for specific audiences, it’s important that you adapt your strategy in order to create content that will resonate. With Ready to Use Social Panels, you can benchmark different Panels against one and other, like Generation X and Generation Y, to understand how they talk about your brand, products, or a specific topic.

3. How does conversation shift within my target audience when benchmarking different demographics?

In addition to exploring a Social Panel of your choice to understand this group of people more deeply, it’s also possible to segment even further. For example, you might like to understand how the conversation between male and female vegans differs.

In the example above, we can see that female vegans discuss animal welfare topics more frequently (eg “animal cruelty” and pets finding their “forever home”), whereas the conversation amongst male vegans is more politically charged. If you were a brand marketing a new product to female vegans, insights like this could help inform your campaign messaging.

4. What are some of the most popular brands amongst my audience?

Using Image Insights, we were very quickly able to detect some of the most popular brand logos shared by vegans. Being able to see which brands your chosen audience are talking about provides opportunities to deeply understand their preferences, and also help with content ideation and strategy. Plus, this can also help you to identify any emerging competitors within your industry.

5. What are the unique interests of my audience, and how does this compare to other audiences?

You can easily discover the unique interests within any of the Ready to Use Social Panels by saving them to a query, and then using the Affinities component in dashboards. For example, how do interests differ between millennials and Generation Z? How about men and women? Find out what makes your target audiences unique so that you can create content that resonates with them.

To find out more about our audience analysis capabilities, book a demo today!

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