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Dinah Alobeid


Dinah is the Director of Comms here at Brandwatch. She tells our story, and keeps media, analysts and influencers informed on all our brilliant capabilities and news.


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Dinah Alobeid


Dinah is the Director of Comms here at Brandwatch. She tells our story, and keeps media, analysts and influencers informed on all our brilliant capabilities and news.


Employees Are More Than Workers; They’re Your Best Untapped Storytellers

When our CMO Will McInnes bestowed upon me the title of “quintessential Brandwatch employee advocate,” I puffed up with pride. “Who, me?!” I thought. Then I continued my one-sided discussion with myself with, “of course me, you big Brandwatch cheerleader, you!” Positive reinforcement. Look into it. So, what is employee advocacy? Why exactly do I […] Read more

Marketing By Dinah Alobeid on September 13th 2017

Visualizing Success: Boost the Impact of your Center of Excellence with Powerful Imagery

Visual imagery is riveting. We see it every day across our social channels and in our lives — pictures and videos, infographics and gifs. Visuals are the way to spark engagement, intrigue audiences and tug at heartstrings. How can visuals help you in your consumer insights work to create a successful center of excellence? In […] Read more

How To: Make the Most of Social Data in Your Insights Center of Excellence

The concept of “data overload” hits close to home for consumer insights pros. You’re inundated with various data types day in and day out; surveys, CRM, web analytics, even weather, biometrics and oh, so much more. It can be overwhelming. Social is poised to play a huge part in any insights team’s arsenal of data […] Read more

Selling Yourself: Internal Marketing Tactics for Consumer Insights Professionals

Insights are taking over as the most useful weapon in a brand’s knowledge base. It only makes sense that there is a rise in Insights Centers of Excellence — a hub-and-spoke business model in which consumer insights professionals gather and analyze all sorts of data and deliver it to the right people, at the right […] Read more

Marketing By Dinah Alobeid on August 3rd 2017

Break Down Data Barriers: Dealing with the Insights Sharing Dilemma

I want to share something. Because sharing is caring. But not everyone does it when it comes to consumer insights from social and other sources. Sharing insights is a huge challenge for many professionals working in consumer insights teams. Achieving company-wide cut-through to secure sponsorship and the attention of C-suite employees/executives/key stakeholders is paramount to […] Read more

Analyzing the Bigger Picture: Why You Can’t Deliver Insight Without Action Steps

I’ve noticed marketers have been recently preoccupied (and rightfully so) with the challenge of freeing data and insights from isolation within certain teams. Disseminating useful insights far and wide in a business makes perfect sense, and the consumer insights team members are tasked with executing this activity. There is a huge amount of data about […] Read more

Meeting of the Marketing Minds: Datorama Interviews Brandwatch CMO

Our partners are hugely important to us at Brandwatch, because we know how vital the right technology toolset is to our users. We strive to partner with other best-in-breed technology companies whether that’s in the social security space, social customer service, or social engagement and management. Which is why we are so excited about our […] Read more

Marketing By Dinah Alobeid on May 5th 2017

How To: An Intro Guide for Creating an Insights Center of Excellence

Insight is as ubiquitous a term in 2017 as “digital” was … well from the late 90s in perpetuity. The development of a Center of Excellence (CoE) in business is another concept whose profile is gaining momentum in the marketing and wider business world. If you’re just getting acquainted with the idea of a CoE […] Read more

The Age of the Customer: Why Being Data-driven and Customer Obsessed is a Must

We’ve just wrapped up a new webinar session, “Revolutionize your business with an insights center of excellence,” and I have to say, I learned so much (and not just because I was hosting). We were lucky enough to have Cinny Little join us as a guest speaker from independent research firm Forrester. She’s a senior […] Read more

Ask the Experts: Which Business Functions Need Social Consumer Insights?

The time has come for the final offering in this series. Here’s one last hurrah, delving into the deepest, darkest desires and challenges of the consumer and market insights (CMI) professionals the world round. Market researchers analyze data to try and fully understand their consumers and industry. Outside of market research agencies, consumer and marketing […] Read more